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Chinese lanterns or UFOs?

A family from the UK claims that these orange orbs moved through the sky in a “motoring” way.

Chinese lanterns have been reported last month in the area, similar in glow. Could these bright orange orbs be just that? Chinese lanterns?

Full source: PenarthTimes

FIVE mysterious orange lights spotted in the sky by a Sully family have become the latest potential UFO sighting in the Vale of Glamorgan.

The Richards family saw three of the bright lights in a triangular formation above their Oyster Bend home on Wednesday (March 24) at around 8.30pm.

The quick-thinking family recorded a video of the moving lights and have posted the results on video sharing website, You Tube.

Christine Richards said: “My daughter saw the first light, then there were four more.

“It was very unusual because there wasn’t any noise coming from them and they looked to be in a triangular formation.

“At first I thought it could be an air balloon but whatever it was, it was motoring, not floating around.

“We’re used to planes flying over our bungalow but this was very different,” she added.

“These looked like a ship or craft.”

Lights that were spotted in Barry last month were said to be from Chinese Lanterns.

The paper lanterns, which are lit up by a candle and drift on the wind, give a glow depending on the colour of the paper shade.

Many of them are red-orange, the same colour of the glow that UFO spotters have reported. Barry Island Coastguard member Dave Ball said: “These lanterns are becoming more common and are a cause for concern around the coast of the country.

“They should not be flown around here as there is a warning on the packet not to fly within five miles of an airport.

“The light lasts for approximately 20 minutes, and light up the inside of the lantern, giving an orange-red glow.”

  • I lived near Fort Sill, outside of Lawton, Oklahoma back in the early eighties. This base was famous for it’s artillery training, even at night. At night, they would drop flares from aircraft for illumination, and I used to see them constantly, night in, night out. Based on this, I do not believe the Phoenix Lights were flares, but also based on that same series of observations, I DO believe these are just those Asian wedding laterns drifting about.

    Just my OPINION now!

    Jason Crocker

  • jbondo

    I’ve never given too much thought to indiscriminate lights in the night sky. The ones in the daytime are tough enough to deal with. Dots of light can be almost anything.

    And that’s JMO.

  • Andy

    I live in burntwood uk, I didnt believe in ufos until I saw 2 over shenstone area, they went over the car I was a passenger in real slow, we were both freaked out bout it but never really told anyone until the next day when it was in the local paper that there had been many witness describing exactly what we saw the same ngt and area.

  • Andy, do you remember the date?

  • Lanterns, it’s the UK lol Dang I wish they would get around to outlawing them over there. They are working on it but it’s slow going.

    And, just a reminder, a simple reminder. Any three objects automatically form a triangle.

  • jbondo

    What exactly did you see Andy? How close?

  • Heather

    I live in a place called Mumbles (Swansea) and was driving home late one night along the Carmarthen Road – I pulled over when I saw what I presumed to be Chinese Lanterns. They didn’t look like the lanterns I have seen around the bay. These seemed to go in all directions and at different speeds, some came back while others disappeared totally.

    I have a level head and always try hard to find a logical explanation.

  • Valkyrie

    I can’t believe Nobbles/Nobbles the Stunfisk hasn’t commented on this yet. “They’re not Chinese lanterns they’re… oh wait…”

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    I say a X-Wing Fighter with a faulty R2 unit. By the way, hello jen, val, javier and gang. I felt chipper for a second, hence the ‘hello’.

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