Missouri MUFON Conference: Travis Walton “FIRE IN THE SKY”


The Midwest UFO conference will be held August 14-15 2010. Keynote speaker will be Travis Walton.

Next to Better and Barney Hill, Travis Walton is one of the most recognized individuals in the annals of alien abduction. The hit movie “Fire in the sky” put the story and Travis on the map. Decades later, Travis will be taking questions and recounting the events in a rare public appearance.

The Travis Walton case has always been of great interest to me, so I really wish I could attend.

Full source: Missouri Mufon

Keynote Speaker Travis Walton:
FIRE IN THE SKY Then and Now: An Update“, a wide ranging, illustrated discussion of the incident, the investigation, the making of the movie, what’s new and much more.  The presentations begins with an introductory video made up of interviews with the actors, clips from the movie, and excerpts from various TV interviews with the real-life participants.  It concludes with a question and answer period, which always seems to bring out some unique takes on things.

travis-walton-ufo-abduction“On November 5, 1975 a group of loggers in the mountains of northeastern Arizona observed a strange, unusually bright light  in the sky.  One of those men, Travis Walton, recklessly left  the  safety of their truck to take a closer look.  Suddenly, as  he  walked toward the light, Walton was blasted back by a bolt  of  mysterious energy.    His companions fled in fear.  When they reported an encounter   with a UFO—something they would have considered impossible if   they had not witnessed it themselves—the men were suspected of   murder.  For five days authorities mounted a massive manhunt in   search of Walton—or his body. Then Walton reappeared,  disoriented  and initially unable to tell the whole story of his  terrifying  encounter.    In Fire In The Sky Travis Walton relates in his own words the   best documented account of alien abduction yet recorded, the  story  of his harrowing ordeal at the hands of silent captors and  his  return to a disbelieving world of hostile interrogators,   exploitative press and self-styled “debunkers”.  Travis recounts   the struggle to get a fair hearing and confronts his detractors   with a stinging rebuttal.    Now, the real story behind the hit movie from Paramount—a detailed expose’ of the campaign to suppress Walton’s story, and   the first-time revelations of startling new developments