Wisconsin: Man-Wolf sightings

Posted by Xavier Ortega | November 15, 2009 51

What the hell is going on in Wisconsin?

You all know how skeptical we here at GhostTheory are. Sometimes we even come off as being too tough on people. For example take the case with “Extreme Paranormal“.

The reason why is because in this field, criticism and misconceptions are harsh. It only takes a pair of fools to slip up and add another coat of tarnish to the the word parapsychology. Most of the public’s exposure to the paranormal has come from reality TV. Rarely do I meet someone who knows a thing or two about parapsychology or abnormal psychology. When I say parapsychology, they think “oh, you mean stuff like ‘Paranormal State’ ?”

So when I first started reading into the so called “Wisconsin Werewolf” mysteries I was assuming this would be a “chupacabra hysteria”. Something with no substance. Then I started corresponding with Linda Godfrey. She’s the investigator behind the these cases. The infamous Beast of Bray Road.

The more I talked with her, the more I start to think: “What if..?”

Drawing by Linda Godfrey

Drawing by Linda Godfrey

What if the reported sightings are not just from drunks looking for attention? What if the reported sightings were not a hoax? What if something did exist that is not currently known to science?

The more I learned that Linda Godfrey herself was skeptical of these things, the more I began to be open minded. Linda believes that what these credible witnesses are seeing is something not known to man. The possibilities of a wolf-hybrid seem possible. A mutated wold that can walk on it’s hind legs? Maybe. A werewolf? Not likely.

So why do people still continue to report sightings of these creatures?

Do you guys remember the “Gable film” & “Gable film 2” saga ?

Those films only left more questions and the possibility of it all being a hoax behind. Then again we have the single eyewitness reports like that of government worker Steve Krueger from the Wisconsin DNR, who reported seeing this beast eating at a deer carcass he had just picked up. He described it as 6-7 feet tall, long snout (longer than a bear) and pointy ears.

Or like one of our reader’s account:

Eric says:
November 10, 2009 at 11:12 PM

My name is Eric I spent many days {years} out on hospital rd as my best friend lived there when we were 11 until now. I am currently 30 yrs old and I guarantee that this bray road beast is very real. I cant even talk about it with-out tears coming to my eyes. First I will tell you that I really didnt believe in anything like this but this baby is the real deal.Ok there were three of us camping and we started a small fire and suddenly realised that we needed a couple of chairs. At this point two of us left on the tractor with a trailer to make the long trek back to the house to grab the chairs and a couple other needed items for camping. On our way back we encountered our good friend pale white running with everything he had to get somewhere safe! He told us there was something like a warewolf out there and there was no way he was ever going back out there nor back to this area. The farm boy we were with just laughed because he didnt believe in this type of thing either!!! The two of us went out there to the campsite only for a split second and right away the howling began. I couldnt believe what I was hearing but as the howling got closer and I caught a glimpse of what was out there with my spotlight and I totally freaked out, started my dirtbike and my big farmboy friend was screaming your not leaving me!! He jumed on the tractor and i have never rode so fast in my life across a fully tilled field with-out caring about anything but getting away!! He was so mad and scared at the same time because the tractor was not nearly as fast as a dirtbike but at this point i was saving my own ass!! Its true it stands on its hind legs and is vicious as hell looking and its howl is something so scary sounding that its unimaginable to say the least. Ill NEVER GO BACK OUT THERE NOT EVEN WITH A GUN.

I don’t know what people are reporting, but like Linda Godfrey, I believe that there is something out there that is causing these reports. Werewolf or not, there’s something out there.

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  • Hollonseth

            My name is Joshua, although I never have been to Wisconsin, I have seen this creature. It was 15 years ago in Jackson Ky. I was going to check on my dogs outside one night because they were making some wired sounds, which were located about 40 yards from my house. So me and my cousin start walking toward the dogs who are chained up and all of sudden we here one of our dogs make the most helpless moan I have ever heard. So we start running toward were the dogs were and we turn our flashlight on and get 15 yards from them and we got a glimpse of something standing over my dog. I shined the light right on him and i was terrorfied by what I seen, this creature looked to be 7 to 8 feet tall with a wolf like head and a human type body with fur(his fur was splotchy though like he looked like he had the mainge). The creature heard us and turn around and started walking toward us and I just froze up I couldn’t move a muscle because I was so scared. My cousin started running and when he seen I was frozen up he  fire a gun up in the air and when the creature heard the noise he took straight up a hill side on 4 legs. My cousin grab me and said’ come on” and we ran as fast as I have ever ran in my life to the house and locked the door. When daylight hit we went outside to sheck on the dogs and one of them was dead his head had been decapitited. A couple days before the run in with the creature we were going hill climbing and we come up on a coyote head that was just laying their and it was all slimmy looking and they were no sign of the body. I have never been back in those woods again and I have never seen wolfman again and me my cousin told one of our uncles and he just made fun of us, so it took us years to talk about the incident.

