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Infamous Brown Lady of Raynham Hall
Infamous Brown Lady of Raynham Hall

I’m extremely proud to say that we will be giving a talk in regards to the paranormal and possible scientific explanations. Not pseudo-science, actual science.

We have been asked to give a lecture on the paranormal by the ARCS (Achievement Rewards for College Scientists) of Los Angeles. This ARCS group supports 7 universities for scholarships for science majors.- Cal Tech, Harvey Mudd, Pomona, Verterbi School of Engineering at USC, USC Medical School @ County General, UCLA Brain Research at the School of Medicine and Scripts School of Oceanography at La Jolla. We will be discussing Los Angeles based hauntings as well as major paranormal cases.

ARCS will bring in a few experts in various science fields to help give a scientific interpretation of these cases. Cases like “The Entity” and “San Pedro Haunting” will surely be a fun discussion. With so much that is known about these cases, we will dive into the psychology and physics of such things as poltergeists, apparitions and EVPs.

This will be at a private residence on October 29, 2009. Closed to the public. Sorry.

I will be reporting back on GhostTheory the outcome of this talk. No doubt we will discuss theories such as Hypnagogia, Lilliputian Hallucinations, Mass hysteria, Electro-magnetism and more.

We will attempt a video recording of the events in order to share with you guys.

  • To even begin discussing paranornormal theory with any degree of accurracy requires one to know and understand how we came into being and “what we are beyond our physical manifestation”, because without this hypothisis there is no foundation on which to base a resonable conclusion in terms of logical sequence and progression.

    If you accept the assumtion that physical life cannot exist without energy and that we are in fact an energy life form existing in a physical organism then you have a basic foundation from which to purse a sequencial theory based on a logical progression.

    You will find some interesting concepts on my blog relating to the above comments if your interested.
    Author of The Practitioner Life, Death and the Paranormal found at:

  • Richard Regener,

    Thanks for the post,

    I partially agree with you.

    I do think that coming to an understanding of what we are beyond our physical selves is important. How we get to this conclusion is even more important.

    I don’t believe there to be one true, and only, hypothesis that we should come up in order to start explaining the paranormal. I believe that by doing several independent, productive and educated thesis, we can have a collective, that will catapult us into progressive theories.

    I do share the same beliefs as you, in regards to logical progression of energy.

    I think that if we (those of us in the paranormal field) are really serious about the truth, we should hold independent and rational inquiries to the millions of claims of the paranormal out there. For us here at GhostTheory, this upcoming talk will be a fun approach to this. We will tell stories, in the midst of it being Halloween, but also invite scientists and professionals in the various fields of science, to come up with plausible explanations.

    Your book sounds like a good read. I’ll have to check it out, after I finish my current book 🙂