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Taken from the Examiner, Roger Marsh reports of a second UFO landing in Texas:

MUFON Case # 21000 was reported on December 15, for a sighting on December 5, 2009. The first sighting was reported here as UFO lands in Texas, two ‘creatures’ on the ground.

In this new case report, the witness was outside with a dog when a “silver disc with a glow (no other lights) landed.” The object was reported as hovering “just above the ground.”

The report details how a platform underneath the object lowered and three “beings” walked out.

Read more on the Examiner.

Original MUFON case #21000 :

I was outside letting my dog take a leak and a couple of fields over (I live in the country) a silver disc with a glow (no other lights) landed. Well, it did not touch the ground, it hovered just above the ground. A platform lowered beneath the UFO and 3 beings walked out. They did not look like typical grays we all see. They walked like humans but were smaller. They were too far away to see any details, but it was obvious they were not your typical gray.

My dog was going nuts and wanted to run towards them, but I grabbed his collar and put on the leash. Since it was late and I was just letting the dog take a leak, I did not have a camera or my phone on me. Once I got the dog under control, I ran – fast – back to the house to grab a phone or camera (whatever I could get my hands on first). By the time I got back outside, there was nothing in the field. Nothing! It was completely gone. I had my dog with me still and let him off the leash. He didnt even sense anything anymore.

Has anyone else encountered this?

I am a professional employeed person. I do not do drugs, dont smoke and only drink for special occasions. I have never had mental issues and I have never believed in UFOs. Never. But I know what I saw. I called a friend of mine the next day who believes in this stuff because I knew he would not ridicule me. Nobody else in my family knows of this, I fear their reaction. He told me to come to this site and post my story.

Here it is.

The second “UFO landing” in Texas for this month. Could it by mass hysteria? or just some bored person trying to trick MUFON?
Regardless, MUFON takes these cases seriously. I wouldn’t be surprised if any of the Texas MUFON team members are already on the field interviewing and investigating the sights.

  • Raj

    One of the sources here is…which is more like a web tabloid (think “My dog gave birth to an alien”). It’s not some bored person. More like a tabloid trying to get interest from gullible people.

  • Jim Magee

    Brother – great post. Keep in mind, it really doesn’t matter what anybody else thinks or comments negatively – you just know what you know and you definitely saw what you thought you saw. Don’t be frightened by that – little by little, more people are seeing and now starting to believe that – surprise, surprise – WE ARE NOT ALONE! But again, don’t be worried about “alien takeover” or any of that other crap. Just keep this thought in your mind – any civilization capable in getting here from any planet other than Earth planet – would be more than capable of taking us over if that were their purpose in coming here. It is all about helping us to Ascend and to experience free things we should have known about years ago – power, food, transportation to name but a few.

    Relax – major help for our planet is right around the corner and all world governments hate that and there is not one damn thing any of them can do to prevent, what will inevitably happen. It’s all about our “older brothers and sisters from off-planet” helping us to our next step in our ladder of spiritual development – helping us as a young developing civilization. You can’t get better than that. Mass landings and communications between advanced civilizations and the peoples of planet Earth is very close, but again, do not fear or be negative – everyone, everywhere – simply put out your wishes to be helped telepathically and you will be amazed as to how quickly the combined prayers are answered.

  • BC

    I think Roger Marsh does a great job.

  • jbondo

    Jim, don’t tell me you are another one of those Aliens are good people?

    If there are nice aliens out there then it stands to reason that there are not so nice ones. I’m not saying we should take up arms against invasion, I’m just saying to not be so inviting.

    Furthermore, why would an alien race wipe us out? We’re doing a good enough job on our own.

  • Joe

    First and foremost, you did the right thing by contacting MUFON. They do take all reports seriously. I can understand your hesitation in bringing this up to family members, but you need to remember, they are your family. Families need to support each other. It’s during episodes, like yours, that you find out what your family is made of. I recall the movie “Close Encounters of the Third kind,” where the wife of the contactee basically turns against him, takes the children and leaves. Anything is possible, but these are the kind of instances, which reveal just how strong our families are.

