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SyFy's Ghost Hunters
SyFy's Ghost Hunters

I will admit that when the first few shows of SyFy’s Ghost Hunters came out, I was enthralled. I saw the team as an honest set of folks who were out there to prove that most of claims that people were making of the paranormal, were explained by science. Their early episodes showed the team hard at work debunking supposed haunted homes and buildings. Coming up with some noises or voices that were not easily explainable.

Then came the visual evidence.

Rocking chairs, moving objects and a phantom silhouette in a prison catwalk were all captured on video. They evidence was subtle and ambiguous. Never did they rule out a hoax. As the show’s reputation grew more and more, so did theirr claims of ghostly evidence. Things became more overly-dramatic. Brian, the team’s tech guy, was more and more becoming a shell of a man. Appearing to be on the brink of a nervous breakdown, Jason and Grant decide to let him go. Soon after you start to see outrageous things being captured on tape. Shadows popping in and out of corners, Thermal images of ghostly kids running through walls and the ever so annoying “dude! I just felt something” screams seem to fill up each episode.

I stopped watching it. It seemed to me that these guys were not about debunking as much as they were about having new video evidence of a ghost each week. About this time is when other shows started to catch on. Ghost Adventures and Paranormal State being the top ones.

Recently I heard one of GhostDivas’ podcast in which they interviewed Donna Lacroix. A former TAPS team member. I love GhostDivas. These ladies are ruthless and funny.

In what at first appeared to be a disgruntled former-employee, Donna quickly made sense and defended her point of views about her former bosses.

In the interview she talks about some really juicy gossip:

  • Ghost Hunters is a completely entertainment show.
  • Jason and Grant are ‘the kings’ and they had their whipping-boy in Brian and that she feels that Brian was exploited to the point of mental abuse.
  • Everyone is out to stab you in the back.
  • Rumor has it that there is a staging crew.

One of the more interesting revelations is how Jason and Grant mentally abused Brian. Donna mentions how they were “brutal” and “mentally abusive” towards Brian Harnois.

No matter what truth is unearthed about these type of paranormal reality shows, their loyal fans will always blindly follow and believe the trash that is served. Real paranormal and parapsychological research is not done in a reality show. This is something their fans don’t understand.

Listen to the GhostDivas’ interview here.

Source: Masslive

We’ve all seen her, we’ve all loved her, and we’ve all missed her on the Ghost Hunters. Now Donna Lacroix, the original case manager from Ghost Hunters and investigator with Ghost Hunters International, is back and it’s not good.

Making a call-in appearance on the radio show “Ghost Divas,” Donna Lacroix let it all fly with one of the most difficult to listen to diatribes that I’ve ever had the displeasure of sitting through. Within a span of 30 minutes, Donna pulled out all the stops and in between ridiculous rants from the Ghost Divas she served up the following tidbits:

– Calling it ‘shenanigans’ and ‘sh*tty ethics’ she commented on the various shows where it was claimed that the GH team was investigating a place for the first time, when in fact it had been investigated numerous times by other paranormal teams…

Read more at Masslive.

  • Donna_LaCroix

     This is from Donna LaCroix…through all the scandel, I was never allowed to speak my mind or for people to hear my side of the truth.

    I fee there needs to be an obligation to relabel this article, as it comes up in search engines as totaling misleading people about what really happened.  I would like them to read my point of view and then judge for themselves.

    Is this something you would consider fair Scott?

  • Scott_McMan

    This article was written in 2009 by Javier Ortega, who is the site owner. I am not fully familiar with what took place back then, so I can’t speak on what I consider fair.

    Javier is not the type to speak or write out of turn and he’s also one of the nicest people I’ve ever associated with. I’m sure he remembers this and I will make sure he’s informed of the newer comments.

    At that point it will be up to him as to whether he addresses the situation. That’s the best I can do for you as I am coming from a detached point of view.

  • AaronD2012

    I thought my post was deleted but turns out I posted on the other thread–sheesh!

  • Jasmynne8

    I tried to contact him through Facebook, with no success.  If you could let him know I would like to speak with him, I’d appreciate it.  It is simply not fair what these “journalists” are doing.  They write articles from 1 point of view.  It is simply not fair.  I will be writing about this issue very soon on a very public site, so I would really like Javier’s input.

