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There has been a lot of new “ghost” photographs coming out this year. And I think it’s only going to get worse.

I don’t know if it’s because some people really are desperate to land the next big paranormal reality show, or that maybe ghosts aren’t camera shy anymore. Now, with this new “ghost picture” that is being passed around the internet as the ‘Ghost of Gwrych Castle’, I’m going to be the bearer of bad news, the “wet blanket” or the “rain on someone’s parade” if you will.

Let’s look at the photographs first.


Here we have the original image that shows the “ghostly” young woman peering out the castle’s window.


Now with a zoomed in image we can appreciate the picture in detail. It’s obviously not some light trick or pereidolia effect. This picture is very clear in showing this so-called “ghost” girl. Now this could easily be a misunderstanding. The photographer could have unwillingly photographed the window while a tourist or a staff member was peeking out. That seems like the most logical explanation for this. I doubt that someone might have done this as a hoax. No one would want to trick a “reputable” newspaper just to have their “ghost photograph” printed. That is unless they had an ulterior motive.

From The Sun:

A PALE young woman appears at the window of a ruined castle – in a photo said to show a GHOST.

The spooky snap was taken at a building hailed as one of Britain’s most haunted.
And the shadowy girl appears to be on the first floor, in what used to be a magnificent banquet hall.

The floor in that room crumbled away years ago, meaning there is nothing for a person to stand on.

Company boss Kevin Horkin took the photo at Gwrych Castle in Abergele, North Wales, but only saw the ghostly figure when he downloaded his pictures later.

Kevin, 48, said: “I did feel a presence there. It was a cold day when I visited, but it seemed warm near the building.

“There seems to be a sense of tragedy there.”

Kevin Horkin
Kevin Horkin

Kevin, believes the figure is someone who once lived at the castle. He plans to investigate further with a ghost-hunting team.

The North Wales Paranormal Research Group says many sightings have already been recorded at Gwrych.

The castle, built in 1819, has been derelict since 1985.

Who is “Company boss Kevin Horkin” ?

A quick Google search brings up Kevin Horkin’s website. I don’t really know if this is the same Kevin Horkin, but he looks a lot like the one on The Sun’s PG-Shows-7picture and lives near the area. Apparently Mr. Horkin is a successful business owner from the UK. He owns a and manages an eyeglass company called ‘Spex Opticians’. When asked in an interview about his talents, Mr. Horkin answered:

I’ve been an actor, a reporter, a newspaper columnist. I’ve created and hosted TV shows, worked as an advisor on numerous films, created a national charity and published two books. I’ve used my interest in animals to source any number of strange creatures for TV and the film industry

hmmm……”I’ve created and hosted TV shows“…..

Could it be that maybe this “ghost photograph” capture by Mr. Horkin in one of ‘Britain’s most haunted building’ could be just a hoax created to land a paranormal reality show? Naw…I doubt it. But wait…let’s read Horkin’s other quote from his website:

I set out to make a fortune in cut-price spectacles,
but along the way I discovered something far more exciting….
…the allure of TV, film and the media was irresistable

Could it be a mistake? sure. Maybe Mr. Horkin was visiting the castle and taking pictures of the outside facade. Unknowingly he photographed some unsuspecting young woman looking out the window and without giving it much thought, he assumed it was a ghost and submitted it to the ghost photo hungry newspaper, The Sun. That’s what I really think happened.

Could it be a hoax? sure. It’s also a possibility that Mr. Horkin, with a knack for producing and hosting television shows, could have staged this photo in order to land a deal with a big network for another ghost hunting type of show.

My guess would be that this was all just an honest mistake and that it was blown out of proportion by The Sun like many other ghost photos they’ve received. The photograph to me is one of two things:

1. An unsuspecting woman seen as a ghost
2. A ghost

Given that over the centuries no one has really captured a clear image of a ghost, or at least proven it to be real, I will go with guess number one.

What do you guys think of this?

  • The Rev1953

    I personally feel the girl looks too “modern” to be a 19th century ghost- countess or servant girl, the hair is too informal (women didn’t wear their hair loose like that back then- not even to sleep)and so is the attire. The short sleeved Henley looking top is just too modern to be a part of the type clothing worn back then. And she isn’t corseted or bound in anyway. It just doesn’t fit. I believe the photographer may THINK it is a ghost but I think it is a reflection of a reflection- thus giving it that ghostly appearance- and since I don’t know how the windows are situated, it’s hard to guess but it looks like a 21st century girl to me.

  • Paul james

    There is no glass in the windows so its impossible thats it is a reflection, it’s a fake as Tim said it was debunked in private eye.

  • this is scary 1St time I saw it it freaked me out

  • Simon Futcher aka apple head

    Jack, Grow a pair

  • Hickey the stab fag

    I love this picture as it looks like she is in prison like me

  • nick


  • John from Bootle

    The window is angled backwards, and the Lady is standing up straight, Bad Photoshop if you ask me, I think this guy just wants all the free publicity to get back into TV.

  • Truskaw

    There is no floors at all in this castle. I’ve been there – only walls left – so how somebody could stand there several meters above the ground level??????

  • hi i visited that castle in october 2012 and i have 6 pictures on my camera that show light anomities i took the pictures in the morning and have 4 pictures of a green ball of light moving around the castle and another 2 pictures of a orange light shooting out of a wall

  • Russ

    I did a photoshoot there on Monday and have yet to see a single ghost in my photos 🙂 I also visited 4 years ago before this story broke and can confirm there is no floors in that room.

  • me

    i have spent many hours wandering around the castle as both child and adult and i have never experienced anything remotely paranormal there, and it’s not that i don’t believe either my mind is open

  • anna

    i visit here regularly and people who i was with saw this at the same window…. there cant be anyone in the castle as someone said as there are no floors and its high up !!!