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Written by Scott Mcman

Will posted a blog last week regarding a program airing on the History Channel
about Hell. I was immediately reminded of the Bill Wiese experience and book,
23 Minutes in Hell.

One night I was catapulted to the very pit of hell–a terrible place of grotesque
creatures, toxic fumes, and terrible darkness.

California realtor Bill Wiese describes his personal
experience of November 22, 1998. Wiese claims that he was lying in bed at
3 a.m. when he was plunged into hell–not in a dream, but in actuality; not
because he had died and was being punished, but because God wanted him to
experience hell and warn others. Wiese believes that after 23 minutes of torment,
Jesus came to rescue him from hell and returned him to earth, where he landed,
shaking, on his living room floor. This excerpt reprinted with permission of
Charisma House.

Many of you already know that I am a Christian. However, I have not really
thought as much about Hell as you’d expect from a Christian. Believe it or not
the nondenominational churches I’ve frequented in my life seldom spoke on the
subject. Of course the media would have you believe that Christians are doing all
sorts of crazy stuff inside the sanctuary confines and occasionally they get lucky
and find some fringe group that satisfies their desire to discredit Christianity and
convince America that we should be run out of the country on a rail. Now you’d
think Bill Wiese is a poster boy of sorts for that alleged whackadoo mentality. On
the other hand, should you take the time to do a little reading on his adventure
you may have a change of mind and some may have a change of heart.

On November 22, 1998 I was catapulted out of my bed into the very pit of hell.
My point of arrival was a cell that was approximately fifteen feet high by ten feet
wide with a fifteen-foot depth.

With its walls of rough stone and rigid bars on the door, I felt as though I was in
a temporary holding area, a place where a prisoner would await his final hours
before meeting a far more terrifying destiny. Isaiah 24:22 says, “And they shall
be gathered together, as prisoners are gathered in the pit, and shall be shut up in
the prison

(KJV). Proverbs 7:27 refers to “chambers” of death in hell.

Seems this isn’t your everyday church story. Read on……

As I lay there on the floor of that cell, I felt extremely weak. I noticed that I
had a body, one that appeared just as it is now. Lifting my head, I began to
look around. Immediately I realized that I was not alone in this cell. I saw two
enormous beasts, unlike anything I had ever seen before.

These creatures were approximately ten to thirteen feet tall. These towering
beasts were far, far beyond intimidating. It is one thing to be threatened by
someone much taller than you. But these creatures were not of this natural world.
I recognized that they were entirely evil, and they were gazing at me with pure,
unrestrained hatred, which completely paralyzed me with fear. “Evil” and “Terror”
stood before me. Those creatures were an intensely concentrated manifestation
of those two forces.

I still had no idea where I was, and I felt utterly panicked. Although I had no
point of reference, no familiarity with anything I was experiencing, and no
understanding of how I got here, still I was faced with the unimaginable reality
that a tortuous death seemed certain.

The creatures weren’t animals, but they weren’t human, either. Each giant beast
resembled a reptile in appearance, but took on human form. Their arms and
legs were unequal in length, out of proportion—without symmetry. The first one
had bumps and scales all over its grotesque body. It had a huge protruding jaw,
gigantic teeth, and large sunken-in eyes. This creature was stout and powerful,
with thick legs and abnormally large feet. It was pacing violently around the cell
like a caged bull, and its demeanor was extremely ferocious. The second beast
was taller and thinner, with very long arms and razor-sharp fins that covered
its body. Protruding from its hands were claws that were nearly a foot long. Its
personality seemed different from the first being. It was certainly no less evil, but
it remained rather still.

I could hear the creatures speaking to each other. Although I could not identify
what language it was, somehow I could understand their words. They were
awful words—terrible, blasphemous language that spewed from their mouths
expressing extreme hatred for God.

Suddenly they turned their attention toward me. They looked like hungry
predators staring at their prey. I was terrified. Like an insect in a deadly spider’s
web, I felt helpless, trapped, and frozen with fear. I knew I had become the object
of their hostility, and I felt a violent, evil presence such as I had never felt before
and greater than anything I could imagine. They possessed a hatred that far
surpassed any hatred a person could have, and now that hatred was directed
straight at me. I couldn’t identify what these beasts were yet, but I knew they
meant me harm.

