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  • jbondo

    That’s a great way to explain it, “only the house took the place of a dvd”.

    I do believe there is something to imprinted or residual energy from people that have passed. I don’t have an explination as to how it works but I do think it’s possible.

    Then again, this girl could also have been having one of her mothers memories that may have been passed to her genetically. Why can’t memories be genetically passed to children? Who knows?

    I’m getting deep here.

    Just some theories.

  • redngreen

    Great story! Thanks for sharing Jeanne S and Javier!


    I’ve never thought about passing memories genetically, but that is really interesting- I like the way you think!

  • Bea

    That is exactly what you saw Jeanne . . . an imprint of his spirit because he was doing something that he did all the time in that particular space. Thanks for the perfect example of what I try to explain to people regarding the majority of ghostly apparitions according to my friends in the spirit world.

    The fact that you saw him indicates a great sensitivity and you may want to develop that skill.

    All the best, B

  • amanda,11

    OMFG THAT STORY SCARED ME 2 BITS . i am not turning around in my house now cus im way 2 scared im the only 1 here rite now , besides my sister who’s 13 and shes in bed. but it is a good story i dont know why i read these iof they scare me .LOL

    …. keep da gd wrk up :L . frm amanda,11

  • Jhon

    Hi Jeanne. Let me tell you that something similar happened to me. I was 18 at that time. This happened one sunday after i got back from work and took a nap in the afternoon about 5.00 pm. All my family was there when I laid down in my bed and fell asleep and I remember hearing footsteps and opened my eyes and it was 7.00 pm already and saw a woman in my room. I thought it was my step mother and asked her what time it was but this woman did not respond as if it did not acknowledge i was there but I noticed she was wearing a dress of the victorian era. And afte that, she walked though the wall and it made jump out of the bed and went to see if there was someone in the house but everyone had left to go to church. My maths teacher studied the paranormal phenomenon and he told me that the spiritual world was connected to the material one and some people died but they refuse to go where they supposed to because they are so attached to the material world that they don’t know they are already dead but keep carrying doing the everyday routines that they did when they were alive. My teacher was capable of making astral projection and could travel in the spiritual world that’s why he had a vast knowledge of the paranormal. In my search of the paranormal I was fortunate to find such a man and helped me open my eyes and face my fears of the unknown.