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The Destination Truth team may have stumbled upon a very promising find.

If you follow the show, then you’ll remember when the team discovered the infamous “Yeti footprint” about two years ago and made some headlines. Now on their third season, DT reveals another possible important find. Hair from an unknown primate from the Bhutan nation.

This season’s finale offered the world the possibility that maybe there is more than just legend when it comes to Bigfoot, Yeti, Yowie and the rest. Josh Gates sent the hairs to a forensics lab in Texas to be examined by Dr. Melba Ketchum. She ran a few tests and ran the findings against a database. The hairs seems to score high on the Human panels. Dr. Ketchum concluded that the hairs recovered from Bhutan were from a primate. An unknown primate.

I must say that the show is well written as far as entertainment goes. Some of the stuff they get themselves into is pretty funny. To me, it seems like they fly off to locations and try to debunk legends. All while acting like fools.  Where can I sign up?

If these hairs really are from an unknown primate from the Himalayas, then we should expect several more expeditions made in the upcoming months by different organizations.

Josh Gates and the Yeti print
Josh Gates and the Yeti print

From DT’s website:

The Findings:

Back in the States, Josh takes the photographs of the bones to mammalogist, Dr. Jim Dines to examine. Dines finds that the bones are far too big to be human, but notices they are extremely similar in size to the vertebrae of an Asian black bear. This evidence discounts the existence of the Yet, but the hair samples found in the woods tell a different story. Josh travels to Texas to meet with a forensic analyst who confirms that the hairs are from an unknown sequence. This leaves Josh to conclude that there may in fact be a Yeti— or something like it, lurking somewhere in Bhutan, waiting to be discovered.

  • ParticleNoun

    This was very compelling evidence. I haven’t seen nearly enough buzz about it, so I’m glad you are mentioning it. Seems to me there was enough of that hair sample to get some other folks involved in testing too.

    I would hate it if this just falls off the radar. Seems to me to be some of the best collected evidence yet.

    I love this show, too. It’s like Scooby Doo for adults.

  • This got my heart thumping! I believe in Yeti, Bigfoot, crop circles etc. To find these hairs was a great moment.

  • Tazz

    Yes, I agree…I believe in Bigfoot too, and when they found those long hairs, and had them tested, and they came back unknown, I knew they were on the right track. I wonder why no one made a big deal about this, bc to me, that’s compelling evidence.

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  • Professor Grant

    Yeti, bigfoot,is Harry real?(Harry and the Hendersons) I don’t know but if he is he is not some kind of “missing link” there are NO “missing links” however, could such a creature exist? sure it’s possible but if it does it’s simply a rare ape that no one has ever discovered yet.

  • Gary

    What about the deer leg they found while chasing the thermal image? That was pretty compelling, as well…but would have had more significance if they had had it tested for trace evidence.

    I think the whole Yeti/BigFoot thing is quite fascinating. Seems, though, that with multiple (numerous)motion-activated cameras, one could eventually be caught on tape.

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  • Lea9

    I love Destination Truth, and while I take all paranormal shows with a grain of salt (even the few I love), Destination Truth presents itself with a little more credibility in looking at all possibilities and seems not just out to “prove” the supernatural.
    The fact that they refer to the expertise of outside sources and aren’t afraid to say “Oops…we found chicken bones! Derp!” strengthens this credibility.

    It would be great if you guys would cover more Destination Truth findings in the future! That said…maybe you have, I haven’t finished going through all the articles here (and I’m really enjoying it…Javier, you are a great writer!)

  • J.C.


    I enjoy the show also but just realize that it is painfully staged though, as are most reality-based paranormal shows.

    I do like the fact that they use some experts from museums to look at bone evidence.

    However, they use cast members from Ghost Hunters and Ghost Hunters International which both abuse EVP as well as photographic evidence each week on their own shows.

    In other words, they are far from experts and should not be called in to look at any paranormal evidence.It’s just a way for the slimy SyFy producers to advertise more of their programs.


  • Lea9

    Of course they are staged, but it’s still a fun show that isn’t afraid to make fun of itself. That is the very thing that makes it so enjoyable!

    And I really enjoy Ghost Hunters, especially compared to Ghost Adventures, etc.

    I never called them experts and know it’s a TV show. Just because someone enjoys it, doesn’t mean they don’t know that.
    I think they bring to light interesting myths and legends that I have gone on to read about myself that I may never have heard of otherwise, regardless of their credentials, and in that manner.

  • Lea9

    That last “, and in that manner” was supposed to be deleted…

    😛 Sorry about that.

  • Phil

    I want them to return and look again!!
    This was the closest that ANYONE has come to actually finding a “new animal” I would hate to see them not follow up!

    I’ve written to SyFy and asked them to continue on this specific search!

  • Daniel Webster

    That show irritated the H*** outta me When Josh asker can we close the case on yeti What he found hairs from a lorge unknown primate where there’s not supposed to be anything other than monkeys She said no you can’t close the case because other scientists with want to examine hairs and we don’t have enough I just always wondered why she couldn’t shin the seek which to other zooelogist and challenging any of them to identify the sequence. If none of them can then you close the case