Ghost Photo: Can You Identify The Location?

ghost from claire

Alright gang. Time to put your thinking caps on.

I received an email from a couple who are in possession of a strange photograph. The photograph purportedly shows some type of anomaly (or do I dare say ghost?).  They did not take the photograph, but was given to them by a friend who works in a photo lab. The friend had come across this photo and thought it was a bit odd. So she copied it and showed it to them.


Recently my girlfriend was given a photograph of what appears to be a ghost in what looks like a National Trust garden. Her friend used to work in a photo processing department and she made a copy, so even she doesn’t know its origins.

I’m giving it to you to put on your website so we can find out where the place is; we’ve tried to look on the internet using a few of the clues in the photo (the cherub statue, the begonias, the date in the bottom right). Your site is one of our favourites and the people who visit it seem sensible.


M.H. & C.G.

I do see something odd in the middle of the photo. I think it could either be pareidolia or just a dirty lens. I say pareidolia because I think it might be a trick of light with the grass discoloration and the shrubbery. Maybe not. Maybe it’s some spirit. That’s not the question though.

The question is: where was this photo taken?

If any of you might have a clue as to where the location of this photo might be, please drop us a line.