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The UFO that was reported over China has been extensively covered by Ghost Theory and

if you haven’t read Javier’s articles you really should, as he covered the topic extremely well. Personally I cannot remember the last time a reported UFO got as much mainstream mediaattention as this sighting. I don’t watch the news but I read everyday.

I do not care to watch the news because I hate when anchors feel the need to be funny and they are usually just terrible. It is easier to read it on the internet, so head to and search for China’s
UFO. There are quite a few articles on the topic. In my opinion it was a military test conducted
by China. We will probably never know the real answer because of how secretive China is.
Yet this story got me thinking about UFO sightings in general and how much we will ever really
know. Our own country may not be as secretive as China but it is fairly close. A case in point
is the recent leak of US military documents concerning Afghanistan. 91,000 documents were
leaked to the site WikiLeaks. Stop reading and just think about this: 91,000 documents that
you never knew existed were leaked. That is an astounding number which ranks as the worst
leak in military history. These documents were classified at a relatively low level.

Now what does this have to do with a UFO sighting in China? When it comes to governments it will be
impossible to know exactly what is going on unless you have access to the right information.

I have never investigated or researched UFO sightings but I’ve watched a few documentaries
on them, so I understand the gist. I remember watching an episode of “Paranormal State” and
they were at a ranch watching for UFOs (I apologize for not remembering the exact details).

They had a computer program which had a listing of satellites and when they would fly over
their position to verify the UFOs weren’t our satellites, which in theory is a great idea expect
for the fact that there are numerous satellites which you will not find on any unclassified list.
Furthermore during certain times of the day you can see Low-Earth orbiting satellites and in
particular the International Space Station. So what do you think? Will we ever learn the real
truth behind these sightings or UFOs in general?
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  • DonBondo

    William, you’re asking a question that’s been asked on every blog, board, etc…for years. I’ve often said that if there were real disclosure of real aliens it would cause chaos. As for just disclosure of records, governments are releasing that information more and more every year. I would elaborate but as I said, I’ve answered this question so many times it’s becoming ponderous.

    I think you chose the wrong headline on this one. We’ve done the China thing to death and although that’s not your focus people may conclude that just by the word China at the top. this may result in fewer people opening the article to read.

    I’d say relax and talk about things you know best. If you have a real interest then you can get others excited about it. Once you get into a rhythm you can then use that to write about things you aren’t wild about but feel need reported anyway.

  • Ann

    DonBondo, there’s a difference about the U.S. and other countries, when comes to UFOs. The pilot, who saw the large UFO while flying across the English Channel a few years ago, made the observation how pilots and others are ridiculed in the U.S. when they publicly reveal their sightings. At a conference, the British pilot said that he would have been shocked, if someone told him what he had seen was not he had seen, or a meteorological phenomenon.

    But, hey, in the U.S. we have professionalized ridicule and called it skepticism or debunking. He have such pros like James Oberg, who works for NASA that has made career out of it.

    Why is the U.S. this way? I think it’s something to do with the fact that the U.S. wants to be on top, superior. After all, it has the largest military in the history of humankind. It runs about 1,000 military bases throughout the world (and the number is growing – all at taxpayers expense). What if people started believing that there is another power even stronger, more advanced than the U.S.? What, if they believe, this power is not belligerent, but, in fact, rather benign? Perhaps that would infringe on how people may perceive the U.S. Maybe? Perhaps it would undermine U.S.’s imperialistic intentions (like the up and coming war Iran).

  • hal9thout

    Alternate universe. Beings of light. Something from nothing. Point of eternal matter. Yawn… UFOs are so passe.