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In an article from Meets The Weird, a photo that was taken of some clouds from an airplane going from Portugal to the UK shows what at first appears to beĀ  some speck or smudge on the airplane’s passenger window. Upon closer inspection the person who took the photo realized that the it was no smudge on the window. That it was in fact a free floating object. Zooming into the image, they noticed a symmetrical pattern on the object. What is it?

Full source: Meets The Weird

The picture below was taken by Flickr user Magic_lamp while on a RyanAir fight from Portugal to the UK this May. He says, that despite being very cliche for this type of photo, he did not notice the dark spot in the upper left of the image along the curvature of the earth when he took the photograph.

At first glance, it appears to be a speck of something stuck to the window of the plane, but as you look closer it become apparent that what ever was there was not stuck to the plane. When you blow up the object things begin to get interestingā€¦

passengerufo2As you can see, the object does not appear to be any sort of known aircraft or balloon. At this level of magnification we can begin to see that the object appears to be three dimensional. When you look at the cloud tops and the engine cowling, it appears that the object was being lit by the same light source as the engine and clouds. This becomes clearer as we further enlarge and inhance the image. This time to 1700% of the original size (this was done with SmillaEnlarger at the default setting).

Here we can see from the shadows on the object that it appears to have convex sides and that the side of the object facing away from the viewer may be curved or have curved corners. Additionally, we can see that the 4 blue dots along the dark side of the object that were visible at the lower magnification appear to be part of some sort of circular structures stretching the width of the object. Unfortunately with only one photograph we have no clue which direction (if any) the object is traveling in, but if we assume the object is traveling away from the camera, the dark section we are seeing may be the external portions of a propulsion system. This could provide a plausible explanation for the darker coloration which could either be the result of exhaust from the system, or the propulsion system being recessed into the craft to reduce the thermal or infrared signature of the craft (like was done on the Stealth Fighter).

What we are seeing in this picture is anybodies guess, but baring a well executed hoax, it appears to be some sort of UFO. Whether its origin is terrestrial or extraterrestrial,passengerufo3 while I cannot personally vouch for the photographer and I am not an expert at image analysis, this appears to be a photo of something that is currently unknown to the general public and I want to thank Magic_lamp for sharing it with us. Please feel free to share what you think this object is in the comments and for those of you that are interested, the largest size copy of the photo is available here for your perusal.

ufo by Magic_lamp on Flickr

  • Without even opening a GIMP/Photoshop app, I can see a diamond shaped area directly around the enlarged/enhanced image in question that suggests masking. For me, myself, to be able to take the enhancement/s process seriously, I would need to see the SAME enhancement techniques used “across the board,” so to speak. At the VERY least I would expect that to be the case in the area immediately adjacent to the area of scrutiny.

    In all fairness though, to me the image looks for all the world like two bags [one light, one dark] of service balloons [weather, survelliance? European frat prank? Solar effect experiment?].

    Maybe I am being both too nitpicky and too crazy all at the same time, who knows?

    This kind of report I have always enjoyed, ever since reading A.C. Doyles’ “Haunter of the Heights” in a Lovecraftian anthology…

    Jason Crocker

  • DonBondo

    That page is coming up as private. Anyway, I took it over to Visio and did some manipulation on it and was intrigued.

    At times it looks like an air brush rendering but hard to say. It brings to mind this big tadoo over at ATS about 3 years ago with a similar image. Some say these are actually living organisms. Then you have to consider the reports of Alien craft with actual organic or living skins and structure.

    Could be just another hoax but an interesting picture none the less.

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  • b evans

    i took a picture in june 2009. check out stafford ufo tixall. very simalar shapes appeared on my image.

  • Critic

    Commercial Ryan Air flight so high as to see the earth’s curvature in such an obvious pronounced way? That photo, I think, may be doctored. A composite.

  • Why bother posting a link to the photos for the public if you’re going to leave it private?! Retarded.

  • Js
  • Skeptic

    Commercial flights from Protugal to the UK don’t fly high enough to see the earth’s curvature and STARS visible during daytime. If you are going to phony up a photo, at least use a photo taken from a passenger airplane!

  • It looks like something is stuck to the window and the sides are lit by the sun’s reflection off of the engine. I know that UFOs are often reported hiding in the clouds, but this doesn’t look like such a case.

  • Grayhunter

    object is a craft shape like the letter “H” for more information go to

  • DrAlen77

    U.F.O. or not, this is an awesome picture.