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You know that scene in the movie Poltergeist in which the family dog is barking at a spot in the wall during the middle of the night? It’s a very poignant scene. The writers and directors use it to set the stage up so that the audience knows that there is something wrong with the house.

Well last night I went through something similar and it really unnerved me.

poltergeistIt was about 1:38 am and my girlfriend and I were sound asleep. The blinds were all closed, blocking the city lights and creating a very dark atmosphere. The only light was from our DVR’s blue LED glow. It illuminates our couch and rug in the living room just enough so that you don’t stub your little toe on the leg of the couch when clumsily walking around in the middle of the night.

Everything was dark, quiet and cozy. Then I hear this low sounding growl. At first I thought I was dreaming. I opened my eyes and didn’t hear it at that moment so I closed them again and tried to fall back to sleep. Then I hear it again. This time I sat up in bed and looked around. Illuminated by the blue LED glow, my dog was sitting there, staring at the entertainment center’s glass pane. I’ve caught her doing it once or twice before during the daytime. I know it’s not her reflection that she is growling at since she does not growl at any other reflection of herself throughout the place. Not even her own reflection in the mirror.

So I sat up and was looking at my dog. She’s sitting straight up, eyes focused on the glass pane and just growling. It was a low sounding guttural growl. She did not move nor pace around. So I get out of bed and walk over to her and ask her what’s the matter. As if I broke her concentration or something, she snaps out of it and looks up at me and walks over and sits by my feet. Again, staring at the glass pane and growling. So I tell her to get in her bed which is next to our bed. She hesitates at first, but after I repeat myself she follows me into the bedroom, except she doesn’t get in her bed. She lays in front of our bed (the the left side a little) and continues to stare into the dark living room and do that low sounding growl.

Now I know my dog fairly well. I know her quirks, her OCD issues and her ‘personality’. She only growls this way when she feels that there is a threat on her domain or her family. It’s her “I’m about to bite you, so back the fuck off” type of growl.

What was unnerving to me was that fact that she kept doing that growl and staring off into the living room. I myself didn’t “feel” anything weird in my place, just creeped out a little.

Although I read and write about the paranormal on a daily basis, I’ve never really felt that it was affecting my life in this manner at all. I hope I’m not “attracting” anything into my place.

In reality, I don’t know what it was that my dog was growling at. It could have been her own reflection. Or maybe a low humming from the DVR or something but the fact of the matter is that it was a defensive growl and bothered me enough to think about it all morning.

Maybe it’s nothing. Maybe all this paranormal blogging is taking a toll in my thinking….

  • Nancy L. Haubrich

    Many of you have mentioned that your dog is responding to something in an unusual way . . . my dog is a great watchdog and guards our house well; so if he were to act as if “something” were there, that didn’t seem usual to me (I know his usual guarding behaviors and what he barks at that I don’t see), I would support his behavior and try to make him feel like I have his back too! He would likely be protecting me, because that is what he sees as his job, and even though I don’t know what is going on, I would say “thank you” and “good dog” out loud for guarding me, and then assertively and nicely tell the “unknown” that my dog knows they are there and they are not to bother him or me. I would also surround myself and my dog with white light to protect us. I trust my dog and since he guards me, I want to help make him safe too! I do not believe in aggressively challenging the “unknown” because I don’t know what “they” are — and I have never had a negative encounter. But I trust my dog’s senses too and appreciate he is doing his job. If my dog seemed scared, I think I would be angry, just as if a person were physically threatening my dog; so I might not be so evenhanded.

  • Nancy L. Haubrich

    P.S. FEAR does not help; LOVE is the antidote to fear. I would surround myself and my dog with love and bask in the beauty of the creator’s love for all of us, even the negatives if they are there. They have turned away from the Creator’s love and yet they are still part of the universe; they too have free will. I choose to go the other way and call on my protectors to help me. It has never failed me yet.

  • Vicky

    I have a shephard lab cross ,she always use to wait outside the bathroom door door when I was in the house on my own having a bath I’d see her lying down at door then I heard her growling very threatening kind of as I was getting dried kind of scared me .now she bursts in bathroom and lays next to the bath watching over me but still growls occasion at something but I can’t see I’m painting my bathroom walls listening to a cd but it keeps sticking found it strange as I played it few days ago it played fine ,I checked it for marks none put it bk in went back to my painting it was sticking again left it fed up of restarting it I heard my dog barking I’m thinking it’s probably my package I was waiting on and doors went I go to check but my dogs on top of the sofa looking directly at the wall barking like mad then she starts pulling at top cushion and growling .I grabbed my phone to get something on video only got last bit of it on it to show my bf and tell him what happened.cause it wouldn’t be out of the odinary things happen all the time later my bf goes in my teen age sons room to make his bed and hoover he comes out a bit shaken up I ask what’s wrong he says when I walked in yr sons room I felt something standing directly behind me then the hoover went off he thought plug came out of socket but it hadn’t he felt his nose running then and realised his nose start bleeding for no reason that’s when he came in to tell me .he left it for a while before going back in the hoover started working again .

  • Alana

    My dog is afraid of storms as well… she was laying down in the next room, I was in the other room on the couch and next thing I know my dog is jumping over the arm of the couch practically in my lap. She is shaking and breathing hard. So I get up to go look and see if maybe it was raining or lightning… nope.. nothing, and she’s right behind me panting. So we go back in the room where she ran from and she goes and hides underneath our little table in our room and I can’t get her to come out. She was still shaking. I’m creeped out!

  • Alice

    Hello, I hope not but it may have been a seizure.

  • metoo

    Maybe it was a small bug that u didn’t see ~ ~ ~