600 year old Mansion said to be haunted

Paranormal Group claims to have recorded eerie EVPs from the 600 year old mansion

Paranormal Group claims to have recorded eerie EVPs from the 600 year old mansion

spiritquestuk.co.uk investigated a 600 year old mansion and claim to have picked up interesting EVPs throughout the place. EVPs such as music or drumming, voices, heavy breathing, a little girl singing as well as “something being dragged”.

Needless to say there is no EVP to be heard on the team’s site. Always disappointing to find out that the team does not update their site with any evidence. Not that I think EVPs are solid evidence, but they are interesting to listen to. I don’t know if the BBC requested that they do not release the EVPs, but I was not able to find them on their website.

A MANSION near Nercwys is the latest location to be given the Spirit Quest UK treatment.
The bloody past of the 600-year-old Tower, a fortified border mansion, has attracted the attention of the Wrexham-based paranormal group, which claims to have seen and heard numerous spirits there.

The group, along with BBC cameramen, have filmed material for a documentary to be shown later this year, and now want to return, to see what else they can find.
Howard Hughes, of Spirit Quest UK, said: “We will be going on August 7 and are inviting the public to join us.
“The group’s mediums sensed the presence of 20 spirits in the Tower’s ancient rooms, including a dog who sits on the staircase, an Edwardian man called John Edward, a jovial freemason, a plump nurse maid and lots of children.

“We recorded distinctive music or drumming, voices, heavy breathing and what sounds like something being dragged in the room.
“Even more fantastic is the voice of a little girl singing and a man saying ‘I’m sorry’.”
Tower was a border fortification between England and Wales.

In 1465 the owner, Reinallt ap Gruffydd, kidnapped the Mayor of Chester from a Mold fair and took him to Tower were they hung him on a hook in the banquet hall until he was dead.
English soldiers stormed the tower in retaliation not knowing Reinallt and his men had hidden in the woods, waiting for the soldiers to enter the building.
Reinallt then barricaded them inside and set fire to the building, burning them alive.
Those that escaped were apparently hunted down and killed.

Full source: Flintshire Chronicle