Irish Poltergeist: Family Flee Home

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An Irish family claim to be tormented by paranormal activity. The house is located in Hollyhill (Cork’s northside) and has quickly become the focal point for poltergeist related phenomena.

The family has fled their home and claimed that pictures are being thrown about, orbs are appearing throughout the house and horrifying screams are heard through the night. The last straw was when their son was thrown from his bed by unseen forces.

Locals in the area don’t believe that their home is haunted and think something afoul is amidst. According to neighbors, nothing of the paranormal nature was ever reported in that house by previous occupants.

Although no one else reported prior paranormal activity, does can be a clear case of poltergeist phenomena focused on the family’s son (given that he is young in age).

Full source: Belfast Telegraph

A excorcism will be performed on a council house in the Republic of Ireland tonight, amid claims that it is haunted.

The occupants of the house at Hollyhill on Cork’s northside have fled, saying it is occupied by an evil spirit that is determined to keep them out.

Laura Burke, her partner Ritchie and her son Kyle are terrified to remain after a spate of bizarre occurrences over recent weeks.

The young couple moved into the house last August.

Today, special prayers will be said at the house to placate the spirit and a ‘New Age’ shaman (spirit worker) will perform an exorcism.

Laura said holy pictures were routinely being knocked from the wall, screams were heard in the dead of night and their son was flung from his bed.

The family received their greatest shock when they spotted what they described as “glowing orbs” hovering in mid-air in certain rooms in the house.

“It’s an evil spirit — I don’t believe it means us well,” said Laura.

“We tried saying prayers in the house and the next thing all you hear is banging furniture upstairs or clothes being fired out of wardrobes.”

Clairvoyant John O’Reilly was invited to inspect the house. He said he immediately felt “a presence”, adding: “There is someone here — someone who is very angry.

“I get (a feeling) of a younger man who would have hung himself.”

However, locals remain dubious about the haunting claims and said nobody recalls previous incidents at the house or any tragedy fitting the descriptions being cited.

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