Chris Moon and FOX news: Swindling Minds & Money

orbs?  I think not....

orbs? I think not....

You might remember the article that Gary @ GhostTheory wrote awhile back about “Frank’s Box“. A device that many hoaxers use to “talk to the dead”. For us here at GhostTheory we think that using this device and claiming to talk to the dead and have people believe in it is just plain irresponsible; but to charge a heavy price…that’s criminal. We all know that most people will believe what you tell them, but at what point must one draw a line? Getting John Doe to drop $200 (or however much) to talk to his grandma might be going too far.

Chris Moon from Haunted Times does just that.

Chris Moon - Haunted Times

Chris Moon - Haunted Times

Knowing that this apparatus is not proven to actually talk to the dead, Chris Moon decides that it would be ideal to charge people for a “telephone session”. And people pay! incredible.
I think Gary’s post sums it up nicely.

I just wanted to make you all aware of what goes on in the paranormal community and these media networks like FOX news (Faux news) and how the are just feeding this scam.
Check out the article below about a supposed haunted theater and how Chris Moon is claiming that they have just captured “orbs” while the reporter is present.
When the reporter asks him what orbs are, he gives a definition as if it’s so matter-of-fact.

We all know that orbs have been reported throughout time, but the reports and the real scientific investigations concluded that the orbs in observation were three dimensional and self-illuminating. Usually appearing after several popping or clicking sounds.

Not these dust particles that we see here….. Come on guys!

Watch the video below
Full source: Fox Denver

CENTRAL CITY, Colo. – Some say the Belvedere Theater in historic Central City, Colorado is one of the most “haunted” landmarks in the United States.

Dan Daru spent the morning there, and he’s convinced there was something unusual happening. He was with Christopher Moon, paranormal investigator and president of Haunted Times Magazine.

“Orbs” appeared, and they were able to take still photos of them, while they were live on the air during Good Day Colorado. Daru normally goofs around and makes fun of stuff while he’s on the air, but in this instance, he was truly mystified and stated that there was something unusual going on inside the theater.

Watch the video and decide for yourself… is it haunted or not? You can also go on a special Halloween tour of the Belvedere Theater and other Central City haunted places. More information is available under related links.