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Good ‘ol, never lets us down. Jumping on the “Horseboy” bandwagon, The Telegraph News published an online article of a supposed man with two heads and three legs.

The appendage-gifted man, apparently a window cleaner, has been spotted in Hawes, Yorkshire by the Google Sightseeing blog. He can be seen in all his bicephalic glory in the embedded Street View below.” -Telegraph UK

I know exactly why this is done. The only reason is to create outrageous posts that go viral and attract thousands or millions of new readers or hits. This in turn, generate money. The problem that I have is that almost all major news sites are doing this; and honestly it is the most annoying thing when you want to read up on the latest news.

Take for example the It used to be my “go to” spot on the web for well written independent news articles. And now? It’s a joke. Every other article is a shameless attempt at getting posts to go viral.

Posts like “Jewel dons wig, fake nose to dupe karaoke crowd (VIDEO)” and “Chupacabra, mysterious animal allegedly spotted in Texas (VIDEO,PICTURES,POLL)”  are the types of posts you can expect on a daily basis. What’s even worse is that the “Chupacabra video” is one of the oldest hoaxes to hit the internet: is no better. If you really want to get news, visit and/or Anyways…enough of my ranting.

Enjoy your “Two headed, three legged man”…..*mumbles off to a dark corner*

Full article: Telegraph UK

The appendage-gifted man, apparently a window cleaner, has been spotted in Hawes, Yorkshire by the Google Sightseeing blog. He can be seen in all his bicephalic glory in the embedded Street View below.

There are various theories regarding the provenance of the multi-limbed man. But the only sensible one is that he is in fact an ordinary man with the usual number of legs and heads, but that the Google Street View car took two images of that part of the street and he happened to be caught on the edges of both.
Horse Boy, a mysterious horse-headed creature native to Aberdeen, has been spotted twice around the Scottish city, once with a schoolgirl companion. He was briefly removed from Street View before being reinstated, with no explanation.

He has since become an international phenomenon. Stefan Kleen from Germany said he met horse-boy at a festival: “He only spoke English so we didn’t really talk a lot to him.”

Google Street View, which is expected soon to cover more than 99 per cent of the UK’s roads, stretching to 238,000 miles, has been the subject of some controversy. The Australian communications minister described the service as “creepy”, saying it was the “single biggest breach of privacy in history.”

  • Stu

    A few questions come to mind. Where is his middle foot? Where is the middle arm attached to the body? Why are there two sets of buttons on his shirt? Why design a shirt with a removable middle section? Why is the wall half blurry and half in focus? Either an extremely poor photomerge attempt or just two people standing close to each other with one person’s leg hidden behind the other person’s leg. And of course in an age of megapixel, super zoom, image stabilized cameras, they only have only one blurry photo taken from what looks like less than 50 feet away. It doesn’t look like they’re shut-ins. In addition, conjoined twins rarely fly under the news radar like this due to public interest in their stories.

  • This kind of camera error happens all of the time on Google Street View It happens when two side by side images are photo-stitched.

  • jbondo

    Only one question comes to my mind, can you guess what it is?

  • jbondo,

    I think I know what your are thinking….LOL
    Sick sonnava….



  • redngreen

    *cracking up, sighing, shaking head*

  • redngreen

    I think I’m gonna start calling jbondo Don Juan Jbondo.. maybe just DonBondo for short.

  • Annie

    Try Foxnews.

  • jbondo

    This reminds me of the Steve Martin movie, “The Man With Two Brains”.

  • jbondo


    Funny you should mention that. I came up with this name on another board about 6 years ago. It’s kind of a play on words. I imagined myself as the poor man’s James Bond and as some of us know if you add the o onto Bond you have that cheap fiberglass stuff that patches holes in old cars after they’ve rusted. So, kind of a poor, patchwork James Bond, “jbondo”.

    Strangely, I never really had any interest in James Bond.

    I do like DonBondo though. If you don’t mind I’ll use that on a board sometime in the future. Or maybe I could just start using it here. What do you guys think?

  • redngreen

    Hmm.. I never made the connection of it being a play on James Bond. Clever indeed. I figured your name was, like, Jim Bondo or something LOL. Sometimes I pay little enough attention that it appears I’m somewhat slow.

    Regardless of what you decide, I will be referring to you as DonBondo going forward.