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You know, as a writer of the paranormal I come across a lot of weird and almost impossible stories to believe. Dinosaurs that still roam the earth…flying humanoids reported all over the world and Black Eyed Kids.
No, not kids with a bruised eye, but cases of reported children who approach individuals and ask for random favors or help. These kids are reported to look normal in appearance except for their solid black eyes. No sclera, cornea or iris are visible. Just solid black. The mannerisms that these children show upon encounter are not like any you would observe in children in that age group. Usually witnesses say that these children appear to be in a trance-like state. They can be described as lethargic, catatonic, forceful and even demanding and insistent in getting you to do what they ask.

What makes it worse is the eminent fear that the witnesses report feeling when they encounter these BEKs. Like a rush of fear and anxiety that hits them, most cases that I’ve read about talk about always include the same type of feelings of danger. BEKs cases are harder for people to accept. Most are inclined to accept the possibility of Shadow People over the possibility of BEKs, and who can blame them? It sounds like something out of the pages of “Children of the corn”.

My grandparents once told me a story that might be related to BEKs. It happened back in the 50s in the small town of Autlán, Jalisco Mexico.
The town of Autlán is a rural town, a few hours outside the bustling city of Guadalajara

As the story goes, my grandfather was walking home late one evening. This road he decided to take was a less traveled road. No houses were nearby, no street lamps illuminated the road. Just big tress that aligned the sides of the road were about the only things one could see. Just as my grandfather was coming around a corner and nearing the town, he noticed a young boy sitting on the edge of the road. Surprised to see a young boy out so late in the evening by himself, my grandfather asked him if he was OK. The boy told him that he was too tired to walk and needed to be carried into town. My grandfather thought it was and odd request.
As he stood there, he remembers that this boy would keep asking him to carry him into town.

My feet hurt so much and I can’t take another step‘ he said. ‘Can you carry me on your shoulders?

dark_eyesNot feeling to comfortable with the idea, my grandfather decided to hoist this kid up as opposed to just leaving a possible wounded child in the woods. The kid sat on his shoulders and was silent. Within a couple of yards, my grandfather told us that he had grabbed on to this boy’s feet [natural reaction when you sit a child on your shoulders] and that right away he noticed that this boy’s feet were not normal.

“His toenails were more like talons” my grandfather told us. The toenails that he saw on his feet were inches long and thick. Kind of like claws. Immediately this sense of danger and fear came over my grandfather and he instinctively threw the boy off his shoulders and without looking back, ran the next few hundred yards home. He did not hear the boy make any sound or yells when he threw him off his shoulders, my grandfather knew that he was in danger and acted accordingly.

A few things to note in this story. Both my grandparents told the story in a precise manner. My grandmother can attest to seeing my grandfather come home in a state of panic. He was visibly exhausted from his run and visibly terrified. The same story he told her back in the 50s is the same story he still, to this day tells.

Could this be an encounter with BEKs? Or my grandfather’s overreaction to a boy with bad hygiene? Although nowhere in the story, did my grandfather mentioned anything about the boy’s eyes, I think that since it was dark out, he could not be so sure. What he did know for sure was the terrible feeling that he had once he swung that kids up onto his shoulders.

My buddy Stephen Wagner from posted this interesting BEK story recently:

Full story at:

I’M A MARINE stationed at Camp Lejeune, North Carolina. I live in the infantry barracks off of River Road. I recently had a rather strange encounter with a pair of black-eyed kids.

I live on the third floor of the barracks that have open walkways on the outside and the rooms on the inside. This happened on a weekend back in November, 2009. It was a weekend, so almost every Marine was out, either home, drinking or sleeping; only a handful were left in the barracks awake. I’d stayed in that weekend because I was broke and had no money to go out.

I was watching a movie when I heard a knock at my door. Figuring it was my roommate who’d lost his key again, I went and opened it. Instead of a drunken roommate, I found two little kids standing on the walkway – only these kids freaked the hell out of me. I don’t know what it was about them, but as a Marine we’re always told to listen to that little voice in your head, because it just might save your life from an IED (improvised explosive device). Right then that voice was screaming at me to shut the door and lock it.


There was also the fact that these kids had absolutely pitch-black eyes. I mean no white or any other color to them whatsoever – just black. But I pushed those things aside and asked them what they were doing there so late. They responded by saying that it was really cold out and they wanted to come in and read. I was confused as hell, because I’ve never met a kid that wants to read. Also, there was no mention of any parents or anything else you’d expect a lost couple of kids to say.

I couldn’t take my eyes of their pitch-black eyes; it was like they were sucking me in. I felt horrible and was suddenly frightened for my life, like I needed to immediately take cover. They just stared at me, with those goddam eyes.

I took a quick look up and down the walkway to see if any other Marines were out, but there was nobody in site. I turned back to the kids who I noticed had taken a step forward toward me. I got the feeling like I was being hunted, like these kids where predators and out for their next meal or something. Instinct gave way to reason and I decided to listen to that voice and shut the door and locked it.

