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Think you’ve heard everything about the NYC UFO?  We’re not done yet…*sigh*

At first, I had stated that New Yorkers were confusing balloons with UFOs. Given that retired NORAD officer, Stanley Fulham had made a prediction that on October 13th 2010, UFOs would appear hovering above major cities across the world somehow fanned the flames of these UFO sightings. Later on the day, there was a story about how some elementary school kids came forward to state that they had released balloons to celebrate the engagement of their teacher.

Of course this started the ‘flame wars’ here on GhostTheory. Comments ranged from believers to skeptics, to those who might have been abducted and probed one to many times:

Anonymous says:

October 13, 2010 at 7:12 AM

Aliens don’t real!

I received this following email from GhostTheory readers and New York residents who were in Chelsea at the time. The email contained footage of what the couple believe to be a UFO above Chelsea.

I took this video in Chelsea nyc at the corner of 23rd street and 8th avenue at 3:30 pm, there were 6 silver objects. When i shot the video i was only able to catch one, there were moving really fast , then it would stop and hover for a second then fly around, then it went up to high for me to video . The video camera was not moving around that much, the ufo or what ever it was  was flying all over the place, it shot up, to the side then it flew in a circle before vanishing-WHEN WATCHING THIS VIDEO SLOW IT DOWN, IT MOVES FAST.

Here is the video:

So I’m asking you, my trusty critical thinkers; what do you make of this new video and eyewitness testimony? Were there really alien crafts zipping through the balloon-filled New York sky?


  • thatguyfromsyracuse

    Maybe I’m the crazy one, because I think I see a string on that “UFO”. Maybe the aliens sent out a telepathic message telling people to release balloons the same day they were going to be hovering in the sky over NYC, just to confuse things. It’s so crazy, it has to be what really happened! Wasn’t this supposed to happen over all the major cities in the world? If so, why no other video from anywhere else? Come on. It’s time to face the fact that there was nothing extra terrestrial in the sky over NYC. *cue the “but this video…” or “my friend saw…” nonsense*

  • DrAlen77

    LOL, Can I get that in a bumper sticker? I really really want one!

  • DrAlen77,

    LOL, Not a bad idea…


  • Scott McMan

    Hello Javier! I think we’ve got our first T-shirt.

  • Let’s do this!

  • TheTruth

    I like this “Aliens Don’t Real” banner. You have to trademark it and sell T-Shirts of this. I will buy one!!!! Javier Ortega good job reporting the facts. But Javier there is photographic evidence flying saucers that go back to the 40’s that have not been explained.

    What about the “Battle of LA” picture or McMinnvile, OR in 1950???

    There was video of something…key word something that was bright over the golden gate bridge in San Fran on a web cam or Earthcam.

    There was thousands of people that viewed the “Phoneix Lights” in Arizona while only a few caught it on camera!!!

    But in 1991 in Mexico there was at least 15 video cameras and up to 110 have been reported. The videos from different angles caught UFOs on camera and they all had structure and weren’t balloons or lights in the sky.

    Mexico UFO (HD) — Unsolved Mysteries

    Sightings – Mexico Mass UFO Sightings

    Or even better yet the hundreds of pictures from the Belgium Air Force????

    Maybe people in Mexico and other countries are better at filming UFO’s:))))))))))))

  • Irishfan

    Can I get my T-shirt in a xxx large por favor?

  • TheTruth,

    I think you have the wrong impression of me.

    I DO believe in alien/UFOs. I just think that most of the sightings can be explained away.

    I’ve seen weird crafts/objects in the sky twice in my life, and I know what I saw. It was not weather balloon or bird.


  • Irishfan,

    LOL. You guys are tempting me to really go out and print a dozen or so…

    I guess if you guys are willing to buy them, I can look into having them made.


  • TheTruth

    Well I have seen a Triangle “Mothership” in 1998 in the state of Arizona. I was not drunk or high. Can’t confirm that it was extraterrestrials. But do you think it is possible for the US government to have spaceships that took off almost the speed of light? It was the size of a football field and it had amber lights and covered the stars in the sky.

    It was either what people say is USSS Le May (United States Space Ship) or an alien spaceship. So, I didn’t see just lights in the sky. I saw a structure with no bolts, nails or rivets. It was that close for me to see.

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    Yeah always go with Black shirts…As in the movie Passenger 57.

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