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Malaysian Police
Malaysian Police

Reports claim that the Betong’s police headquarters is being plagued with apparitions of a female ghost that is unnerving the police force working there.

The headquarters has recently moved to their new location a few months ago. Ever since the relocation, strange sightings of the female ghost have been seen around the headquarters. Leading many to believe to be the ghost of a victim, said to be looking for peace.

Full source: Sify

Malaysian cops have reported that a ghostly apparition of a woman with long hair in a white dress has been haunting their police lock-up.

According to the Harian Metro, the ghost has apparently been disturbing officers on night duty at the Betong district police headquarters about 150km from Kuching, and it has also been seen around the police station.

“Its face is similar to an officer here. When it is given instructions, it would only keep quiet,” the Star Online quoted a source as saying.

Such incidents have been happening ever since the police headquarters shifted to the current location in April.

The police sought the services of an ustaz to get rid of the ghost, and it was found the spirit of the woman was not in peace.

“We were told that the woman, when she was alive, was a rape victim and was murdered here,” the police said.

Betong OCPD Deputy Supt Mohd Bukhori Saffai said the ghost had disturbed three policemen over the past month, with the latest incident taking place just last week. (ANI)

  • Im sure the new headquarters was renovated for the incoming police. That usually stirs up paranormal activity. Then again, maybe it’s just the unfamiliar surroundings that’s making people think they’re seeing something?

  • jbondo

    Interesting that “The Star” is quoted but there is no link from Sify to The Star. Is this story originally from The Star? If so, it’s not worth a hill of beans. You just can’t trust tabloids.

  • redngreen

    A white dress seems to be a common detail in female apparitions/ghosts. Interesting. Kinda makes me lean toward not believing it, but interesting nonetheless.

  • J.C.

    When we investigated the Birdcage Theatre in Tombstone, we kept seeing small white masses about 2 feet tall flying around the building close to the floor but could not capture it on video.

  • Another Woman in white story or at least white dress… If it’s true, Then They should check there security camera system (if they have one?)
    I hear ya RednGreen!

  • Pinky

    So…. All we need to do is ban white dresses and nightgowns and we will do away with at least 90% of female ghosts…

    Sorry, had to say it :p Interesting story though, it does remind me of something else… does it RING a bell for anyone else?