I heard soft constant knocking for the next five minutes before I heard my window rattle and then nothing. I went down to the officer on duty the next morning and asked him about it and he said he hadn’t heard of or seen any kids in the area at all, and dismissed it saying that I’d probably had too much to drink last night. Only I hadn’t been drinking at all or anything like that that night. I don’t know what or who those kids were, but I doubt any of the families here would let their kids wander around at night on a military base.

Let us also not forget Jason Offutt’s extraordinary blog “From the Shadows“, in which he writes about BEK encounters and Shadow People in a very terrifying manner.

Listen to Jason Offutt’s interview and his stories of the BEK cases he has reviewed:

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    I like a mystery as much as the next guy. There are inexplicable events that do occur and must have an explanation, that is why I frequent sites like yours. I don’t start my rants about religion unless religion is brought up. In this case by a previous poster. I am content to let people have their views on this subject and refrain from expressing my own until the issue is broached. I like facts and some shred of credible objectivity before I invest much credence into a subject. If a subject represented on this site is presented as fact, then let’s see some evidence. If it is just innuendo or story telling let me know before hand. If I were to seek out a physician to treat a brain tumor and he commenced to chanting incantations over me I would hastily exit and seek out another physician. There is science and there is mysticism. Citing mysticism as evidence is a non-starter for me.
    I come across as harsh on the internet but I don’t want anybody to misconstrue my message. I see there is a christian sect in California that believes that the resurrection is going to happen next May. I will keep my eyes on the news and if the resurrection in fact occurs I will eat humble pie in front of everyone and throw myself down in supplication to Jesus. In the meantime I will try to stir a little sugar into my opinions so they are more easily digested by those who might not share them.

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  • sean

    some kids have natural dark eyes,so not every kid that knocks on your door will be a must be carefull and not floor some kid cos you think they are a bek,if they look to come in you can leave them at the door step and you can go back in side your house and they wont follow you back in,bring back out a mirror and see if they cast a reflects their image.

  • chris

    I wonder if BEK’s may be children under the influence of shadow people… just an idea

  • Vicky

    This is so interesting. I think the story ends when the person seeks entry because the survivors never know what would have happened had they complied.

    We can’t know everything. There are things outside of earthly explanations.

  • Shanon Sinn


    I would look into the Sidhe. This is not a new encounter by any means, but has been documented by people that many would like to dismiss as “touched” or unevolved for a very long time. The stories exist in many areas of the world but the Sidhe are more recently spoken of in history by a large body of people. Your grandfather’s story is a classic encounter. One can have any theory that they like about the BEKs but anyone who has a serious interest should at least take a look into encounters with beings “with eyes as black as coal” that stretches back in time a very long way. In these stories the sidhe would also invite the traveler in, and it was considered bad to accept food, shelter or drink. Many stories suggest that they had to be invited into a home as well. They were not always evil but required extreme caution. I just thought I would pass this along as it seems a point that is not brought up often.
    Thanks for sharing the story 🙂

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    I think all of you are insane, or you have no life and living with mom and dad is so boring you like to make up stupid stories. For real its time to grow up, and get a job, for crying out loud your 30 going on 40 it is time to move out and move on.

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    So you believe in the paranormal as long as it fits with YOUR views? Moron.

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    I am a fervent studier of ancient Irish myths and culture, and a habitual reader of other ancient Celt myths as well. I honestly do not believe that any of the Sidhe I’m aware of would manifest themselves as mostly male children with black eyes-the Morrigan might show up as a black-eyed lady (and THAT is a stretch) but certainly not a male, as she’s very female-oriented. Perhaps Formorii/Formorians might-maybe children of Balor, should you think he had any-but then again, weren’t they all banished into the deepest depths of the sea or otherwise banished? No, this is more like a classic urban legend. (Plus, why would Irish/Celt gods or their “fae” descendents-read: demoted gods-show up mostly in the Northeastern USA, or in Mexico?)

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    hey, first of all i would like to salute you for this great article, lovely piece, indeed.. [i’m definately startin’ to follow your site] it’s just a shame that the vids were removed..

    secondly.. i’ve always been interested by the paranormal to, the ‘twilight zone’, and since a few years ago i started to develop a huge interest for BEKS. never had an encounter ‘tho..

    keep writin those reports. interzone greets you. interzone takes care of its own.

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    Welcome to GT! I’m glad you are finding interest here. We do have several more BEK articles (one from just last week) as well as some on The Hat Man and/or Shadow People phenomena.

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    This is the first time I’ve ever heard of these black eyed children. These stories are really creepy 🙁 was your grandfather the type to over react to something? I would of freaked too.

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    There is more to it than just what is here.

    We try to stay out of things as much as possible until tensions build to a point that we feel is not conducive to constructive dialog.

    While it may seem that Javier is being unfair to Sloinker, there are limits and this is not an isolated nor the most extreme of incidents.

    Yes, everyone is entitled to an opinion no matter their beliefs. You just happen to come along after the storm and caught just a small part of it. Religion is just one of many subjects involved.

    Sloinker has since left us on his own accord. I wasn’t happy to see him go under the circumstances he did and he is welcome to return.

    Sloinker brought an edge to GT that both Javier and myself appreciated (most of the time).

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