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Said to be recorded on the same day as the Norway spiral lights (rocket), this Russian video shows a triangular object spinning above Red Square. Another video shows the object during nighttime.

No major reports have been made by the Russian press. At least none that I could find. The videos are soaring to the ‘most popular’ ranks on YouTube.

My guess that it’s either some computer generated hoax, or some form of marketing ploy.

  • BMac

    This is simple: It’s a Black Triangle or Should I say the the covert budget name “TR3-B”. Its more of a ‘stealth blimp’ versus an actual aircraft.

    How do I know?

    It was covered in a Popular Mechanics magazine in the VERY EARLY 1990’s. BBD’s have been seen all over the planet and labelled ‘UFOs’. The sad fact is that they are not ‘Unidenfied’ at all; as they are certainly not aliens either. I do believe in Aliens and do think they are visiting due to research into my ancient ancestry. However this Black Triangle is probably made by a major Aerospace company like Boeing, Bell, ect.

    ‘They’ certainly won’t say its their either until its ready for public consumption (try another 30 years and development has been about 40 years now).

    This video I believe is a fake-but the BBD/TR3-B is most definately real.

  • BMac,


    I also remember reading on Popular Mechanics in the early 90s about a stealth craft project dubbed “Aurora”.

    Could this be the same craft as in project TR3-B?

    The videos in question do look fake.

    Thanks for the info.


  • BC

    Javier, I am positive this is a fake. It was reported over Red Square and we only have two videos? There would be thousands of videos on YouTube of this thing if it was legit.

  • redngreen

    “…they are visiting due to research into my ancient ancestry…”


    I think I’m more interested in your ancient ancestry drawing in other worldly beings. Can you elaborate?

  • BC,

    I’m sure these videos are fake.
    The articles and reports on the “top secret crafts” are real.

    The videos remind me of “District 9”


  • BC

    Oh yeah Javier. There are flying triangles out there that are legit. Are you familiar with the Belgian wave or the sighting over the Hudson Valley back in the 80s?

  • BC,

    yes, both as a matter of fact.

    Funny thing that you brought this up. Monday night I was watching “Unsolved Mysteries” reruns and they had an episode on the “Hudson Valley sightings”.


  • redngreen

    Is no one else fascinated by the fact that aliens are visiting here, per his comment, to research Bmac’s ancient ancestory?

  • Matthew

    Wait a minute , this reminds me of another post I just saw last week…hold on and I will link it.

    Triangle shape in Portsmouth, NH

  • loki

    If it was a US stealth blimp, why the hell would it be flown over moscow? Don’t think they would let sensitive technology have a chance to fall into competitive countries hands, even jet perpolsions on a blimp wouldn’t be immune to a mig29 or sam missile to take it down. That close to the ground an rpg could of knocked it out of the sky. Most likely kids fooling around with editing. No people on the streets saw it and no other videos like The strange norwegian lights this past week, that probably has to with ufo’s than this.

  • John Hunter

    Its a teaser vid for the new “district 9” film.

  • Rahk


    You say its nothing more than a TR3-B but none of the TR3-B photos look like this object. In fact, none of the TR3-B photos look anything like a pyramid. Do you know the difference between a triangle and a pyramid?? I have to ask because after looking and doing a little research, I must conclude that you are incorrect and/ or you have a problem deciphering three dimensional objects. Either way….there are no pyramid shaped TR3-Bs….period. Time to pull another theory out of your butt…preferably one that makes sense.

  • Austin

    redngreen, i think he is saying som alien got freaky with his ancestor.

  • Gary

    Yeah, it’s a fake for crying out loud. Even the one news report I watch (British) denoted that they think it’s a fake because no other evidence has surfaced (photo’s, news reports, eyewitness accounts).

    You don’t park special recon aircraft 250ft over Red Square unless you are looking for a international incident. 🙂

  • Bmac

    Javier you are correct-The TR3-B is part of the Aurora project-mainly three different triangles with different capabilities. Its going to be a sad day if they initiate some kind of ‘fake alien attack’ like they did with the War of the Worlds broadcast..which they have never been so close to actually being able to pull off.

    What a way to bring in the new order…just like Reagan told the UN MIGHT happen…