Mckenzie River Bigfoot Analysis: No Bigfoot Here


So I’ve taken the liberty on doing some analysis of the ‘Mckenzie River Bigfoot’ footage. I started by slowing the video down by 15% and cropping and zooming in on the supposed mysterious creature. I have to say that the outcome isn’t surprising.

Matt Moneymaker from the BFRO had this to say:

This YouTube video shot in 2008 briefly shows what may be a sasquatch in central Oregon, on the McKenzie River. At this stage it is just a “figure of interest”.A dark, long-armed figure stood up and walked away from the edge of the river as the two whitewater row boats passed by. The cameraman was shooting a YouTube installment for a fly fisherman’s blog site.

I must admit that when I first saw the video, I saw the same thing. A long-armed figure that looks bipedal and seemed to follow a path opposite to those whitewater row boats. Not getting my hopes up, I wanted to investigate this a little further. In all my years as a paranormal/crypto writer for GhostTheory, I’ve learned one thing: Be open-minded, but not too open-minded that my brains fall out.

Needless to say, I knew that there was something odd about that “long arm” of the supposed Mckenzie River creature. I’ve seen this effect before. In a post titled “Stick Alien Videos: Nothing But Sticks” we can see the same type of visual phenomena that is present in the Mckenzie River Bigfoot video: A background object (large rock, tree stump), a foreground object (plant/tree) and a moving camera man.

In the video clip that I edited, you can closely see what I mean. Pay extra attention between seconds :20 through :25. You see a large plant/tree in the foreground that blocks part of the dark object in the background. Creating a pareidolia effect. This effect makes the background object appear that it has a long arm. When you closely examined the zoomed in and slowed footage, it is clear that we are dealing with a large rock or tree stump.

I must say that I’m not surprised of the outcome. I’ve seen plenty of “Blobsquatch” videos throughout the years and they’ve all been extremely poor as far as evidence is concerned. Nevertheless, all of us in the vast field of the paranormal/crypto remain optimistic and we’re always looking on for great anticipation for that next video evidence that can only rival the “Patterson-Gimlin” footage.