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With no reports of the house ever being haunted, the owner of the house said that more than likely, the renter is making this story up to break the lease.
The EVP that is played on the report is pretty weak, as far as evidence goes.

Full source: KRGV

MCALLEN – One woman says her family lived in fear. She claims they heard voices and saw shadows in their home.

They family was so scared they called a ghost hunter to find out what was going on.

“My little girl would see a little girl with dark hair. She said she looked sad. Those were her words,” the woman explains.

She didn’t want her identity revealed. But she tells CHANNEL 5 NEWS she moved from San Antonio after finding the home on craigslist. She rented it without ever seeing it.

The family claims after a few months in the home, they started seeing things. At one point, the woman and her four children were sleeping in one room.

She says she paid for a cleansing on the home, but it didn’t help. That’s when she called local ghost hunters. Those ghost hunters say a little girl who said the name Beth talked to them. The little girl said she was demonic.

The family eventually moved out of the home, breaking the lease.

Kay Kerr who manages the property for a woman in California says a lease is a lease.

“We respected her attitude, thoughts, and I had done a cleansing on homes with difficulties before,” says Kerr.

CHANNEL 5 NEWS contacted the home’s owner, Diana Johnson. She told us over the phone nothing bad has ever happened inside the house.

She suspects the woman made the whole story up to break her lease.

CHANNEL 5 NEWS contacted McAllen Police Records Department. We’ve asked for every single call made since the home was built 11 years ago.

  • Glynis

    Remind me to do this when I’m ready to get out of this apartment.

  • I’m with ya J’ i had a guy here in Vermont, who tryed the same thing! He wanted us to “prove” his place was haunted…we didn’t find any evidence!

  • andrewkeeler

    ya my car is huanted so I cant pay the lease on it.. And my cubicle is possesed by demons so I cant go to work… oh ya and um my xbox 360 can talk to God thats why I must commmune with it as much as posssible to save my money I mean my mortal soul…

    Where does this end I mean cmon this kinda stuff is the reason people find the paranormal so ridiculous some times…

  • Gretel9696

    I heard that Lorraine “Demon Orb” Warren is looking for the next Amityville but she’s getting to old to help make up another story. The house in this article looks like a good starting point. Add in some Chippy and Ryan, a flying brick and Robert Bess, a couple of coat tugs and flying hangers, and you could have the blockbuster movie for 2010.

  • Stephen William Gonzalez

    Hey guys I’m in the son of the anonymous woman. I lived here in 2009. I would gladly give an insight to this home and experience. Feel free to contact me. I felt embarrassed back then but now I’m willingly to speak and yes its all true.

  • lindsay

    Please email us on our Facebook page! We’d love to hear your experience!!