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The Mothman Prophecies documentary is an in depth look at the legend from Point Pleasant, West Virginia. The mysterious flying creature that terrorized residents during the mid ’60s has its roots deeply embedded in a lot of ancient cultures. From Sumerian history to Native American history, “thunderbirds” have been reported throughout the world and thought to be a possible explanation for the infamous Mothman.

With great researchers like Loren Coleman and the late John Keel, this documentary becomes as informative as it is entertaining.

  • This looks awesome, and I’m definitely looking forward to this. I feel like the Mothman phenomenon is all too often either too easily dismissed (an owl or a crane) or too easily wanders into high strangeness (interdimesnional beings, Indrid Cold, etc.). It’ll be nice to have a dedicated look into what went on.

  • jbondo

    I don’t know why but for some reason Mothman fascinates me. In fact The only Cryptid I am am even remotely convinced exists is Bigfoot. I think maybe it’s the whole Keel thing and how he involved himself. I have always thought there was something to this story especially with MIB involvement.

  • Flip

    I’ve always liked the whole story of the Mothman even if most of the pictures of him are ridiculous, but the whole thing with the bridge and stuff, It’s just interesting.

  • Still one of my favorite mysteries.

  • Chenoa

    I saw the movie. Do you recall the vioce hat the man said It is NOT human vocal cords. His name is Indrid Cold. yet it 1880 frist sightings in the world. This Mothman like aka GrimReaper
    But yet the Mothman is Grim Reaper this is Demon sent form Satan. Go with open mind in this and other things in this yes do not lie See things for they are even the supernatral ,,,,

  • Sorry Chenoa, what was that again now? The 1880 part?

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