MonsterQuest: ‘Gable Film’ Mystery Solved

Posted by Xavier Ortega | March 25, 2010 63

“Aaron Gable” inside the famous Ford Truck, wearing the thick glasses that would later appear in GF2.

“Aaron Gable” inside the famous Ford Truck, wearing the thick glasses that would later appear in GF2.

As many of you are aware, MonsterQuest aired the final episode of the series last night and it went out as strong as it first started.

MonsterQuest’s final episode was a continuation into the “American Werewolf” mystery. Focusing greatly on the infamous “Gable film” that we have extensively covered here on GhostTheory. So let’s get crackin’ and discuss the show and its findings.

First and foremost we talk about the “Gable film”. In a surprising turn of events, the MonsterQuest team managed to put a silver bullet into the “Gable film” mystery and not end their show with open-ended questions like they mostly do. But how much of the mystery did the MonsterQuest team actually solve?. To my surprise someone actually came forward and admitted to hoaxing the whole film. Weeks before MonsterQuest even start filming their final episode!

Mike, the man who created the film and who went by the pseudonym “QuinlanOUR12” on YouTube, went to extreme measures to create this film as a homage to Steve Cook’s “The legend” song/story. Everything in the film was faked. All for the purpose of creating a “Werewolf mystery film”. Snowmobiles, a truck, Ghillie suit, fake guts and blood and even an old 8mm ghillie_suit_jacket_pantsfilm camera was used to stage this. With Mike wearing the Ghillie suit and getting on all fours and faking this animal-like movement, he successfully manage to scare and convince many that there is a werewolf roaming around Michigan. I can honestly say that no matter if the film was a fake, it still creeps me out.

The “teeth shot,” accomplished with a Halloween mask and stop-motion animation. Note the Ghillie suit webbing.

The “teeth shot,” accomplished with a Halloween mask and stop-motion animation. Note the Ghillie suit webbing.

So where are we left at now?

I have to admit, I was perplexed at what I was seeing in the “Gable film”. It looked so natural mimicking a quadruped’s movements. In my mind, I was almost sure that this film was a bear attack caught on film. Especially when part 2 of the film came out. It was hoax to such extreme where they had used an old Michigan Police cruiser to fake some of the footage.



So with all this, the film’s creators go on to say on the website the following:

I assumed after revealing the true source of the film to Monster Quest, the producers would move on to some other creature. Wrong again. They were more excited than ever to produce the show. They felt the story was so compelling they made it their season finale. Do you get what that means? Monster Quest, and everyone involved knew the Gable film was fake weeks before  production began. The entire episode was scripted and staged to look like they exposed it. More stagecraft, designed for entertainment and profit.

This is a sad, sad revelation.

What are we to think of MonsterQuest and shows alike? Well we really can’t put any fault on MonsterQuest for doing what they did. Of course it’s a television show, therefore ratings and cliffhangers are a must. The fact that they knew about this weeks before production does not really matter. It is not up to the show to inform the public with up-to-the-minute reports. The problem lies with Mike, the person who create the film.

Although this was just a project to add to the lore of the “Michigan Dogman” I think this whole fiasco brings all of cryptozoology and the paranormal into a different perspective for skeptics and believers alike. What are we to think of convincing UFO footage from now on? What should we say about a convincing image of a ghost?

or dare I say: “What about the Patterson-Gimlin Bigfoot film” ? Is this film just another “Gable film” that has not yet run its course?

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  • Don Coyote®

    You’re very much welcome, “unamused”….. I’m glad you enjoyed the ride….

    …..But rude behavior as a result of rude behavior just makes it appear that EVERYONE is being rude.

    Can’t we all just get along?

    How about this,………

    Can anyone recall the last time you experienced amnesia, … and how long did it last?


  • McGyver

    The only thing that I keep coming back to over and over again is this.
    There are alot of people that are on a personal quest to find the answers to these “mysteries”. They spend thier own time and money to do this. There are also individuals that come up with these “pranks” as they call them with only the purpose of deception because they don’t want anyone to investigate such things because they don’t believe in it. So the only way to do that is to throw out a few well made “pranks” so that if someone even comes close to saying that it might be real, out they jump saying “Ha ha, we fooled you. You all must be stupid to believe in this”
    No it’s not against the law, but it should be. I think that people like that should be responsible for what they do. I think MonsterQuest ought to get the money they spent or at least thier sponsors or the network should try to get thier money back. You might have made the movie for (10 year olds around a campfire) but it got away from you? That the worst hoax yet, your excuse.


    mr. dan, thank you for teaching us the art of a fine hoax. i just saw your video for the first time and with no prior knowledge of the hoax. my first impression was similar to someothers, a large game attack most likely. i feel its only appropriate that people create hoaxes. we as a community NEED to step back and stop being so eager to bieleve whatever is laid in front of us and remember to be more critical of the evidence. any talk of lawsuits is nothing short of absurd comments from sore losers. people who cant deal with the fact that theyve been played. you ran your hoax for the perfect amount of time and you chose not to let it get out of hand, which is the most respectibile aspect of the whole game. yet again thank you for allowing us to laugh at our selves. and to all the sore losers out there, get over it!


