Family terrorized by poltergeist capture it on tape

Real haunting or cruel hoax?

Real haunting or cruel hoax?

One of our loyal readers who goes by “BC” sent me this video over the weekend and asked me what they were saying (it’s in Spanish) and what my overall thoughts were about its authenticity.

Let me translate what is being said.

The video starts off with the following statement:

After living for some time with poltergeist activity, a family decides to video tape the phenomenon late one night.

Mother: Come on kids, come. My husband is right now video taping this because my kids heard noises and were scared out of their rooms. Tell them Annie what you saw.

Youngest Daughter: I was asleep and I heard noises.

Mother: You heard noises and it scared you? (to the camera) Right now we are trying to see them (spirits). My husband grabbed the camera, because they (spirits) have been scaring us several times in this house. We’ve heard several noises and we know that there is no other person here in the house.

Background thump

Mother: (to her kids) Come here, come here because we just heard something inside the room.

Door appears to close by itself

Who closed the door? Who closed the door?

Now, what we just saw is very disturbing for a couple of reasons. If this is a hoax, then it’s apparent that the kids are not aware of what is going on and are truly terrified. A very cruel and disgusting hoax.

If this is real, then it’s very frightening given that the family seems legitimately terrified of the events that transpire. To me, the mother’s voice and words do not seem like a reenactment. They seem genuinely tired and terrified.

The children do not seem to be aware of what really is going on, they just know that there is something scary going on. I get the impression that if this was a joke/hoax, then they are the unfortunate victims of it.

The father’s words towards the end seem less credible. He shouts “Who closed the door? Who closed the door?” towards the end. Sounding like he was trying to add more “fuel to the fire” per say; but how would I know for sure what someone is supposed to say or do? I’ve never been in a situation like that before.

The video is presented by “Peregrino Negro” (Black Pilgrim). It’s a website that features “ghost videos” and has done so for years. They have a host of fake videos as well as some really convincing ones that I’ve seen and have discussed here with you guys before.

No other information exist about the video. I’ve contacted the person who uploaded this to YouTube and will try to do some more digging.

As far as the video and the events that transpire, what do you make of it?