Friday Video: Sightings “Entity case”

Quick update about today’s video and server issues

CreepyLA blog posted an event for a screening of “The Entity” movie at midnight this Saturday the 5th 2009.

If you live in or around L.A., this will be a midnight showing at the New Beverly Cinema. $7 at the door.

I might try to make it out there, since I have not seen the entire movie and I’m always up for a horror flick.

Interesting to see that CreepyLA had the Sightings episode where Kerry Gaynor was interviewed about the actual case. Good stuff.

I apologize for this quick and dirty post. It’s been a long morning.

Apparently there was a bot script that ran last night and targeted a lot of blogs. Causing website downtimes and defacements. Being the geeks that we are, our system always runs the latest patches and versions of the software. Our server is heavily restricted and monitored. This of course does not mean that we are 100% hacker proof.

So this new WordPress exploit seemed to come out of nowhere.

Over night it defaced and accessed thousands of blogs that had an outdated version of WordPress by injecting carefully crafted PHP code.
If you run a blog using WordPress, check your permalinks for this code:


Bad stuff.

Thankfully, we were not hit that bad. The exploit changed our permalinks early this morning about 3 AM. I was up (couldn’t sleep) and decided to check the site. That is when I noticed this widespread hack going on. So far, no word from the WordPress people.

So excuse the slowness of the site today.