  • Desiree Shorting

    I believe you, I seen this creature too. Wolf like head, the nose was a bit longer, with a human like body but not quit with fur all over it. It still gives me nightmares.


    i watched lon chaney    ever since i was  little   but to live in cols ohio   on woodrow  and south fourth  st,    4 hrs tried to sleep   finally  my mom  yelled  but it was a whisper  i looked  out the window    bent over in our metal  trash  can   ball  in middle of shoulders  it raised up  sniff  around looked  right  at me   FEAR  I HAVE NEVER  KNOWN  BEFORE I COULD NOT MOVE   when it howled  dogs went quiet   4 a couple weeks this  went on  i was   14   spring  or summer  of 1972   i  am 54 now     it was a white   half double   its boraded up now    but   i never slept   good   nor any  desire to watch  his movies  but  if u ever  watched   big bad wolf?   it was the one  it talks   that is what i seen   or werewolf of london  .  I DO NOT REPEAT  !   I DO NOT CARE IF ANYONE  BELIVES   ME     I AM STILL  SCARED   BY THIS   U GET OLDER WATCH SCARY MOVIES   TELL UR SELF  U DIDNT SEE  THAT  BUT INSIDE  U KNOW  .  I HAVE SO MANY   THINGS  I WISH  I DIDNT   AND YES I KNOW  U TALK OR THINK ABOUT  U WANT TO CRY    .  IWANT TO  CALL   PEOPLE   CRAZY  AND LAUGH   ONLY   SO I DONT   HAVE TO THINK  OF WHAT  I SEEN   BUT  I BELIVE U   U CAN TELL  WHEN U LOOK IN SOMEONES EYES   IF THEY ARE TELLING THE TRUTH   BUT   A WARNING TO   ANY ONE   WHO WOULD LIE   ABOUT THIS     U MAY   SEE   IT 4 REAL    THEN U WISHED U DIDNT

  • AeKatrina

    Yes I believe this too. I am hearing many stories of it, and not everyone can be wrong. My hypothesis is that our modern scientist have gone too far playing God and artificially inseminating wolves with humans ( as maybe we do test tube babies might be the key to begin with and using this sperm given, as sure they do not need all of any one man giving it out to have it work for one woman.. so it is there to use ( at times not all the time, just once in a great while, maybe mostly in the past even) and using stun guns to get wolves so they can somehow impregnate them and this is how breeds as such began. I think they just wanted to see what would happen given time. and with time going by we now are just beginning to see the harvest reaped, as they populate more, as they have grown old enough now to do so. They just let them go into the wild ,to live as possible. The gray wolves usually are tall around 6 feet, and could stand on hind legs. There may be more that can, not sure?They mostly stand up if they are aggressive. But certainly can move alot quicker when needed on all four too in order to actually attack! If hungry I suppose they would attack people, and otherwise other animals mostly. Coming out at night perhaps more ?All the unusual type of sightings now could have been by scientist trying new experiments at least in the past, seeing what would happen if this were to take place and how they would adapt and heaven knows why else! Would not want to even speculate the rest here, of what I think.

  • BADGUY10100

    I thought this creature might be a Human-Wolf hybrid. Science SAYS that can’t happen (i.e. wolves CANNOT produce offspring from human sperm) but who knows what a little bit of biological engineering can do! Stalin tried to produce a human-ape hybrid to create “super soldiers” to fight the Germans. Apes, of course, are A LOT closer to humans, genetically, than wolves. But…as I said…who KNOWS what might be possible.

  • Logan Stevens

    where exactly is this rd that this beast has been seen? im from wisconsin and never heard of any of this.

  • BADGUY10100

    Just a 1/2 mile East of the I-43 and Elkhorn, Wisconsin. It will “come up” on Google-Earth if you do a search for it. It runs North-East from Elkhorn, for about 5 miles.

  • BADGUY10100

    I’ve driven on Bray Road several times. There are SOME woods at the far eastern part of the Road (I don’t think Bray Road is more than 5 miles, end to end). Not a WHOLE lot of “cover” for a creature like this. The Road has many cleared fields and farms on either side. See google-earth for a visual tour. Bray Road is just East of I-43, in Elkhorn, WI.

  • Death

    P.I. here, I would like to say that anything is possible, and i’m going to say it may not be real. but, the bray road beast must be something like a cross between a bear and a wolf.

  • Kenny Hodges

    I believe this thing does really exist an the story’s I here seem to be 100% true there could be werewolf’s among us this earth is very old so who know an there are things science cant prove .they can denied it all they want but science has been been proven wrong many times. this creature could very well exist without the knowledge of science. I believe the dogman an beast of bray road is a real deal. now the fact from man changing into beast under the full moon moon who knows maybe yes who knows it never been seen in transformation state.

  • Kenny Hodges

    there are things that go bump in the night

  • Desiree Shorting

    This is a very true story, except me and my family seen a very large animal that looks like a wolf, walking on it’s hind legs. It’s nose was longer and bigger then any wolf or dog.. I didn’t see it in wisconsin, it was in Elphinstone, Manitoba.
    I was a little girl when I seen it, now I am 18.. more then 12 years later and I still have nightmares about this creature. I’m willing to share my encounter with anybody who asks.

  • Leslie

    You can share your story with Dogmen Encounters. Vic Cundiff has a Youtube channel. I’m sure he would love to hear your account of what happened.

  • jacob katoa boy directioner

    I would like to see that creature I think that it’s a werewolf believe it or not I live in Utah and there has been this weird place called skinwalker ranch and a guy was there with his family back in the 90’s and said that thier was 5 werewolf like creatures looking at them there was other reports saying that ufos ghost Bigfoot and other creepy stuff it’s a hunted place I never been there but at my capion Logan Utah me and my cusion felt like we were being watch and some brids circle around us we run back to my capoin so I believe that this thing is real

  • JS353535

    This creature is absolutely real, however I think it might be some sort of canid + sasquatch hybrid. Or it’s simply a type of canid completely unknown to science. I remember hearing a “Dogman Encounters” episode where a little girl came face to face with one of these creatures that was on all fours. She said as it stood up on his hind legs she could hear the cartilage in it’s joints make crackling and popping sounds as it slowly stood upright, as if it was something it physically wasn’t designed to do…yet it did anyway. I always found that little detail interesting.

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