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I took the liberty to change a few settings on the image to enhance the silliness err…I mean monster.

This trailcam image has been circling the web recently under the title of “Louisiana Swamp Monster”. Supposedly the person who owns the trailcam said that they had found their camera destroyed by something or someone. Luckily for them, the “SIM card” was still in the camera. I’m guessing they meant the SD card, not Subscriber Identity Module card. Sorry, that was the geek in me talking.

Anyways, upon checking their SD card, they found the menacing image of the monster.
Many blogs post this picture up and type up a report that is unbiased and leaves the reader to make their own decision. A format that we here at GT follow. Not this time though. I’m gonna go ahead and call bull on this one.

I’m not sure where this creature could have come from (movie, video game, photoshop) but it is obvious that this is a digital manipulated image. The metadata (if exists) could clear up a lot of speculation. But why even go through all the trouble? If someone out there believes that this image of a monster could be real, then I have some magical beans to sell to you.

  • austin

    omg i thought my mom was at my house yesterday

  • Kammeron

    If you listen the music in the background on the second picture with the girl, you will hear minecraft music. lol

  • BPW

    OK, who took a picture of my ex-wife!?!

  • The photo- a skinny kid in long johns with football shoulder protectors and some kind of a wierd mask! lol I am calling for help! I am researching the legend of the Paramafee. This may be a wrong spelling. This is supposed to be a swamp monster of some sort, and I think it is from Louisiana. If anyone knows about this, please e mail me at [email protected]. Thanks!

  • Chazy min

    i was told this was real by one of my friends but im not to sure myself would it not of recorded the whole thing

  • Yahannan4

    Does any one believe in the legend of the chepacabra, the Goat Eater?

  • DemonFound

    That is the Dover demon, not the Louisiana swamp monster. I have spent awhile researching it and I have seen it. Do not confuse the two

  • $21520524

    umm no, it’s the Thohoyandou Tokaloshe.

  • Jeffthetiger20032813

    Chupa Cabra is not a goat eater, but a goat sucker. I have read the lore and never heard the term “eater”.