Russian Newspaper Publishes Canadian “Bigfoot” Photo


Randy Brisson, who is known for the supposed “Bigfoot baby” tracks from last year is back making news again. This time, he submitted a photo to the directors of the International Center for Hominology. The photo, claims Randy, shows the face of a Sasquatch peering out through the bushes.

Randy said in his message to the ICH that he and his son did not want to track the creatures becase “when trying to escape, were throwing rocks at them.”

Hmm….. Maybe it’s me, but as a Bigfoot researcher out in the woods, wouldn’t it occur to you to carry a video camera? I mean, Randy said that they were unable to pursue the creatures because of them throwing rocks at them. So my guess is that these rock attacks would have to be coming in a full flurry to stop you from chasing these creatures right? This would have been great evidence. If it was recorded.

So instead, the Russian researchers received a photo of some sort of…ninja…Zapatista looking Bigfoot.


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A Canadian researcher managed to take a picture of the face of the legendary hairy giant – the mascot of the Winter Olympic Games 2010.

Randy Brisson, a well-known Canadian cryptozoologist, shared hot information with his Russian colleagues. The researcher sent a photograph of the North American Bigfoot to Igor Burtsev and Dmitry Bayanov, the directors of the International Center for Hominology. The Canadian took the picture of the creature in Vancouver, the capital of Winter Games 2010.

Brisson assured his Russian colleagues that it was a photo of the legendary Bigfoot, or Sasquatch. The popularity of the mythical creature has won it the honor to become a symbol and a mascot of Winter Olympics in Vancouver. Mr. Brisson’s photo may mean that the mascots ramble somewhere in the woods of the Olympic city.

The Canadian cryptozoologist said that he had seen a Sasquatch peeking out from behind a huge stub in the woods near Pitt Lake. The spot, where the creature was supposedly photographed, is quite far from sports objects.

Randy and his son Ray found big tracks on the snow along a hauling road. The footprints were quite big – it was obvious that they had been left by an adult creature. There were smaller footprints found nearby too.

The toes on the feet of both the adult and the youngster were pathologically angled to one side. The researcher claimed that the creatures were breeding since he had found the footprints of both a parent and a baby.

Mr. Brisson also said in his message to the Russian researchers that he and his son decided not to trace the couple because the creatures, when trying to escape, were throwing rocks at them.

The story may sound very strange, but Burtsev and Bayanov said that they had never exposed the Canadian of any falsifications in their studies of the unknown.

Komsomolskaya Pravda