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If you want some thorough investigation on this mystery, check out Wired Web blog. The blogger has uncovered a plethora of useful information and has compiled data uncovered by other astute web surfers. The results? A damn good case proving that the alleged “louisiana Swamp Monster” was not a movie viral like many say; it could have been just a simple hoax.


Above is the EXIF data from the images of the deer and the “monster”. According to Wired Web blob, there is proof that the monster photograph was digitally manipulated.

Furthermore the image comparison of the deer and monster yield yet another clue. The original image of the deer does not cast a shadow, but the digitally manipulated image of the monster does:


But why rehash Wired Web’s work here, go to the blog and read for yourself.

  • Hucksterfoot

    Still not as scary as Micheal Myers
    If we find out William Shatner’s face was used in this swamp creature picture. …Well, then pretty scary.

  • David R

    So far I’ve seen no actual evidence that this was connected to any marketing campaign. I think it was just bloggers wanting to find the ‘hook’. He said, she said is the only link. The creature in one doesn’t look anything like the subject (waaay too many eyes) and the other, so far all I’ve seen is this little girl talking about being in scenes with something without description. Or something like that. lol Please, someone show me otherwise.

  • Hucksterfoot

    @David R – I agree, There is nil for evidence to support this viral campaign. It could be in the end …Ummm, what was I sayin’ :]
    Oh ya, I had to adjust my hat. I’ll be using my hat to cover a turkey soon. Al Gore! Who are ya tryin’ to kid? He did have a gold watch and it’s now floating around in the higher atmosphere …little particles of it anyways.
    The thing looks more like the creature in the new iPhone iPad Rage game. The face anyways, and that’s all one can say about that. Not evidence. Just looks similar, like a whole slew of other creatures – zombies, sea monsters and so on.

    Here on this link,
    the only inkling of evidence (iffy evidence) it had going for it was the Insomniac Games Twitter account comment. I think Insomniac Games has retracted this comment and said it was a joke.

  • show me the out takes

    Big D, you rule man. reading this(your argument)was like a nice court scene drama very impressive. reminds me of that court room scene in JFK with Kevin Costner…you almost had my hair raise when you mentioned and invasion. i have woods for a back yard and my dog just died a day ago and i kept him chained at the entrance of my back fence i had to get rid of my girl she would bark all night at deer and i have no early warning system. dog’s are perfect for thing’s that creep around at night,they catch them long be for me or the motion any body or any thing, can walk right up and knock on my freaken back door! the motion light’s, no good(especially if I’m tuckered from work)their tripped on buy field mice.the order of safe awareness for me;first dog’s go crazy,and i mean crazy not simply barking. second motion light’s trip,third beware of owner!not me waking in the middle of the knight to take a tingle and seeing this thing standing on my back deck looking in at me!in my opinion about the creature, its posture is perfect in relation with the ground its left back foot looks eerily realistic…it looks as though this thing wasn’t ready to have its picture taken crawling around out there and was surprised buy the camera it even looks to be screaming at the camera. i wish people wouldn’t fake things like this it just confuses things… but, money can make it what ever the “spender” wants it to be.PS David R, keep up the good work.

  • Laura

    so idk if this is real or not but its got me looking to find out.

    i know some one who has a game cam just like this one it has no flash thats why its in black and white and why would someone tear up such an expencive peice of equipment?

    so with that said how did this thing see the camera because its completely quiet and has no flash?

  • David R

    Hi Laura,

    Re the issue of seeing the camera. This is one of the big mysteries in the bigfoot field too, because bf seem to be able to ‘see’ or hear the camera and avoid detection.