Wow! Even if you think this is all a crock of crap you have to admit it’s not for the
faint of heart. What makes it so scary is that it is not a movie trailer but alleged

As I alluded to earlier, I’m not the scare you with Hell type Christian. That said it’s
difficult for me to post an opinion other than to say that I am a Bible Christian and
therefore I take what God says as Gospel (no pun intended). However, I would
love to hear what our readers think of Bill’s book or even just his experience. The
source I got my material from has a couple more pages that will give you a pretty
good idea of what allegedly happened to him.

Just to let you know, this is not a book review nor is it a platform to start a range
war on Religion. I am just interested in viewpoints on the subject at hand and Hell
in general. We’ve always been civil in the past so please, let’s not insult anyone’s

Personally I would find Bill’s experience interesting no matter what I believed and
I think you guys will as well.


Written by Scott Mcman

  • Richard Autry

    I’ve been to hell too, back in ’76 when I suffered a stroke after a car accident. I found myself in a cage much like Mr. Weise describes and I was clawing against a wall screaming “I don’t want to die.” This is the closest description to what I had exoperienced. Except for the demons, I don’t remember any demons in the cage with me. Hell is not a plaace to aake lightly or even joke about. I take offense at ny attempts to any attempt to paliate it’s reality.

  • Blacksheep

    23 Minutes in hell is a major lie hatched out of the twisted mind of Bill liar Wiese to make him like most loudmouth preaching parasites super rich though the fear and religious intimidation of weak gullible minds…

    This jerk describes his personal experience of Nov 22, 1998 like a fool would describe a gay wedding performed in a Christ believing church… With little or no spiritual validity too it…

    His own story, Wiese was just lying in bed when he was plunged into the terrifying fieriest depths of hell by this most kind, generous highly intelligent being referred to as Jesus, no last name. Moreover, according to Mr.Wiese this so-called experience (as to warn all lost souls of what to expect when they die) was not in a dream, but the real thing. Harte har har that’s a laugh to be sure.. I’m still giggling here

    Look, my dear fellow human beings I Blacksheep (thy rejected son of the most high) have seen the evil face of this Almighty God & creep many times in the past. Visited Hell so many times couldn’t possibly count them all. I actually stood before this all-knowing masquerading monster/idiot on a few occasions too. We argued back-and-forth like spoiled brat children about a great many things that distress me big time. Thus, things such as that world hunger crap and an evil irresistible narcotic called sex, a little something I’ve never forgiven him for creating out of his own stupidity.

    These were all valid subjects that he (God) knew absolutely nothing about. This dude’s 23 minutes in hell is a cleverly conceived swindle (Does the hellish experience of Scrooge ring a bell here?), His fraudulent book’s primary purpose is to further brainwash every poor soul into thinking that this jerk of a God is just like Adolf Hitler. The German God who enjoyed his own private concentration camp which many born-again Christians call Hell…

    In conclusion to prove this jerk every bit a liar & everything I say here and now as factual, I plan on releasing an extremely rare JPEG image taken many years ago of this Jehovah character. I Black sheep shall do all that I can to expose this 23 minutes in hell crap, by releasing some truth. Now, after looking at this freeze frame video image of a creature with several roles of razor-sharp teeth and some disgusting impossible not to notice facial features it’s quite possible that some of you who have embraced atheism will find it quite difficult or nearly impossible to judge who is more wicked, God or Satan?

    Gee whiz now that I think about it, perhaps I should write a book too about my eventual annihilation in this place called hell? Na, no one especially yours truly would believe it…

    Black Sheep now say’s Baaaaah and good night have pleasant nightmares too kiddies…

  • Harry A

    Bills testimony is indeed frightening. It pretty much made me stop enjoying life, I am in utter fear. I have said the prayer of salvation and to believe in Jesus. I wish I could know that there is no hell but I can’t say that because I don’t know and do not want to risk finding out. I pray to Jesus with everything I got that everyone will be ok in his love. Life is good,
    Not perfect. right?

  • Harry,

    While I don’t often speak out this loudly about my Faith, I will say that you shouldn’t live in fear.

    It seems you are sincere in your salvation. With this salvation you have nothing to fear as the battle has already been won.

    No, life isn’t perfect for anyone but you have the love of God to see you thru.

    You should enjoy life now more than ever because you are a child of God.