“Goblin” Blamed For Attacks On Boy


Although the idea of goblins existing and attacking people is highly unlikely, these types of reports are the ones that send me chills.

The Sunday Mail Reporter (Zimbabwe) posted a story about a young boy who is said to have been under physical attacks by an unseen entity. A goblin.

The goblin was said to physically attack the boy and torment him during class. At times, the boy was said (by his parents) to glow right after the fight with the so-called goblin. The authorities stepped in and took the boy to have a psychological evaluation and then in turn, handed the matters to local priests.  No word on what the psychological evaluation found.

Goblins, duendes, fairies…elves.  Whatever you call them, these stories are especially creepy.

Remember the Zaragoza duende story ?

Full source: Sunday Mail Reporter

‘Goblin’ attacks schoolboy

Sunday Mail Reporter

A THIRTEEN-YEAR-OLD Visitation Makumbe High schoolboy cut short his studies in February after he was afflicted by a strange condition that causes him to physically fight an invisible “monster”.

Confirming the boy’s condition, Visitation Makumbe High School resident priest Father Barnabas Mukumba last week said the boy initially complained of stomach pains that were followed by bouts of unconsciousness.
The Form One student was described as intelligent and scored four units in last year’s Grade Seven national examinations.
The school authorities believe that the invisible “monster” could be a “goblin”.

Although the school authorities could not confirm it, the boy’s parents say their child experienced a “transfiguration” on February 10, the night before a major fight with the invisible opponent caused his body to glow.
“The boy would complain of stomach pains that would end in him being unconsciousness. At times he would be taunted by the invisible monster which would force him to scream and use his hands to fight it.
“One could actually see the boy simulating a fight with something or someone we could not see.

“On the first occasion, the boy claimed to have seen a short-bearded man wearing a black cloak. During his initial contact with the invisible creature, he would scream and try to ward off the invisible attacker and we later taught him to pray as a way to fight it off,” said Fr Mukumba.
He said the school authorities initially tried to assist him through psychological counselling until they eventually handed over the matter to the priests for spiritual guidance.
“Together with other priests we took him through spiritual counselling and discernment. I initially suspected the boy was playing tricks so that he could go home and be with his family.

“After further probing we realised the problems were greater than what we had anticipated. We later invited the parents and they then asked us to assist him through prayer and use of holy water,” said Fr Mukumba.
The boy would experience relief after prayers and on realising this, the school authorities arranged for him to stay with the priests.

“On one occasion he screamed during lesson time and said a short old man was trying to forcefully take his pen away. He struggled with his invisible tormentor for some time until he became unconscious.
“He is an intelligent young boy who achieved four units at Grade Seven,” said the deputy school head.

The boy’s father (name withheld to protect the minor’s identity) told The Sunday Mail from his Chitungwiza home that he believed his son had spiritual powers that enabled him to fight goblins.
“The boy is gifted spiritually and that enables him to fight evil spirits. There were numerous reports from his school and we asked the priests to assist him.

“They have been praying for him until February when we decided to withdraw him from school because he was attracting unnecessary attention from the other pupils,” said the boy’s father.