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I don’t know how reliable this news report is, since the website’s logo states “A questionable publication from West Virginia”. Either way, the report mentions a sighting of a “Sasquatch-like creature” near State route 16 by a life long resident.

Stephen Summers claims that what he had seen was at least 9 feet tall and was “ape-like”.

Full source:

“I’ve lived here all my life and have never seen such a thing,” said Crooked Run resident Stephen Summers, 44.

Summers claims he saw an ape-like creature Tuesday afternoon walking down an electric right-of-way, a short distance from Arnoldsburg along State Rt. 16.

“Everybody is laughing at me, but I saw it. I swear to God,” Summers said.

Summers (shown right) was traveling south in a car, looking out a passenger side window when he claims he spotted the Big Foot or Sasquatch-like creature on a hillside across the West Fork of the Little Kanawha.summers

“It was tall, about nine feet, hairy and the prettiest black I’ve ever laid my eyes on. I could see between its’ legs. Its’ legs looked as big as five-gallon buckets,” Summers said.

Summers said the driver of the vehicle couldn’t stop because a car was “on his tail,” indicating the driver and a passenger didn’t see the creature, “But they believe I saw it.”

Creature spotted just above right-of-way rocks

“I’ve been in the woods all my life. I wasn’t drunk,” he said, again proclaiming, “God in heaven, be my witness, I saw it. I’ll take it to my grave.”

Summers said he had heard about other sighting in the Arnoldsburg area a few years ago.

“I know a lot of people won’t believe me, but I wanted them to know anyway,” he concluded.

  • Dominic P. Tremblay

    First the species has to be proven to exist, before the founders can name it. Very true; actually quite obvious. EBE are not proven to exist. Apparently NABS has been making fantastic progress in accumulating evidences, including a bone, and many DNA samples of skin and blood, and allegedly more evidences. They are going into scientific peer review soon, and believe to be ready to announce the finding and evidence, as well as perhaps a name for the species, in the spring of 2011. They mentioned this at a blog radio show in November. So we will wait for that announcement, hoping that noone will try to beat them by killing and bringing back to a city what could be a specimen of a species very close to man.
    Homo Robustus (a nice name actually), Homo Sylvestris, Homo Montana? Homo Americanus may not be appropriate since the yeti and the yowie may have the same DNA, and they are not from America. The people from NABS may have to decide. First the DNA has to prove it to be a member of the Homo genus. Again debate will go on to find what characterises the `’Homo`’ genus. We thought we knew, and there is litterature on this, but as you come very close to Homo Sapiens in DNA definition and characteristics like intelligence and behaviour, you may have to redefine what are the boundaries of the definition of Homo Sapiens. We think we are the only intelligent members of the Homo genus. We may be wrong. What is the minimal IQ of Homo Sapiens? What defines Homo Sapiens? The hability to communicate, to socialize, to make tools, to have empathy, or to fire a gun at each others?

  • Hucksterfoot

    I’m sure the Moose will appreciate a fancy name for their backside. :]

  • Infant Bigfoot – The first ever close up photo of a living 9 month old Bigfooticus ” Mona Zuzu ” can be seen at

  • Andrea

    I can believe it. I live in West Virginia and my mother is from the nieghboring county.

  • tom

    Yeah, OK


  • Art1972

    “Homo-Montana” ???

    Yea I saw Brokeback Mtn….

    Please dont saddle these creatures with a name like that, you’ll give them a complex !

  • Jess Depew

    I red one storiy where this fellow siad bifgoot was hobosexual . he siad his other frend saw two of them mails having intrecorse. one was redish colored and the other was a huge redish and blackish colered. the littler one was taking the bigone from behind in his raerend. he siad he never really saw his peenis but that they was moving just like if they was having intracorse. who knows the truth?

  • I believe you because I am from West Virginia and me, my cousin and my dog all saw one in the woods beside my dad’s property. It was beside the top of a fallen tree.When it was looking at me it seemed like a human being and it just turned and walked away. I am a believer till I die.

  • I notice somebody saw several around in Greenbrier Co , West Virginia been DISAPPREAR and What happened to me saw in Bigfeet from Meadow River near Rt 60 last November 23 and 24 , 2005 . I really dont know WHERE Bigfoot hide or Run away somewhere. Because I can not hear and I am deaf. Just on my eyes saw them.

    Also My wife and I been saw a black panther at Craig,West Virginia two years ago. How come on ?????????? Just wonder

    Also Scared of Black Bear around in Interstate 64 for two times.
    One was thought a black dog ran on I-64 but real came on and saw Black Bear about last October 2nd of Week.
    Last week ago that made me scared again at Alta,WV and did almost hit Black Bear but not. Thank God saved my life.