Malaysian Woman Tortured By Evil Presence

Lee was plump before her weight dropped. (Photo courtesy: Sin Chew Daily)

Lee was plump before her weight dropped. (Photo courtesy: Sin Chew Daily)

I always seem to find the Malaysian ghost stories bizarre and extreme.
Then again in the paranormal, what isn’t bizarre and extreme? Take the following news article. This lady claims to be tormented by an evil spirit that possesses her throughout the nights.
She claims that the evil spirit of a woman roams her home and attacks her at times. It might seems outlandish for most people, but what is this is all true? (a big what if)

Remember the Doris Bither case?

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KUALA KANGSAR, PERAK: A 37-year-old Chinese woman from Englor claimed that she has been haunted by a “female ghost” every night over the past two weeks and her weight dropped from 70kg to 50kg as she had to withstand mental torture everyday.

The woman, wished to be called only by her first name Lee, was a housewife with two sons and a daughter.

Her husband Liang told Sin Chew Daily that they bought the house a year ago and the first name of the ex-owner, a woman, was also Lee. She passed away in the house 10 years ago.

He said that they asked a Jitong (spirit medium) to carry out a religious ceremony when they moved in on 31 Dec last year and at that time, they could feel that there was another “owner” in the house.

Since then, his wife always saw a drifting shadow and her temperament started to change at night over the past two weeks. She even shouted loudly and provoked their relatives and friends who came to visit them.

She also whispered to herself or screamed loudly when she was “attacked”.

Liang: The Green Dragon Crescent Blade of the Guan Gong statue always changes its position

Liang: The Green Dragon Crescent Blade of the Guan Gong statue always changes its position

A religious master went to their house to have an exorcism on Wednesday (2 Dec). But the wife threw a bowl during the ceremony and tried to fight with others. She was difficult to be subdued even by six strong men. Finally, she fainted after being slapped by one of her friends.

Liang said he had asked several religious masters to cast exorcism for his wife. However, they were ineffective and the situation turned worse. His “wife” even said: “I want this person’s life” and “it’s useless no matter what charm you cast or how many masters you invite”.

Liang had no choice but to leave his business aside, so that he could take care of his wife at home. Their relatives and friends have also been helping him to watch over his wife at night until “the woman” leaves her body at six in the morning.

Liang hoped that someone could help them.

He said that he brought his wife to a specialist hospital in Ipoh before to have a brain scan but the doctor proved that his wife was mentally normal.

The psychiatrist asked his wife to take some medicine for anti-depression and do another medical checked up. Later, the doctor proved that she did not suffer from depression.

The wife claimed that the female ghost wears flowery shirt and moves around the back of the house before. But recently, “she” appears even in her bedroom and sometimes, she hides at the corner of the living room.

A portrait of Zhong Kui (a guardian spirit) was found in the kitchen of the house but the wife said that the portrait is ineffective, too. (Translated by YOU HSUEH LIN/ Sin Chew Daily)