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Patterson/Gimlin Bigfoot
Patterson/Gimlin Bigfoot

Over at Cryptomundo, Loren Coleman weighed in on the latest updates on “Mr. Mike” and the whole “Backyard Bigfoot” incident. His post has gained some attention in the Cryptozoology community. What I found to be reasonable, many have found to be rude. What I found to be truthful, others think is just jealousy.

In Coleman’s post, he reiterates that being a “critical thinker” does not mean being “close-minded”. Something that the editors here at GhostTheory have defended since the start of this blog. So when Loren Coleman decided to heavily critique Sharon Lee’s post at Cryptomundo (which has since been removed by her ) things got a little personal.

I’m afraid in a recent blog posting here at Cryptomundo, the writer has confused “close-mindedness” with “critical thinking.” Ms. Sharon Lee writes, regarding Mr. Mike, that she wants “you to open your mind and listen to a story.”

First off, what comes from Lan Lamphere, a known sensationalistic radio host is, she is correct, usually a “story,” indeed. Whether it is about Obama not having an American birth certificate, Lamphere’s version of the truth on 9/11, or reports from a clearly psychologically troubled individual like Mr. Mike seeing Bigfoot (a/k/a Ms. Lee’s “bigfoots”). As Ms. Lee notes, “Mr. Mike is being taken care of.”

“Opening one’s mind,” however, should never be translated into “believing.”

Ms. Lee appears to have confused “open-mindedness” with the total, uncritical acceptance of anything presented as having something to do with a sighting of a Bigfoot, as reported by Lan Lamphere as an alleged “capture” and/or “breaking news.”

After telling her story, Ms. Lee then says “You are now free to close your minds. Thank you for your time.”

To be “close-minded” means you are “not ready to receive new ideas.” Someone that fails to view a different point of view in a comparative fashion is closed minded. A close-minded individual believes in something or in someone without considering various sides of an issue or the evidence.

To be able to do some critical thinking is to have thoughts outside of the box. Critical thinking allows a person to attempt to understand both sides of an argument more fully, no matter which side they support. Thinking for yourself and having a clearer understanding of the main attributes for a variety of points of view are tenets of critical thinking.     -Loren Coleman, Cryptomundo

It’s fair to say that this was kind of a harsh critique of someone’s blog post. Then I read Sharon Lee’s post:

I want you to open your mind and listen to a story.

Throw away the notion, just this one time, that you are omnipotent.  Allow yourself to wonder  and speculate without making hasty judgment.

I am about to tell you a story.  The incidents have been retold to me, as Lan Lamphere had told to him.

Could Lan have been lied to?  Could I have been lied to? Could you have been lied to?  We don’t know.  We probably won’t know for awhile.

A couple of weeks ago, a story was reported that a man was seeing bigfoots in his back yard.  Next to the freeway.  In the middle of town.  Well, it wouldn’t be the first story about a bigfoot in someone’s backyard.  Or by the freeway.  Or running through town.

At this time I am told that Mr. Mike is not crazy.  Mr. Mike is being taken care of.  Mr. Mike is not being taken advantage of.   Mr. Mike is seeing things.  Mr. Mike is being observed by professionals.  Scientists who research the paranormal.

The History channel film crew is into the second week of filming, and they are baffled as to what is occurring. The evidence they are capturing is extraordinarily mind blowing and unexplainable.  They are having spikes of activity on their FLIR thermal imagers.  They see nothing with their naked eye.  But at the same time the heat images appear on the FLIR, Mr. Mike sees them.


Does Mr. Mike have a gift?  Is he seeing spirits?  Do the bigfoots have powers to travel within another dimension;  a world where very few have access to?

If you believe in ghosts, UFO’s, *UHO’s or the paranormal, even just a little…then there is no reason why you couldn’t consider this possibility.

Mr. Mike is a living, breathing, sane human being.  Mr. Mike has a gift.

You are now free to close your minds.  Thank you for your time.    – Sharon Lee, The Bigfoot Field Reporter

I’ve always been turned-off by theories that cryptozoological creatures can be “from another dimension”. I’ve entertained the idea in my head a few times, but not without rolling my eyes. Sharon’s ‘Twilight Zone’ type post can be construed as detrimental in critical thinking and scientific inquiry.

I don’t know what the hell is going on with “Mr. Mike” and all the drama that Lam lamphere’s show created, but I think this is getting out of control. Why are people questioning if “Mr. Mike” has the abilities to see ghosts now? Now I learn that the History Channel is involved in this, and has been for the last two weeks???  Has this been verified?