    I had my own experience with a UFO in Tucson, last year. So far, my family and friends have stood behind and with me. I think, deep down inside, everyone knows something unique is happening. Some group of beings with superior technology have been interested in mankind for tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of years. The thing is that the number of visitors may not be increasing, but, instead, our numbers and our technology has increased to a point where we are able to see more UFO’s and are able to document these visitations with cameras and video equipment.

    For anyone with an open mind, it doesn’t take long to do a Google search of UFO’s and see tons of evidence of UFO visitation going all the way back to pre-Biblical times. Our own Bible is full of UFO and extraterrestrial experiences as recorded by many religious figures. For example, Jacob, who became Israel, wrestled an “angel”. You have to remember that, between Esah and Jacob, Jacob was the smallest and weakest of the two. Yet, Jacob was overcoming the “angel.” As a result, the “angel” resorted to a taiser device, which shocked and paralized Jacob. In spite of the pain of having his hip dislocated from being “touched”, Jacob refused to turn loose, demanding to know the name of the “angel.” The reason Jacob refused to turn loose of the “angel” is the myth that, if you could aquire the name of the “angel” you would be blessed with riches beyond your wildest dreams. The angel would not tell Jacob his name, never the less, Jacob, received a blessing from the angel, receiving the promises made to his father Issac and grandfather, Abraham.

    The above incident is only a small example of what’s in our own religious history. You’re in good company, even with the prophets Ezekial, Elijah and Elisiah. As well, today, millions of people are seeing UFO’s and extraterrestrials. We don’t know if they are from other worlds in our universe, or from another universe. They may even be from our own planet and we may have been sharing our world with them for millenia.

    The important thing for people reading any posting on UFO sightings is to keep an open mind and watch the skies.

  • jbondo

    Joe, you seem to forget that the wife did stay as long as possible and Dytfuss kept promising he was going to quit acting out. If your mate was throwing bricks thru the kitchen window don’t you think it’s time to be concerned about the well being of your children?

    You talk like everyone is interested in aliens when the fact is most people don’t really give it much thought. That’s the trap that we fall into when we project our interests onto the general population. The people at the quilting bee board probably think everyone should know what dropping a stitch means. Do you get my meaning?

    I’m not trying to rain on your parade here. Just trying to infuse some reality of the average Joe on you. On top of that at least 50% of those that do believe or have interest never say a word about it to anyone.

  • jbondo

    I hadn’t read the one from the previous day. Now that I have it would seem that this is getting harder to believe all the time.

  • Evan

    Texas is pretty big, you ***** idiot. Where in “Texas” did this happen. No specifics might be your first clue that this is garbage. Gullible deuche-bags.

  • Anony1

    Untrained janators (with no disrespect-some do an awsome job) are professionals too. Professional cleaners. The cry for recognized credibility, the vauge location, the almost comical references (the part about taking his dog “for a leak”), PUH-LEAZZZZZZE. This story screams hoax. Feel that thing tugging people? That’s your leg being pulled. Country people love one thing better than their freedom, and that’s a tall tale.
    For people who are ready to accept everything at face value, such as “Joe” and “Jim Magee”, good for you. You might want to start questioning the quality of the “value” however. The majority of the people are rightfully skepitcal of this report. How about a comment from MUFON? Javier? A simple confirmation as to who if anyone has looked into the reports in the Texas area? Until then this story is about as reliable and believable for evidence as a good blobsquatch photo (a term for an unclear image of a blurry something that could be bigfoot), only worse. I don’t doubt all eyewitness testimony. I do doubt shoddily done, lacking detail, non-logical reports however, whatever the topic. So I give the same reports on the subject of UFOs (were quality is even MORE important) even more scrutiny. Sorry. Not buying it for a second.

  • Sherman

    Research …. Research….Comparative analysis and Whoosh!… what do you have… 1Enoch, Ezekiel —-et al…. Way to go Joe…The prophecies are there… how we interpret them… signs in the skies, distress on earth etc. – Mayan Calendar… 2000yrs Messiah returns… heah.. something links.
    Keep an open mind.

  • Anony1

    @Sherman: Way to stay on topic. What the hell is that Japanese poetry? Throw enough stuff at the wall and something sticks huh?

    Flight of the bumble bee….distress on the moon..something links right? Speaking of the moon there is a term for people who were believed affected by it…luna something..lunatic….hmm..somehow
    it all links.