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Werewolves. Like them or not, there are strange reports coming from all over the U.S. about some “Bipedal Canine Cryptids” running about.

I’m not saying that these creatures of myth exist but what I am saying is that people all over are witnessing some type of mutated dog/wolf hybrid. This is the basis to all of Linda Godfrey’s books.
I’ve been lucky enough to have talked with Linda Godfrey on & off for the past few years. I’ve read her book on the “Dogman” and I got to tell you guys, these reports that are compiled in the book really get your mind going.

I don’t believe that werewolves could exist (biologically impossible), but nonetheless the stories are fascinating to read. The website “BinnallOfAmerica” has this lengthy interview with Linda Godfrey. Listen to it below.

Source: BinnallOfAmerica

Acclaimed cryptozoologist Linda Godfrey joins us for a discussion about the phenomenon of Bipedal Canine Cryptids (aka “Dogman”). We’ll cover the recent “Gable Film” hoax which was revealed on a recent edition of MonsterQuest and Linda will detail the entire Gable saga as it unfolded. We’ll then cover the “Dogman” enigma from a variety of angles, including how Linda first began investigating the phenomenon, the response of the cryptozoology community to her research, the typical descriptions of the Bipedal Canine Cryptids and how they differ from bears as well as “classic” werewolf descriptions, the connections between the Dogman and water as well as Native American burial mounds, problems with proving the BCC’s existence, and tons more material related to the mysterious Bipedal Canine Cryptids.

If you haven’t read any of her books, I suggest you start with this one:

  • Esther

    My goodness Javier, you put up some really awesome stuff on your website, Linda Godfrey is a classy lady, I have been on her group for years. Thank you for putting this interview up hon, I appreciate this and ALL that you post on your great site.

  • Esther,


    I’ve been following her work and I think she’s a great journalist and writer. Very methodical on her skepticism.


  • Truthseeker

    I new to this site and very interested in this sort of thing,especially werewolves.I looked at Who Shot The Gable Film and was wondering does anyone know where to find a better verion.

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  • Truthseeker

    Thanks,and I think your right. It’s jerks like that that make it so much harder, especially for the people that might have clues or even answers.But it is just another example of what I like to call the “Cry Wolf Syndrome”.