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Texas Woman Tells Coast to Coast That She Lives Next To a Family of Bigfoots!

January 29, 2015 – 11:26 PM | 133 views

There’s two things Coast to Coast has been famous for: wild claims made by anonymous callers, and, of course, Art Bell. I personally enjoyed a lot of the show, though sometimes the callers make such weird, …

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  • Tim Naber
  • Anthony Tadayoshi

    I encountered a female with black eyes of the age of 12 in a shopping mall, she didn’t speak to me, I approached her. I briefly glanced at her eyes, but focus at her nose. I asked her if she was lost or needed help finding someone. She didn’t respond, she only watched as pepole passed by her. I scanned her aura and I only senced neutral energy about her. Even though her appearance did seem dark and evil, I did not sence that from her at all. I felt compassion and curious towards her, but also felt the urgency to continue shopping. As I walked away from her, I thought… “I wonder if she is apart of club Hiko” Immediately after I thought those words, I heard a young kind female voice say “I am.” I knew it was her. After I was done shopping and arrived at my place, I heard her voice again. “You are very interesting, when you approached me, you did not show any fear. Most people run from me in fear, you only showed curosity and compasion.” I responded. “I’d like to be friends with you if it’s possbile.” She responded ” I cannot let it happen because of the rules I have to obey.” I responded ” I appologize if I caused you any trouble, will I ever meet you agian?” She responded “Possibly” And that was the end of the conversation. I never found her again.

  • whofuckingcares

    this is fucking funny, your unmolested car? pure gold. even if it isn’t true, it really tripped me out for like the length of the story. fuck that shit, how horrifying would it actually be to be caught in a situation like that? you did a good job, there’s a lot of cry baby bitches out there with their tits in a knot over a well written STORY.

  • Andrew Eide

    You need to learn to write. The majority of this story is unnecessary information. Horribly written.

  • Abasseri

    Absolutely loved this.

  • Abasseri

    Javier, without a doubt, the best BEK encounter I have EVER read. My God, your account scared the crap out of me. Thank you for making it long enough for me to sink my teeth into. I’m going to wait a week or so and read it all over again. AWESOME!!!!!!!

  • Scott_McMan

     Abasseri, unfortunately the person who submitted this story has since admitted that he made it all up.

  • Abasseri


  • Scott_McMan

     Actually, none of the BEK stories have been verified and strangely enough, almost every single one originates with Jason Offutt. Now, that’s as far as I’m going with that.

    However, if you do a search upper right search box for “BEK” or “Black Eyed Kids”, you will find we have several stories that have yet to be substantiated or refuted.

  • amy

    I completely believe. I was 7 years old when I woke at my grandmothers to the sound of three knocks at the front glass storm door. I opened the wooden door and standing there was a grayish blue naked boy standing there. He never said amything and neither did I. He put his right hand on the glass door and stared at me with a blank face. When i saw his eyes…i covered my face with both my little hands and screamed. My daddy ran in there ready to kill someone and grabbed me up. He said i mustve been dreaming. I slept with my daddy that night and have feared the black haired, black eyed, naked thing ever since. I will never ever forget.

  • Jan Shir

    Where’s the picture that he took of the duck?

  • sasha

    Wow you have confidence. I would love to be you. I would mostly run and scream at the same time. Oh and I want to meet her.