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A Flying Horse In West Virginia

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In July of 1878 the New York Times wrote an article titled “What a West Virginia Farmer Saw.” The article talked about a telegram that had come from a small town in Parkersburg, West Virginia …

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Mexican Ufologist in bitter lawsuit

Submitted by on September 11, 2009 – 10:14 AMOne Comment | 1,994 views

Mexican News site INFO7.com.mx is informing of a bitter battle between two of Mexico’s leading Ufologists.
Jaime Maussan is being sued by Ana Luisa Cid over moral damages. Apparently Mrs. Cid refused to back Jaime Maussan’s claim that the now infamous “Alvin Texas UFO” video was real and not a hoax.

I will translate the report:

Info7 – El conocido periodista investigador especializado en el fenómeno ovni Jaime Maussan fue demandado por haber acusado de fraudulenta en varios programas de radio y televisión a la reconocida investigadora del fenómeno ovni Ana Luisa Cid.

The known journalist and editor who specializes in the UFO phenomenon, Jaime Maussan, is being sued for accusing well known UFO investigator Ana Luisa Cid of fraud in various radio and television programs.

El conflicto surgió cuando, el 8 de mayo del 2008, Jaime Maussan acusó a Cid de fraudulenta durante una entrevista que le realizaban en el programa de radio Realidad Punto Cero, y el ataque contra la investigadora lo repitió en un programa de revista el 11 de mayo y lo repitió en su propio programa el 18 de mayo.

The conflict started when, in may 8 2008, Jaime Maussan accused Cid of fraud during an interview which he was part of for a show called “Realidad Punto Cero” (Reality dot zero), and the attack against the investigator (Cid) was repeated again in a magazine on May 11 and repeated once more in his own TV show May 18.

Presuntamente las diferencias entre Maussan y la investigadora Ana Luisa Cid surgieron debido a que ella no apoyó que el caso conocido como el “Ovni de Alvin, Texas” sea real, y consideró que pudiera ser un truco de computadora.

Presumably the differences between Maussan and Cid grew because she did not support his claim that the case known as “Alvin Texas UFO” was real. She considered it to be a hoax and done with computer software.

Curiosamente el periodista dijo que en su investigación participó la UNAM, algo que fue descartado por personal de esta institución académica. Por si fuese poco, desde el punto de vista de varios respetables investigadores del fenómeno ovni, este caso es falso por múltiples incongruencias que tiene, y por el mismo video que muestra varias cuestiones que hacen pensar en la falsedad de este caso.

Curiously, the journalist (Maussan) said that during his investigation, he received participation from UNAM (Mexico’s National Autonomous University). Something that was denied by personnel of this academic institute. In addition, from the point of view of various UFO investigators, this case is being dubbed a hoax due to many discrepancies.

Ana Luisa Cid tiene una larga y reconocida trayectoria a nivel nacional e internacional, entre otras cosas, ha sido de las primeras investigadoras del fenómeno ovni en participar dentro de investigaciones periodísticas para importantes noticieros de nivel nacional. Ella se ha encargado de desenmascarar varios fraudes que rondan por la red, y ha colaborado con distintos investigadores en busca de la verdad tras el misterio del fenómeno ovni.

Ana Luisa Cid has a long and recognized trajectory on a national and international level. Among other things, she has been one of the first investigators of the UFO phenomenon to participate with major newspapers and media from a national standpoint. She has been in charge of revealing several hoaxes that surfaced on the net and collaborates with other investigators in search of the truth, behind the UFO phenomenon.

Full story: Info7

I have corresponded with both investigators in the past. Mainly with Mrs. Cid, back in April of 2008, when I interviewed her for the, now famous case, “Flying Humanoid in Mexico“.

I know of many hoaxes that Mr. Maussan has reported on, and gone on national Mexican television to say that he was positive, that they were the real deal.

Here are some videos that Mr. Maussan presented to the Mexican public as real evidence:

In this following one, the young boys in the video came forward and revealed this to be a computer generated hoax. After Maussan had them on live T.V. proclaiming it’s authenticity.

This last one is one of the latest one. Mr. Maussan claimed to have studied this creature and concluded it was an Alien being.

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  • jbondo

    This guy is a piece of work. He’s been pushing hoax material for years and I don’t know why he still has a following at all.