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I’m the kind of person that still gets the chills when I come across the image of Linda Blair as the demon-possessed child in The Exorcist.  I’m sure that I’m not the only adult that still feels that way. Even when I visit a cemetery I’m looking behind my back for some guy in a suit, gawkily roaming around…with his arms extended out in front of him. Maybe moaning, maybe not.

There are some images that I think are even more creepier than that of a demon-possessed child or zombie. Family & old school portraits. No, seriously.  There are those portraits that are cute and good looking, then there are those that make absolutely no sense. As if David Lynch or the Brothers Quay were responsible for taking those shots.

So with that in mind, I present to you the most creepiest, incomprehensible and retro portraits that have ever been taken!


  • Shankers

    Sepia photo of the family near the bottom in the middle is astonishingly creepy. It looks normal for a second or so, then the horrors appear one by one. What is the matter with them?

  • Andrew Jones

    Are these pictures public domain? I am interested in using a couple for album artwork. If they are not do I have permission of use if acknowledged in credits?

  • Stephen

    Some very quaint, amusing and interesting stuff here. But hardly spooky. Did see a neat old “parlor ghost” one. And and interesting double exposure.

  • Javier,

    I was wondering, could I use one or two of these pictures on my blog? Thanks.

    David Krabs

  • Now that’s what I’m talking about! I just love these sort of things – Eerie is the keyword. Not gross, not necessarily scary or gloomy, but eerie. I love eerie. That picture of the guy crawling with a mask on his head, it really reminds me of Edward Gorey’s art.

  • Wow! I bet the kids in some of those pictures were having nightmares later. Those images are weirdly fascinating though…

  • Real person

    I don’t get it. These are no different than many people will have of stilted, stiff, posed family photos. Many are simply of Halloweens past with the participants masked and dressed for the event. What do you actually feel is the big deal? If these photos are not understandable to you, or you think them too weird, ask you family if you can post some of their oldest photos. Especially, ask your great grandmother, she will have some that match these and I bet she thinks each one were just people having fun…. and she will be correct.

    Get off it. You are actually thinking a bit to standardized, too tightened by some social fears of being just a bit different. Did you know that it is the highly intelligent who are usually the one to act the weirdest? Know why? Because they are not afraid of society. They don’t fit into societies preciously guarded book of absolutes because they can understand that it is a bit silly.

  • Fantastic. Great site. Will be back!

  • KrissieindaD

    some of them are really bizarre… some are just creepy.. the evil easter bunny with the green eyes was really freaky lookin’….

  • Spooky

    Okay, that picture with the “Man(?)” hanging from the ceiling really freaks me out!

  • Anon

    The picture of the men surrounding the car in the black robes is from “American Movie”

  • photomastah

    at least one of those is an Arbus.

  • RealPerson is an idiot.

  • Solomon Terra

    Is it my imagination, or is the kid on Mr. Bunny’s lap wearing a yarmulke? I know Jews don’t celebrate “Easter”, per se, but I didn’t realize the Easter Bunny was compatible with Jewish takes on the season.

    Creepy pics, but then pics in general are just creepy. People being perfectly still, people you know are dead looking just as bright and rosy and cheerful as ever – or people who don’t know about their future what you, the picture-viewer, do when you’re looking at it years later…

    I think we can get freaked out by almost anything if we look at it the… ummm… “right” way, I guess you’d say. 😉

    Oh, and Thoth Amon – Rodger that, Houston! 😉

  • Krezz

    Wow! I’d really like to know the stories behind #12 & #23. Yipes.