Fire In The Sky: Travis Walton Radio Interview


The Joiner Report interview Travis Walton

Most of you have either seen the movie or read the book. The heavily documented and publicized account of Travis Walton. A resident of SnowFlake Arizona who on November 5, 1975 was abducted by an UFO.
This is Mr. Walton’s claim and is corroborated by several witnesses that to this day still swear by the same story.

The Travis Walton case has intrigued me since I first read about it in the mid 90s. I’ve been to Snowflake Arizona. Not much to do or look at in that town. I had just bought a puppy (Scottish Terrier) for my girlfriend. We had to go from L.A. to Snowflake Arizona to pick up the puppy. I decided to include another destination on our trip. We decided to go to Roswell New Mexico and visit the International UFO museum.

After we visited Roswell, we hightailed it out of there and headed to Snowflake. I’m telling you, I was really freaked out driving through the mountains and thinking about the Walton case. I was telling my brother the story and getting him freaked out as well. Ha ha ha.

I just remember telling him that we needed to get out of the mountains before dark, because I wasn’t about to get abducted and probed. 🙂

Anyways, listen to the interview.

The Joiner Report interview Travis Walton