    *mr. don, sorry typing this on my cellphone telephone

  • marvLS

    Mr. Ortega raises an interesting question. What are we to think when confronted with seemingly convincing evidence? The answer is in the question: we should think.

    I’m a believer. I believe in God and Jesus and all that. But, despite what the skeptics say, it’s not a blind faith. I went through much searching, theological and scientific, to arrive at my belief system.

    When it comes to cryptozoology, I believe there are many rare creatures that have either been ignored by “science” because they don’t fit into the currently accepted atheistic/evolutionist viewpoint, or are so rare that they haven’t been documented.

    When it comes to “paranormal” – I remain quite skeptical, but I don’t rule anything out completely. I haven’t done much research, but I am beginning to think that other than complete hoaxes, much of the UFO and other “paranormal” phenomena are demonic in nature.

    If you look into the background of the people involved in UFO sightings, alien encounters, etc. many times you will find ties to witchcraft and the occult.

    Back to the Gable Film. When I first saw it I thought it could be authentic; perhaps an unknown species, made the attack. But then I started to think: Where is the physical evidence? Could a film like that be faked? Where is the third-party corroboration? Why would someone fake it? Why haven’t I heard of this before?

    If we apply a little critical thinking and common sense we’ll probably lean to the skeptic side. But we shouldn’t dismiss things just because other things have been faked. There have been many hoaxes, but that doesn’t prove there aren’t real phenomena which have given rise to the stories.

    We should also be careful not to accept the “current wisdom” on “science” either. Many so-called “scientific facts” have been debunked and discredited after further research. If it’s a search for knowledge we’re after, the search must go on constantly.

    Just my humble opinion….

  • Hucksterfoot


    When it comes to cryptozoology, I believe there are many rare creatures that have either been ignored by “science” because they don’t fit into the currently accepted atheistic/evolutionist viewpoint, or are so rare that they haven’t been documented.

    I would like to hear you expand your ideas/thoughts about the accepted atheistic/evolutionist viewpoint.

    Also – How science could possibly dismiss a creature/or anything (that if) verified by solid data to support its existence – Like fossils records, a specimen, tissue samples, any sound unambiguous peer reviewed evidence. :]

  • Eko Eko Azarak

    @marvLS: I am a skeptic when it comes to the divine and the paranormal, yet I also believe in many paranormal/supernatural events (that is, while I believe they happen, I also believe that they should be taken with a grain of salt in order to find the truth).
    Many people assume that religious/spiritual faith and belief in the paranormal are interlinked; they are not, however. One may believe in ghosts, cryptids, and other such phenomena, yet not believe in a deity, just as someone might believe in God, yet reject the existence of the supernatural.
    This concept can be referred to as, “if God, then aliens” — that is, that if one believes in a divine spiritual force, one automatically believes in other otherworldly concepts. This is not true, as I’ve stated above.
    Being an atheist merely means that you do not believe in the existence of deities; it does not make any claims (on a broad level) regarding spirits, ghosts, etc. Also, the theory of evolution does not make one blind to the supernatural or paranormal, although some atheists/skeptics/humanists may fit the bill.
    I’m not trying to attack you or anything; I hope you don’t think that. I just wanted to tell you that, while skepticism and cryptozoology/paranormal activity/etc. may seem like polar opposites, they are not. It all depends on how you apply your skepticism (I, for example, am pretty sure I’ve seen two ghosts in my lifetime, yet I’m not a religious/overtly spiritual person).

  • Bill

    I realize I’m a little late to this party, and furthermore that this board isn’t about seat belts, but given Don Coyote’s god-like position to many commentors, I felt the need to point out that far more lives have been saved through the use of automotive seat belts, than without. Besides that, they’re the law in the US, like driving on the right, use of headlights, etc. Don may not like them, but it’s illegal (and dumb IMO) to NOT use them in this country.

  • Ohithorphtu

    The Gable Film is very real.

  • Mcubby

    Didn’t you read the article? Someone came forward and it was all faked.

  • That scared the hell out of me for a second. It was acted out very good. But who in their damn mind would go and investegate an animal that they had no clue what is was, even if it were fake.



  • SuprNatWarrior

    The films are real. MQ is fake. Major cover up because science can’t explain it.
    No one wants to confront what they cannot explain rationally. Just remember nothing is as it seems…..nothing

  • zabo

    I’m surprised that no-one picked up on the dog mask. With the netting and the fact the mouth didn’t open and close. There’s a few dog-man legends out there. If it ain’t bigfoot then I don’t want no part of it! Sassy is the one and only true woods boogie man for me.

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