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This is just bizarre. I really would not think much of news like this one, but the fact that multiple witnesses were saying that they witnessed passengers in a car “…‘disappear’ momentarily at one stage
A car crash on Paris’ M6 motorway has been shrouded in secrecy lately. What appears to be a typical, unfortunate crash, turned into something from the X-Files. Cue in music

Many witnesses say that they saw a bright light emanating from one of the vehicles before crashing and had seen the occupants of one of the vehicles disappear, only to reappear within moments.

Full source: Prlog

M6 Crash Report – Suspected Link to Paris Crash Being Investigated
Details of a recent car crash in Paris are now surfacing after an embargo placed by the authorities on reporting the incident has now been lifted.

PR Log (Press Release) – Mar 08, 2010 – Speculation has been rife about the links between the incident in Paris and the recent crash on the M6 as it is clear that both have some level of unexplained activity and both crashes have been subject to strict reporting guidelines.

Full details are unclear at this time but it is understood that two vehicles were involved in the crash and that it took place near the Eiffel Tower, although the exact location is being kept secret. Parisian traffic police were keen to play down several rumours that have started to circulate amongst those who witnessed the crash surrounding the events that led up to it.

These include alleged witness statements that claim a bright light could be seen emanating from at least one of the vehicles before it collided with the other. In other statements, witnesses walking on the nearby pavement were reported to have seen the occupants of one of the vehicles ‘disappear’ momentarily at one stage.

The Parisian traffic police have denied the validity or existence of the statements and also confirmed that there were four bodies present in the vehicles; two in each. All were male and were said to have been badly burnt in the subsequent fire after the crash.

When questioned about why they won’t name an exact location for the crash, the police have put out a statement saying that ‘we wish to keep the location secure whilst the investigation continues and we are aware that such a location would attract people wanting to speculate on the reasons for the crash. This would jeopardise the integrity of the scene and any evidence that is still to be uncovered’

Further details of the investigation to follow.

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  • BC

    Javier, have you been able to find a reputable source for this- that doesn’t refer to this article? I think anyone can post a story on that site.

  • BC,

    I could not find anything besides this.
    Unfortunately this is what we face in today’s age. Anyone can post their own news and it be disseminated instantly. Still, I threw it out there just in case someone knows more info, or was a witness.


  • GL

    How in the world do you keep the location of a car crash on public streets, including ongoing investigation and witnesses, secret?

  • GL,

    My guess is to suppress all information to the media.
    That is…if this really did happen. 🙂


  • BC

    Well, it’s a cool story regardless.

  • elhombre

    This reminds me of reading about the Philadelphia experiment..

  • jbondo

    Huh! I would speculate that the people that “disappeared” merely ducked as they knew a crash was imminent.

  • The Legend

    Hey, I read about the M6 Incident, but it appear we cannot find the famous ”footage” wich shows possibly 2 persons to appears near the crash scene.

    I looked all over the internet without being able to get my hand on that tape. Do you think you guys could try to get it?

    Thank you.

  • Perhaps they were driving one of the many recalled Toyota cars?

  • Joseph G. Mitzen

    Now you know how to stir up promotion for your forthcoming book… submit a phony press release about a non-existent paranormal event to a website that will publish any press release. 🙂 No doubt this is going to be used as “evidence” for someone’s blog post, story or late-night radio call-in. Some friends of mine faked a radio call-in show more than ten years ago, but they had to go through the trouble of doctoring a scanned newspaper article and faxing it to the radio show to provide “evidence” of their crazy story, which promptly got posted on the show’s website. Someone should monitor Coast 2 Coast over the next few days just in case history’s repeating itself….

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  • KarmicGypsy

    Philadelphia Experiment came to mind for me as well. Or some Montauk Chair thing.

  • Greg

    I heard there was a young woman (24-28 yrs old) hit by a car and died last month (May 2010) in Paris, the suspect while waiting for the convocation from the prefecture flew to his homelad while his wife with two kids stayed in Paris and just sending him money to support him on how he can go back to paris with another name..The suspect was named John John Ortiz , I want to know where to contact the victims family. *