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Chile. Faint apparition said to be that of one of the drivers.
Chile. Faint apparition said to be that of one of the drivers.

A Chilean news station showed pictures of a tragic car crash that occurred on Router A-16. Known as “The Cursed Road” by locals, the images of the crash showed something peculiar. In one of the images, the photographer claims to have captured the image of one of the deceased. Friends of the deceased agree with the photographer’s assumption stating that the translucent apparition appears to be wearing the same type of clothing their dead friend wore.

Ghost? Image blur? Hoax?

A brief translation by me follows:

Newscaster: “The following is one of those stories that can turn into a legend. There’s a truck driver who is sure that he has captured the spirit of a man who perished a few minutes before in an automotive crash.”

Reporter: “The images of a spirit observing his own cadaver. Simply chilling. This is what we can see in this photograph encircled in red. Captured on July 19, 2008 by a truck driver only 20 minutes after an accident on Route A-16, known to the Chileans as “The Cursed Road”. In the accident, Fernando Guerrero Tapia 50 years of age and Alberto Galligillos Morardes 43. These are the images of the fatal crash.

The Spirit would be of Fernando Guerrero Tapia. According to his friends, the translucent silhouette appears to be dressed the same as Fernando Tapia did when he perished. “

  • BC

    Great find Javier. Interesting pic. The figure in the foreground in the yellow jacket seems to share a similar posture. Could it be some type of double exposure?

  • Bea

    People that have crossed over are always at their own funeral. I know because they always ask me to say something on their behalf and I do. It’s happened three times.

  • Michka

    The guy in the yellow jacket in the foreground does not appear to have the same stance. The transparent figure has more of a bend in his back. The yellow jacket is a little more erect. And if this is from video footage, how can it be a double exposure? If it isn’t, the the photographer should have check his camera before hand. It truly does “appear” as if the best evidence has been brought to this website and the public to date. Hopefully someone isn’t playing tricks via the media. That would be even more sick than the government covering up UFO’s.

    Great find!!!!

  • Michka

    Bea, can you email me at [email protected]? I have a private question for you. Sorry to ask you here, but I have no other way to.



  • jbondo

    Yea, looks like it is associated with the guy in yellow.

  • redngreen


    I would really like to hear more about your experiences if you would be so inclined to share. If not, I completely understand. My email is [email protected] if you would prefer to tell me your story that way.

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  • Bea

    Thank you redngreen,

    You can read alot of my stories of my “Real Stories of the Heavenly Patrol” on my website or on my myspace blog.

    Please feel free to add yourself as a friend on myspace

    Thank you! B

  • redngreen

    Great, thanks Bea!

  • If it is a double exposure, then why is the opposite leg in a waking motion from the yellow jacket figure to the left? Can’t be double exposure then.

    Very interesting..caught many spector photos in my line of work. This is a good one!

  • That blows me away