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OK, OK…calm down folks. No need for the tinfoil hat just yet.

Since posting the article about the retired NORAD officer making claims about aliens making contacts with humans on October 13th, 2010 (today), there is a lot of buzz going on about it. GhostTheory is seeing some traffic coming from all parts of the world of people searching for “UFOs over new york” or “October 13 UFO”.

Other media sites are buzzing with comments from people who claim to be seeing strange lights in the sky today.

Check out this video from Yfrog user Everybodyhateslex

Also some supposedly UFO pictures from New York City from Flickr user CHAUSS513:



Most of the reports that are coming in are from Twitter.
So that really doesn’t say much other than this is the result of mass hysteria.


Let’s see how far along this plays out guys.

Edit: Here is another update. Twitpic user mobius1ski posted this image:


Looks like balloons to me. What do you guys think?

  • Rafael

    Only doubt I have about the balloons is a video I saw where two of the balloons were stationary and one moved back and forth and stopped. Someone commented saying something along the lines of “How could one balloon move and the others not, are there different winds? :P”

    It’s somewhere up on youtube, shouldn’t be hard to find.

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  • TheTruth

    NY POST Shot of JellyFish looking image

    Looks like Delbert Newhouse UFO Footage – 1952 – Tremonton, Utah

    Phoenix Lights were said to be flares. But flares don’t stay at the same altitude and in formation or up to 45 minutes or can cross a whole state of Arizona. IT TAKES ONLY 6 MINUTES FOR A FLARE TO DROP TO THE GROUND.

    Check out Feature Length Documentary “Phoenix Lights” here

    Regular Yellow Balloons in Times Square don’t have tails with blue lights flashing and stay in one spot for at least 2 and half hours by witness interviewed on Fox 5 News.

    Regular Yellow Balloons couldn’t stay in the same area of Manhattan from Noon to 11 pm on Earthcam cameras…glowing looking like lights in the sky.

  • TheTruth

    Explain the three bright shining lights hovering in the same spot in Earthcam footage. The NY Daily News was trying to only disprove the story all day. They are not known for fair and balance news. There was reports helicopters flying by, balloons in the air. How are UFO’s dis-proven just because there were other objects in the sky??? Regular balloons in a bunch don’t look like Jellyfish UFO’s. In the past Jellyfish UFO’s were said to be “Swamp Gas” UFO’s are the only ones that can hover in the same spot for hours and look like the northern star in the evening. Except there was reported and seen on the EarthCam three north stars or UFO’s…or engagement balloons with LED lights inside them.

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  • blair

    lol u guys are dumb,
    UFO=unidentified flying object
    alien=someone or something which is does not belong in the place it is in

    UFO does not mean aliens are here, a UFO could be a bird, or an aeroplane that is flying above an area where people don’t recognize it

    OR it could be the balloons that some commentors have mentioned

    again UFO does not =aliens

  • DrAlen77

    @ blair.
    Thanks for the definition. But within the context of this\(these) articles UFO’s = aliens, and aliens = extraterestrials.
    But if you were speaking about sado-masochistic anal play then yes, alien would mean,
    “someone or something which is does not belong in the place it is in”.
    Also, I must be dumb because it took me like 5 min. to understand that last statement.

  • Ramon

    So, can we go on with our normal lives again? Or is there a message for us earth people from the balloon-aliens?

  • best question

    I lean towards it being real, mainly due to the quick to dissmiss articles assuming it was a balloon, with zero doubts. Then the whole ‘story over, move on’ treatment.

    the way to get meaningful answers is to ask the right questions, so,

    how did the sighting END?

    if balloons, they wouldn’t zoom away, or disappear, and if they were ufos, they wouldn’t pop or lazily decend to the ground.

    how did it end? Answer me please.

  • veteran

    not ballons – unless they were under RC – these spun around each othere – then flew apart and held a formation….even the FAA said these were unidentified – But i have one piece of advice for them – they should make their manouvers Really whacky – thus putting it all beyond doubt….

  • Johnny

    Where is the close up on these “balloons” and i was just wondering but didn’t someone wrote a book about UFO visiting new york and coming back a year later to attack it?