The History channel film crew is into the second week of filming, and they are baffled as to what is occurring. The evidence they are capturing is extraordinarily mind blowing and unexplainable.  They are having spikes of activity on their FLIR thermal imagers.  They see nothing with their naked eye.  But at the same time the heat images appear on the FLIR, Mr. Mike sees them.”

Or was this just part of Sharon Lee’s ‘Twilight Zone’ story?

I don’t know what is going on with “Mr. Mike” or Loren Coleman’s future over at Cryptomundo (heard he was unhappy with changes on the editorial side), but I know that this is getting ugly between Bigfoot researchers. Not to mention confusing.

I’m going to go watch Lindsay Lohan get thrown in jail. If that’s not critical thinking at its finest, at least there’s a happy ending in that.

  • David Rodriguez

    OK everyone, take a deep breath……deeper…… now let it out. And another one……….OK good.

    Consider this. It’s not any one side who are in the wrong. Sharon is a messenger. Ghosttheory is a messenger. Heck, even Loren is a messenger, although I have experienced his closed mindedness in the past with my posts not allowed on his blogs. Once because I defended someone targeted at CM and other times because I proposed theories (like I have here) that do not fit within his view of things. For a while he was opening up, he even spent time over at DB Donlon’s site, maybe trying to figure out what people were thinking? I also do believe he respected DB very much. Anyway I don’t post at CM anymore because I don’t like giving considerable thought to an issue, and then to have my post rejected out of hand. Sorry Craig but too much bad stuff

    That aside, my point above was that we always need to realize that we don’t have answers to some of the issues being debated. That’s just a reality. We don’t understand the mysteries yet, which is why they remain mysteries. So we can’t be attacking one another as a fallout result for not having the answers. Yes, people need to be OPEN MINDED. That apparently means different things to different people, because some end up saying things like ‘well bigfoot can’t become invisible’ or ‘bigfoot doesn’t use telepathy’. People, WE DON’T KNOW THAT!! And in fact, there are many reports that support the possibility. There is even a difference between invisibility and slipping into another dimension, although from our perspective they may appear the same. I’m not proposing either occur either, just that WE DON’T KNOW. So yes, IT IS closed minded to dismiss these possibilities out of hand as some do. I will make this point again, mainstream science believes that there ARE many different dimensions. Can any of our so-called ‘bigfoot experts’ successfully debate that with someone like Michio Kaku or Stephen Hawking? I’d say it is those who can’t consider this scientific alternative, who are REALLY the ones who are furthest away from the direction science is going.

    And no, Critical Thinking is not the same as being Critical. Critical Thinking also means being open minded. Here’s a good page describing what Critical Thinking is.

    Anyway, I began defending the Mike story early on not because I buy into the whole thing entirely, but because I see just how claim after claim are torn apart by the forums, blogs, etc., without knowing ALL THE FACTS. It is a rampant bad habit in this field. One that really needs to be fixed or NOTHING new will be learned.

    If what is being claimed about Mike is true then I can accept it may be his gift. I recognized this early on, possibly even the first to propose it? It’s because I understand some of this stuff being discussed and because I’ve had my own unexplainable encounters with sasquatch and ‘other’ things. 🙂 Personally, I know that sasquatch do have some abilities that CAN’T be explained based on them being just some giant elusive ape, or for that matter even if they are indeed part human. Most so called ‘experts’ in the field won’t/can’t even go there, that’s their own self imposed limits and they only have themselves to blame. My experience may not be worth much to them either, but it enables me to further theorize these possibilities when you have situations like Mike occurring. So yeah, I wish I could go there myself and see what I pick up. My being able to sense their presence, which I continue to learn more about with each encounter I have, could help corroborate events even more. I’ve had more opportunity to hone that instinct if you will, something that many others have also acknowledge happening to them.

    I will add that Javier and Ghosttheory has been rather hospitable in allowing me to express my views. That is rare in this field. Thank you Javier. There are a several sites that just don’t have that kind of courtesy without subsequently tearing the victim apart in short order.

    I wish Sharon would also find a way to continue reporting on this issue. She has a fresh voice and she is not judgmental in her reporting. That is important. She proposes theories rather then discounting out of hand like so many are inclined to do. Notice how various forums and blogs have already closed their books on the Mike issue, and yet we are hearing that the History Channel has been there two weeks now dealing with further mystery. Hopefully this is true. Anyway, we all lose if she doesn’t. We sure didn’t get the same story from the Facebook investigators who don’t seem able to consider these alternate theories that violate the classic status-quo bigfoot model. If that model fit what they really are, we would have proven their existence long ago…

    Of course Sharon’s use of the ‘P’ word to describe Lan L. may be a new stumbling block in all of this. I don’t know him and I realize he may have his traits, but this isn’t supposed to be about him anyhow, it’s about whether Mike is for real.

