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Posted by Xavier Ortega | January 30, 2010 5


Brent Holland from Night Fright Radio will be interviewing the GhostTheory crew on
Wednesday February 3, 2010. We are thrilled!

Check out Night Fright’s website for more information.

Night Fright is the number one Canadian based radio show of its genre and is syndicated across Canada.
Guests have included:

* George Noory (host Coast To Coast)
* Dr. Michael Stone (host of Discovery Channel’s Most Evil: serial killers)
* Stan Romanek (Alien abductee; Larry King, Letterman, etc.)
* Kevin J. Anderson (Dune book series)
* Jim Marrs (Oliver Stone’s JFK based on book Crossfire)
* Dr Robert McClelland (emergency room doctor who worked on JFK)
* Stanton Friedman (Larry King, Coast To Coast, etc. Canadian)
* Robert Gleason (Apocalypse 2012)
* Abraham Bolden (1st African American Secret Service agent handpicked by JFK)
* John Robert Colombo (Order of Canada winner, Haunted Canada series)
* Jim DiEugenio (consultant to Oliver Stone’s JFK)
* Tom Lipscomb (Pulitzer nominee, Ché Guevara’s Diaries)
* John Hogue (Nostradamus foremost authority; Discovery, History, TLC, etc.)
* Peter AyKroyd (Dan Aykroyd’s father & Ghostbusters / Psi-Factor)
* Don Ledger (Canada’s Roswell: Shag Harbour)
* Canada’s Most Haunted TV Show
* Peter Dale Scott (Canadian JFK Conspiracy research legend)

Tune in to listen to Joe, Gary and myself talk about everything and anything paranormal.
Or about how to increase your bust size, hook that man of your dreams and tips on Ballroom dancing… no wait…Paranormal…we’re sticking to things paranormal.

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