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I was casually browsing through all my books this weekend and noticed that I had quite a lot of paranormal related books in the mix. Most of my books consist of history books and some old text books from school that I use for reference every unexplainedonce in awhile. I have almost a complete shelve of paranormal books that I’ve collected throughout the years. Some are stories of fiction others are based on “true events”. The ones that I enjoy more than anything are those “unexplained mysteries” books that you get from your local book store that have a plethora of mysteries from around the world. Real stories about gnomes, goblins, sea monsters and land monsters are my favorite to read. I have all of Linda Godfrey’s “werewolf” books and love them. These books are not novels so don’t think that I’m some kind of 31 year old freak who is into Twilight or anything, but these books are a compilation of eyewitness werewolftestimonies from strange wolf-like creatures reported in certain sections of the United States. The stories sound convincing enough for me to spend an afternoon reading.

Then I have classic books like “The Exorcist”, “The Entity”, “Communion”  and “The Amityville Horror” to name a few. I’ve not been keeping up with a lot of fiction/non-fiction paranormal related books lately so I figured I would ask you guys what books you have currently read that you would recommend.

I do like King and Koontz although I’ve not read their stuff in years. I the last book that I read that was supposedly based on a true story was “Grave’s end” which I deeply recommend you read if you haven’t.

So if you’ve recently read a book that made you turn on all the lights in the house or made you look up from reading while you shifted your eyes, in surveillance of anything ghost-like in the room….let me know.

  • Angie Tidwell

    The Uninvited: The Union Screaming House by Steven LaChance
    He also has another book comes out in 2 days called “Crazy” and is
    supposed to be good. Both are fiction

  • Angie Tidwell

    P.S. The Uninvited is a true story. We personally know the daughter of second family who lived there (the second family who was haunted). Very true.. and that is what will freak you out when you read it is knowing that shit really happened!!

  • Pete Fotinos

    The best paranormal book I have read is “Never Forever Dead” The lady who wrote it has been investigating hostile haunts for 32 years. This is the only book I have read in awhile that has some new and interesting information on bad hauntings.

  • Jessica Smalls

    Concealed in the Darkness by J.K. James. A paranormal story based on true events. This is by far the scariest book I’ve read in a long time.

  • dannyboy

    Just got that off SCRIBD.. You may enjoy Masquerade of Angels or Into the Fringe, both by Karla Turner and involve abduction accounts. They are downloadable free at an easy to find website if you simply Google it.

  • dannyboy

    Abduction Phenomena
    Into the Fringe – Karla Turner
    Masquerade of Angels – Karla Turner
    The Story of a UFO Investigator – Barbara Bartholic
    The Threat – David Jacobs
    The Allagash Abductions – Ray Fowler
    Hostage to the Devil – Malachi Martin
    An Exorcist Tells His Story – Ft. Gabrielle Amorth (Vatican Exorcist)
    The Day Satan Called – Bill Scott (audiobook narrated by Bill was great)

    All 3 possession ones were fantastic and both Karla Turner books and Bartholic’s book were un-put-downable.

  • Haal Twors

    The Others Among Us: Arabian True Paranormal Stories