  • Being a firm believer in many of the theories of John Keel, I do not have all that hard of a time believing in “ultra-” or “hyper-terrestrial” theories about Bigfoot/s origins.

    My only problem with all of this is the personal attacks on people involved. When I see that going on, all I can hear in my mind is circus music, and then I rapidly lose interest. I used to love to argue, just for the sake of arguing, but so many times I missed out on making a valid point by falling into a defensive posture and then just going on the attack, that I made many more foes than I ever did allies to my position. It solved nothing.

    There will always be snarky comments left on message boards, that is never going to change, and if one hopes to make a mark in a medium like this one, then one must have thicker skin. Ben Grimm thick!

    Often arguments or debates on these kinds of subjects are caused by miscommunication/s, and I have always felt that if someone misunderstands me, it’s not because THEY are stupid, it’s because I was not able to properly harness my words in a manner they could appreciate [much like this post].

    Bottom line?

    If this is all a fake, let it die down, it does NO ONE service to flog this particular dead horse THAT hard.

    If this is all real, Robert Bigelow will buy everything related it anyway. He probably has some kind of containment ideas for hyper-terrestrial beings already being worked on down at Skinwalker Ranch!

    [I kid, because I love…]

    Jason Crocker

  • terry the censor

    > The line of reasoning that says Bigfoot is invisible comes with a lot of scientific problems

    some welcome plain speaking!

    > I do not make any claims that these stories are true…I don’t care what you BELIEVE! I am just sharing…


    > Oh, I’m sorry, I forgot…you Know EVERYTHING and hold all the answers to the unexplained… Loren Coleman…pees all over and marks his territory… I am hearing from many many people about their true feelings for Loren … [Lan Lamphere:] A loud-mouth, self-centered, egotistical, attention-loving, ratings grabbing prick! … Don’t be so quick to judge.

    Some more plain speaking:

    Sharon, if you don’t want scorn heaped on you, meet us half way: don’t be worthy of scorn.

  • David Rodriguez

    Well last night I intended to listen to the radio show to find out the latest on Mike. I had been checking each previous night but there was no show. Unfortunately I let time slip by last night and only got to hear the last few minutes of where Mike was discussed.

    During the few minutes I was able to listen, there was no mention of the History Channel, but I probably missed 20 minutes of the overall discussion, so that would be understandable. What I did hear was LL’s disappointment with the bigfooting community for not investigating, all because the researchers didn’t see a bigfoot even though they saw an unexplainable heat signature on their FLIR. I can understand LAN’s disappointment being there could be a phenomenon that most bigfoot researchers do not comprehend. I for one suspect there is something more here worth investigating that could shed light on many other unexplainable bigfoot claims. This is how we learn. LAN L., do you hear me?

    I with I could have heard the show from the beginning. If anybody did, please share with us what was talked about.

  • VAN

    I always get a kick out of people who are on the same journey attacking eachother. Is this just our flaw as humans? We can’t accept another’s ideas or theories? i think it is. Just look at religion and science. What I think, if i may put my two cents in without getting attacked, is that when it comes to this topic, or the ‘psychology’ of the mind relating to this topic, or inter dimensional beings, the bottom line is that NO BODY KNOWS EVERYTHING!!!!!! We don’t even know 1% of how the human brain works yet there’s people who claim that one person’s ‘theory’ is wrong and anothers is right. I don’t care how many years someone goes to school to learn about our brain, they don’t even come close to knowing it all, same with bigfoot, same with spirits, same with star people. No wonder no one can take this subject matter seriously, no wonder so many still laugh and call us ‘conspiracy theorists’, because you all just argue and fight and are jealous of one another. And yes i’ve read all your blogs dissing eachother, one of you mentioned psychology, (so look up the reason people attack eachother without merit – JEALOUSLY)
    Bottom line here, you are all just interested in this subject like so many others, you are NOT experts in any way shape or form, so stop acting like the authority figures on this, because you all are starting to look ridiculous.

  • Onyx

    Until Sasquatch is scientifically proven to exist, all the arguing is over….nothing!

  • Sasquatch exists or not independent of proof. A thing does not instantaneously pop into existence at the moment of its verification. Therefore there is certainly not only room for speculation, but speculation is a part of the process of discovering proof, serving as a starting point. That point may well be thrown out in favor of a better one, or because it has no merit, but there is always room for it until that time.