U.S. Military: Training Is Responsible For UFOs



Who to trust?

Civilians who report some “reddish/orange lights blinking erratically” that divide into 9 orbs in the night sky and fly away in the V formation? Or the U.S. military that explains that their night-time flight tests are responsible for the North Carolina UFO sighting?

People often misidentify military craft for UFOs, especially around the military bases, where tests are ran during most hours. But how do you explain their account of the orbs of lights splitting into nine different orbs and flying away?

Top secret planes?  Drones?

Mufon Report #24031:

My husband just called me on the phone because he heard that someone else reported what we saw on Wrightsville beach last Tuesday night. We were both shocked–and I wanted to offer our support to collaborate the description that I just read online of the incident.

My husband and I were staying at Cordgrass Bay on Wrightsville Beach with other family members. After our kids went to bed (sometime after 9), we went for a walk on the beach. We headed south, toward the pier. We were about halfway to the pier when some VERY strange lights appeared out over the ocean. A red light would go very fast (I mean REALLY fast) horizontally over the ocean, and then just dissappear. There was a group of some other people also walking on the beach in the surf, and they also stopped and watched the light. After a while, my husband and I said maybe it was military, so we kept walking. But the strangest lights happened about ten minutes later. A red light shot across the sky, divided into multiple lights that went really fast and abruptly stopped in the air and hovered in a formation. They they abruptly disappeard. It was very, very strange. I have never seen anything like it.

We also saw the two fighter jets about 10-15 minutes later. We just assumed that the lights had something to do with them, but again, the lights did not act like normal missiles. I don’t know how to explain them.

Full source: Wistv.com

WRIGHTSVILLE BEACH, NC (WECT) – A group of people staying at a house on the North Carolina coast filed a report on the UFO website, “MUFON,” saying a ball of light and several white orbs were spotted off the coast.

The report states nine people at a house near the Carolina Yacht Club in Wrightsville Beach saw a “reddish orange light blinking erratically” in the distance before another, white light appeared and disappeared before dividing into “nine orbs” in a “V formation.”

“We were all shocked and we all agreed that what we saw was not manmade,” the report stated.

The report was filed June 24, with the sighting listed as occurring June 22 around 9:30 p.m.  Following the sightings of blinking lights, the group reports seeing helicopters and two fighter jets.

“Down in that neck of the woods, we have military training all the time,” said Senior Chief Jim Moore, with the Coast Guard.

Moore is based in the Sector North Carolina Command Center, and says our coastal waters are part of a large “Cherry Point Operating Area,” where a lot of military training exercises take place.

According to Moore, multiple military bases from Camp Lejeune to Cherry Point to Seymour Johnson Air Force Base, use the same waters off our beaches for various types of training, day and night — one viable explanation for the blinking lights followed by helicopters and jets.