Video: “Ghost” Pushes Beer Off Table

Video: “Ghost” Pushes Beer Off Table


What a week this has been for all these “ghost” videos coming out. Not surprisingly, UK’s The Sun didn’t remain behind. I was perusing through today’s news and stumbled upon this peculiar video.

According to the report, Sean Moore had just left his pint of beer on the table and while he was walking away, the CCTV camera captured what many think was paranormal activity in the pub. In the footage, the supposed “ghost” moves the pint across the table and lets it drop.
People who where there (including a Paranormal Investigator) said that they saw the pint of beer “lift up and fall on the floor“.

The video does show that there was no human interaction or any other type in interference that would cause the glass to just slide across the table and drop. I think that there are some explanations to this that might prove otherwise. What? Did you forget you were on GhostTheory? 🙂

I know I can’t be the only one here that has experienced this, but I know for a fact that when I’m washing dishes and water has splashed around the sink, the small water pools can cause glasses to “hover and slide” on the water surface. I’m no physics major, but my guess is that the smooth and even surface of a table or formica can help the water between the surface and glass to act as a buffer. Allowing it to slide across.

I’ve seen this happen with my own eyes. In fact, when I did see this effect; I thought that my apartment at the time was haunted and got really freaked out.

Here is a YouTube clip that I found of someone doing this:

That is the same exact effect that I’ve seen when placing a glass cup on a wet surface. This, I believe to be a suitable explanation for the supposed ghost that is said to have knocked down the pint of beer. I could be wrong. Maybe there are ghosts out there that detest beer. No…what am I thinking…no one detests beer. Especially not Samuel Adams‘ new Cherry Wheat beer. Man that stuff is good.

What do you guys think? Ghosts or plain ol’ physics?

Full source: The Sun UK


A PINT of lager mysteriously crashes off a table — in the latest spooky incident at a haunted pub.
Sean Moore had left his drink unattended during the weekly quiz at the New Inn in Gloucester.

But as his back was turned the glass suddenly slid over the edge of the table — and the whole thing was caught on CCTV.

The 14th Century pub has been having problems with spirits for centuries, with people reporting a host of weird goings-on.

Paranormal investigators are now set to do a full probe at the pub.

Landlord Mark Cooke, 35, said: “I’d heard all these stories before we arrived and was pretty sceptical, like most people.

“But the moving pint was something else. When I saw it on the CCTV it made the hair on the back of my neck stand up.

“You just can’t explain it — the table’s dead steady, the floor’s not uneven, and no-one’s near it.”

Legend has it some children were killed in a fire at the pub centuries ago — and the corner where the pint was left is the place where their nanny used to watch over them from a rocking chair.

By coincidence, Lyn Cinderey from the Gloucester Active Paranormal Society was taking part in the quiz when the pint moved.

She said: “There were a few people in the bar, and four people saw this glass — a full pint — just lift up and fall on the floor. The glass didn’t even break.

“The rest of us looked around and heard the thud. We just couldn’t believe it. It was right there in the middle of the quiz.”

She added: “I’ve been investigating this building for a long time and I’ve never known it so active.”