    Here’s the most common school of thought on how they do it. The cameras emit an ultrasonic sound, meaning sound waves with a frequency above the upper limits of human hearing. Surely this is very plausible. What I suspect also is that they can actually ‘see’ the IR beam that is being emitted from the camera. The beam is what is tripped when something moves in front of it. Then of course there is a brighter burst of IR to highlight the subject. But before that happens, think of how you can see a laser beam, especially its source. That too is a spectrum of light just as Infrared is, but IR isn’t one ‘we’ can see, however we can sometimes see its source if its at a lower frequency. IR does seem to be one that is within the range of many animals to be able to see. In fact before you get the actual IR flash, you may get several bursts of beam from the camera depending on quality, so that it can judge the distance of subject in order to adjust IR intensity and focus.

    Scroll through the different photos of deer taken with the same brand of trail cam, but specifically note the night shots of deer. Check out how many of them are looking directly at the camera.

  • redngreen

    If what Charlotte says is true, that’s the best prank ever!

  • Hucksterfoot

    When a Bigfoot is anywhere near a cheap 50 dollar Walmart Wildgame inovation cam (especially when it teleports) it sorta sucks out all the juice from the cam’s batteries so the flash won’t charge enough creating black pictures/blanks.

    @David R – I heard David Paulides talk about this high frequency sound that may be emitted by trail cams. Though, I never did follow up on it to see if this is true.
    Paulides also said “just stick a video camera out your window and they’ll go away.” lol

  • David R

    You may not be far off with respect to them sucking all the juice from the batteries. This may sound far out there, but I am pretty damn sure that my just purchased video camera with IR was zapped by them when I had the guts once to stay in the spot alone after dark. Had footsteps breaking twigs all around me and I was seriously getting the ebby jeebies. Within a few seconds, I hear a fssst and then the smell of smoke. That was it, I was outta there. Camera has been dead ever since with the tape still in it. Guess its better they zapped the camera and not me. 😉

    Never did hear Paulides talk about the sound but its been something discussed quite often. It’s quite obvious from many of those deer photos that they know the camera is there. Paulides is fairly on track too about sticking a video camera out the window conclusion to make them go away, well unless they can kill the camera first. lol

    AS for this ‘thing’, I would like to think its a hoax, I just want actual evidence of it.

  • it’s a viral marketing campiagn for the movie “The Stuart House Recordings”

  • Laura

    so if it is a marketing campiagn for this movie then why is it on a game cam?

  • Susan
  • Anonymous

    Nice find, Susan. Having a film production company, Iron Dragon Films in this case, involved in supposed gathering and releasing of alleged evidence severely weakens the possibility of anything being true.

    It’ll be interesting, however, to see what they release as a “documentary of what happened in the 2009 investigation” by Paranormal Searchers. It’s amusing how they claim the release should be destroyed due to “safety concerns”.

    I’m wondering how much of this ‘Swamp Monster’ story will overlap with the ‘Stuart House’ story. I, for one, intend to stay tuned.

    Javier, if you happen to come across any information regarding the supposed 2009 investigation of the Stuart House, feel free to share your findings.

    Link here: (link taken from page linked in a previous post)

  • torchkc

    Javier, that last post by ‘Anonymous’ was me. I forgot I killed my cookies last night and wasn’t logged in when I posted. Can you link the posts together?

  • Hucksterfoot

    If anyone is wondering why the location has changed from Berwick, Louisiana.

    I assume that the person who had sent the photo to NBC 10 News was Hillbilly Willi? or Teen_Fox_Trapper? and is from Union Parish.

    So back to the source of the Berwick location. Friday, December 10, 2010, 10:45am (the funny cropped picture)

    Here is Hillbilly Willi’s post. Date – December 2nd, 2010 07:45 PM
    To add: This person never gives an exact location in these posts.
    Teen_Fox_Trapper’s post. Date – December 2nd 2010 06:52 PM

    Anyways this is pretty much all we really know of where and how it all started. These viral theories are just that, theories so far. I have seen nothing that can actually tie it to The Stuart House Recordings. Other than it’s in the same general area.
    It’s funny both Hillbilly Willi and Teen_Fox_Trapper have gone silent.