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Pedophile Robert Taylor or Hull Paranormal
Pedophile Robert Taylor or Hull Paranormal

The president of Hull Paranormal Ghost Society, Robert Taylor, has been given three years in jail for having sex with a minor.

The pedophile Robert Taylor was using his “ghost hunting team” as a means to gaining the trust of parents and the children. I’ve previously wrote about some sex offenders as paranormal investigators, and it is no surprise that more and more of these cases are coming forward.

These subhuman pieces of trash pray on the vulnerable and sometimes gullible in guise of helping the families out or training the young as paranormal investigators.

Robert Taylor is not just a lousy excuse for a human, but also a moronic paranormal investigator. We mentioned Robert Taylor on GhostTheory before when we tore apart the Daily Mail‘s ‘ghost boy‘ photograph, in which Taylor was quoted saying:

“I have never seen anything as clear and as distinctive as the boy in the picture.”

So please, please make sure you know who you are inviting into your homes. I just hope Taylor gets what’s coming to him in jail.

Full source:

The president of Hull Paranormal Ghost Society has been jailed for having sex with a teenage boy he groomed over the internet.

Robert Taylor, 26, of Acton Close, east Hull, was sentenced to three-and-a-half years at Hull Crown Court after pleading guilty to eight counts of having sex with a child and two counts of inciting a child to engage in sexual activity.

Taylor contacted the 13-year-old through internet chat rooms and later through MSN Messenger.

taylorHe groomed the boy for about a month, before they met and had sex on a number of occasions.

In one incident, he picked up the teenager outside his school, while he was still in his uniform.

Taylor also managed to get the contact details of a 14-year-old boy, who he tried to have sex with.

The self-styled ghost-buster founded Hull Paranormal Ghost Society in 2008 and carried out a number of investigations at properties in Hull and the East Riding.

The society operated from an office created at Taylor’s home and used a ghost-hunting kit, including Electromagnetic Field meters and Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP) monitors.

Its response vehicle was a Fiat Seicento – dubbed “Sea King 1”, because its garish colour resembled the RAF rescue helicopter.

A statement on its website read: “Hull Paranormal Society is no longer running. We have temporarily closed down.”

  • jbondo

    I’m sure what he’s getting at is that the sex was consensual. Of course by law it doesn’t matter if an underage person even solicits the act. A crime is a crime and rape is rape.

    Who knows what excuses this guy was going to make and it wouldn’t surprise me if anonymous was actually the rapist himself.

  • tuttuttwiggy


  • I am the writer and researcher based in Kingston upon Hull that debunked Rob’s “Anlaby Ghost Boy” in the local media, and on thisisyourmail, badpsychics, and the Paranormal Gateway and published this sickening story on Paranormal Gateway, Badpsychics, and @Hull Freeforums some three hours before this post. Nevertheless, what Rob has done is disgusting, and I hope that as well as the three and half years he is serving for this sick and vile crime, he will hopefully be banned from working on the reception desk at the hotel, and banned from paranormal investigations.

    I had a long running battle with Rob after he copied and pasted two pages of my research and placed them on his site. We had several cross words over this, resulting in him calling my wife names. He eventually removed my work, after an angry phonecall from me, and I had not heard from him for sometime until this article appeared in the Hull Daily Mail.

    The actual article, published in the Hull Daily Mail and not the shorter version on the website, does mention that Rob was monitored and eventually arrested, although it doesn’t mention how he was monitored. I am pleased the methods are kept under wraps, so more twisted souls get caught and reprimanded.

    On the morning of the 29 June he was also reported and removed from Facebook.

  • John

    Let’s be realistic here. 13-year-olds are adolescents. Some of them are gay. Most of them aren’t as naive as we’d expect. We should always observe these incidents in terms of the actual harm done, not because we think it’s immoral. IF a relationship is consensual, often the only harm comes from similar reactions to yours. Imagine everyone telling you that you’ve been sexually abused by a sick bastard. The boy probably got grounded by his parents, made to testify in court, and pressured into seeing a therapist.

    It may be a crime, but so was anal sex in some US states until 2003.. 2003. The American Psychological Association acknowledges that up to 40 percent of ‘victims’ of child sexual abuse have no symptoms. Furthermore, we never hear about the younger person’s perspective in press statements.

  • John,

    It’s thinking like yours that sickens almost all people. You pedophiles think it is consensual just because you brainwash children.

    You’re a piece of sh*t just like Robert Taylor.

    “The American Psychological Association acknowledges that up to 40 percent of ‘victims’ of child sexual abuse have no symptoms.”


    You waste of air. Don’t ever come up to me in the streets….

    This is the last comment I’ll approve from you.


  • jbondo

    Pedophiles often have the mind of a child themselves. They know the law but use the word “consensual” as an excuse. A 13 yr old is not old enough to realize the impact of consensual sex. There’s a reason why it’s a crime. They are not mature enough to know better.

    When I was 23 there was a 15 yr old girl that lived on my street. She had a big crush on me. She thought that she wanted to sleep with me and often pushed me to take her to bed. Not only did I not do it but I never even touched or kissed her. She was a fully developed and very attractive girl who looked to be 18 to anyone else. However I knew it was wrong and that she was just looking for an escape from her bad home life. In other words, her wanting to sleep with me had very little to do with sex and much more to do with her desire to feel more mature and independent. To her this was kind of a mental escape from her mother. She had this dream that if we were intimate I would eventually take her in and she could then leave home. To the uneducated it would seem that she was just a promiscuous teen when in reality she was an innocent virgin that was just confused.

    No matter how mature a teenager may seem the likelihood that they are mentally capable of handling a sexual relationship with an adult is slim. The legal age of consent is based on many factors, important factors.

  • Eric

    holy shit??!?! did that guy just actually type that out and post it?!?!

  • jbondo,

    Thanks for sharing.

    This “John” guy who left the last message can be a danger to society. I did some investigative work last night and traced back his online “footprint”.

    From what I’ve dug up, this guy seems to be part of various different social groups….I’ll be keeping my eye out.


  • jbondo


    I think I know what you mean by “social groups”. It’s things like this that cause you to question the freedom of the Internet. Though in the end I still think it’s up to the parents to monitor their child’s activity.

    IMO these “gentlemen” are nothing more than sexual predators and I look forward seeing them in cuffs on CNBC.

  • Daan

    Interesting, the age of consent in Europe here is often 14.

  • Eric

    That actually explains a lot Daan….

  • DonBondo


    I think that has a great deal to do with maturity. IMO and I believe statistics will back me up, children mature at a faster rate in many European countries. Then again, it could have a great deal to do with the differences of opinion regarding morality over there.

    Suffice it to say, in the early days of organized societal structure people had no choice but to mature quickly due to the environment and lifespan limitations. In the 21st century things are different, life is easy, children are brought along slowly and therefore develop slowly on an emotional and psychological scale. One of the big issues now is that girls are starting menstruation earlier but are ill equipped to handle it which should indicate how ill equipped they are to handle under age sex.

    Maybe the age of consent in Europe is fine at 14 but in the USA it’s predominately 16 with some states a little older and I happen to agree.

  • mimi

    after reading these post i think it comes down to one thing you got a mental problem if you attracted to young children and you need help lets hop he gets help

  • Mark

    anyone know what prison he is in so the parents can send him so nice mail .

    Allegedly reports that his team mates knew about his pedophile ways and kept it quiet