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Headline news in the Crypto community today was buzzing with controversy of the alleged “Thermal footage of Bigfoot” that was captured in North Carolina. Showing what appears to be a large bipedal creature lurking around an abandoned campsite.

Mike Greene, a seasoned Bigfoot researcher was well aware that the strange noises around his campsite could be those of the legendary creature. He quickly setup his thermal camera and pointed it at a tree stump with some bait and left his campsite for about two hours. What the camera captured is said to be the thermal image of Bigfoot.

BFRO’s Matt Moneymaker writes about Mike Greene:

Mike Greene had been pursuing footage of a sasquatch as a hobby, off-and-on for over 20 years. He has a Master’s degree in Behavioral Psychology, is a court-qualified Questioned Documents Examiner ( forgery expert). For two decades he was Chief of Welfare and Food Stamp Fraud Investigations for New Jersey. Mike joined the BFRO in 2005 and attended 16 BFRO expeditions in different parts of the US and Canada, incuding the yearly expeditions in North Carolina, for which he was eventually asked to serve as the official organizer.

On numerous occassions, at a particular location in North Carolina, various expedition participants described seeing an inquisitive sasquatch circle their camp just beyond the illumination of their campfire. Many of those sightings happened within 200 feet of the spot where the Squeaky footage was obtained. Various attempts were made to photograph this sasquatch using trail cameras, with no success. The trail cameras were, out of necessity, strapped to the sides of nearby tree trunks. They were conspicuous from a distance. The stump altar would be raided when there were no trail cameras on the nearby trees, but was not raided when trail cameras were present.

Not every trail cam approach was tested there (such as camouflaging the cameras on the ground) before Greene switched to thermal equipment from a greater distance. He switched to this different strategy after his first minor success there: His own observation of a sasquatch there in 2007, while using a thermal viewer (Ratheon PalmIR 250).

Mike’s 2007 observation was not recorded. Why? The thermal is a separate device from the recorder. The recorder was turned off to save its limited memory (256mb SD card), a mistake Mike vows never to repeat. The sasquatch left the scene in the time it took Mike to fumble in the dark to power up the recorder and put it in Record mode. Other people were present on that occasion. All of them, including Mike, were sitting at the same picnic table talking among each other, recreating the many prior scenarios when the sasquatch was said to have circled and watched people there from the safety of the surrounding woods.

Here is Mike Greene’s thermal recreation video for comparison purposes:

What can we make of this video?

I would really like to see the whole video, but it will not be available to the public until a few weeks. Mike Greene is selling the full video for $3.00, although a cheap price, I still find it ethically wrong to try and sell evidence in such manner. I mean, if he should publish a book and try to sell it on his site I would not have a problem, but with video as inconclusive as this, we really can’t say that this is a Bigfoot.
For all we know it could be just a peeping-tom trying to get a cheap thrill right? Suddenly I hear banjos off in the distance...

  • jbondo

    Thanks guys!

    I hope the enhanced video brings out even more to speculate about.

  • If anything this is more inconclusive than the typical blurry photos we see as all there you see in the video is a humanoid shaped figure moving around. Who’s to say it’s not just someone wandering around in the woods? Plus the fact that the person is charging a fee for this has me questioning the validity of it.

  • bill green

    hey researchers etc this wonderful informative new article about possible new nc sasquatch filmfootage indeed. but more research enhandsments need to realy done to this film. are sightings or footprints realy common in this forest areas where this creature ie primate was filmed. to be continued.. updates as this definetly continues.. it looks real & authentic but we shall see im not saying hoax yet. thanks bill green connecticut sasquatch researcher please keep me fully informed etc. are footprints sightings quite common in this forests areas 🙂

  • Gary

    Hrmm…the figure seems too human sized to me, which raises the same concerns Michael brought up.

  • Gary

    Maybe I should say sized as much as I should say ‘proportioned’

  • BC

    Yeah, I agree with Michael. Any hair samples, foot prints, etc from the site?

  • Chris

    I was at a BFRO expedition and was shown this footage by some guys that know Mr Green personally….and for a long time. These were men I trust and they all said nothing but the best about Mr Green and his character….this Bigfoot has left much other evidence in this area and was “baited” for a long time in order to get this can see the muscles and “no neck” figure on this thing..these are ultra smart,elusive creatures…..From what I hear Mr Green has put years of his life and around 50K of his own money into research and equiptment….and needs make NO apology for charging a lousy 3$ to see what I and many believe is the REAL deal!!!

  • Gary

    The problem is, is it the real deal?

    No one can attest for Mr. Green’s character personally, so that equation has to be dropped. When you mention you can see the muscles, yes I see physique, which resembles a man. At about the 21 second mark, you can make out a neck, and about 26-27 mark, you get a good look at the physique. This physique is extremely similar to a man. ( ) is good for reference.

    Now I’m not saying it’s a man. The problem is the lack of detail, and even then, that may not be conclusive. Effective evidence is needed, blurry thermals are merely ineffective at this point. Collaborating evidence could help make a case, but I’m betting there is none.

  • jbondo

    Gary, I’m amazed that you can see all that in this low quality thermal. Also, they said a better video is coming public in about 2 weeks. Now I’m not a fan of Moneymaker and I can’t say anything about Mr. Green but I’m willing to wait and see what comes in the next few weeks on this.

    I realize it’s getting harder and harder to keep an open mind with crypto creature alleged evidence but we have to try guys.

  • If there is better video, why wait two weeks to release it? Hell why even release the lesser quality at all? Isn’t the idea to display the best evidence you have? Not to tease people and say there will be better evidence coming along?

    Reminds me of those chuckleheads in Georgia that said they found a Bigfoot carcass and had it in a freezer, but were going to wait until they held a press conference to show it. They just strung people along until they finally had to reveal the truth. I honestly hope this isn’t the same thing.

  • jbondo

    From what I understand they are working with the video to try and get the best quality possible out of it, hence the couple of weeks.

    I just don’t know the absolutes on this nor am I giving it my full support. As I said, we’ll just have to wait and see.

  • Gary

    Wow..umm…my apologies all. I have mistakenly commented on this video but watched the human recreation video. I have no excuses besides the cold I have. Please strike all previous comments by myself…

  • Magic Pumpkin

    The nice thing about this footage is that it’s thermal. About the only way to fake it is to edit a glowing object into the video. But this video shows things that someone faking a thermal image wouldn’t even think to include, like the reflection of heat from nearby surfaces, and ‘cold’ objects (like branches) blocking the heat from the subject. It very nicely rules out a man in a suit, as any clothing would be very obvious.

    The problem with this video is that it’s thermal. People don’t get to ‘see’ a bigfoot. You just get to see a big white thing in the form of a bigfoot. Second, the camera used to image it has a 320×240 pixel format FPA. The resolution was too low, and the gain too high to get any detail, other than a white form.

    As for selling the video… The camera runs a cool $10,000, which Mr. Greene purchased himself. At that price, even $3 a download probably won’t cover the cost of the equipment. I have no idea why he would have even chosen that price. Maybe a lot of people will buy the video, but I doubt he’ll get much more than $1,000, tops. Personally, I would have just let it out, but Mr. Greene made an expensive outlay, and if he wants to recover some costs, I can’t find fault in that.

  • Leigh

    Let me get this straight, is this meant to be thermal footage of bigfoot or of a man acting out what happened in the actual footage supposidly taken by Mr Greene? Because it ain’t no bigfoot in that clip! That is a man and nobody can tell me it isn’t. Please!