  • paul

    Please!!! you don’t have 6 degrees, lol you work at freakin pizza hut and live in your mom’s basement, you are so funny man

  • MostHauntedNoLonger

    Like all of those phoney seances????? PLEASE!

  • timothyf7

    Donna, you were always one of my favorites on GH. I’m not going to cast any stones or stir up any rubbish. I just wanted to wish you the best of luck and health. There are a lot of people that really care about you – concentrate on those individuals and yourself. All the best to you!

  • MoragMcGregor

    Donna, I remember the episode of GHI when you had to leave because of your health. I’ve had a serious auto-immune disease for 35 years so believe me when I say that I said a prayer for you…and wondered how you had the strength to do GHI in the first place.
    I googled Brian after watching some GHI reruns today that you both appeared in. I totally bought into Brian being a jackwad although I had to give him his due as a solid debunker when I watched the GHI episodes again.
    I always liked you on GH and especially GHI and my friends do too. Try to remember that for every vitriolic would-be journalist wanting to make a reputation for his or herself, there are a hundred of us who see you as a sincere, self-contained, entertaining woman who knows her stuff.
    I can’t imagine being the object of such arbitrary attacks…makes me glad I’m not famous all over again. I’ve learned that some people will try to hurt you just because they can. I’m so sorry you had to go through that, but I see that you came up swingin’. I like that!
    About others understanding how stress can harm your health…people just don’t have a CLUE what you go through unless they’re healthcare professionals or they live with you. Even some of my family members have failed to recognize the seriousness of the disease. Those of us with chronic problems tend not to talk about it much, either; no one really wants to hear it and I don’t like to be perceived as a sick person. We can certainly support each other, though.
    Wishing you years of remission and a happy life!
    p.s. I love the T Jefferson quote. I haven’t subscribed to a newspaper in like…35 years!

  • Tami

    Donna, stay true to you. As we all know, you’re guilty if you defend yourself and guilty if you don’t. It’s a no win situation. Truth ALWAYS finds its way.

    Keep your focus on your health; mental and physical. I have two friends, and a family member who have auto-immune disorders. It’s a day-to-day battle; sometimes hourly.

    Sadly, you found out the hard way who your true friends are. Moving forward, you now know with whom you can rely on.

    Hang in there and take care.

    A fan

  • Kindled

    Well, you almost had me. Then the further I read the more you devolved. Paranormal research doesn’t exist as a field??? Ever heard of the Parapsychological Association? Which, btw, in 1969 became affiliated with the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), the largest general scientific society in the world. Please, educate yourself before you post. We’ll all be happier and you won’t sound like an uninformed idi…oops, sorry, I’ll stop there. One can’t kick a dumb dog for being a dumb dog. It doesn’t know it’s a dumb dog. Humans, however, have this terrific cognitive ability to understand and the capacity to grow and learn beyond the limits of, say, a dumb dog. Ignorance is NOT bliss. Just sayin’.

  • Kevin

    You apparently never read the Bible. The bible never used the date of Dec 25 that was a non-biblical tradition that was populated to merge the secular and the religious. There are no provable discrepancies in the bible in all the years people have had to pick it apart. The evidence to prove the bible if you want to look into it is unreal. I will not attack you I believe you are an educated person, the paranormal is an interesting study, and still newer that will gain popularity and respect as well.

  • SuzieLa La

    Of course, I imagine being able to spell “accredited” would be paramount to getting in the front door of an “accredited” university. I would also bet that any college or university worth attending would show you the door you never gained entrance through the minute you used the word “retard.”

    I wonder if they offer degrees in the backs of comic books. That may have been your best bet. Since this was several years ago, congratulations! I hope you enjoy being a professional s#!theel. 🙂

  • SuzieLa La

    I never bothered finishing my B.A. — I just took the writing courses I thought would be important. I do, however, have an IQ of 180. My brother has two masters and two doctorates. I ended up making more money as a musician than he did with all of his academia. It’s not where you go to learn — it’s your willingness to be open to it.