Apollo 18: Alien Conspiracy Movie

Director Gonzalo Lopez-Gallego is currently working on a new sci-fi thriller named Apollo 18. Based on the screen play by Brian Miller, Apollo 18 is mockumentary based on the officially cancelled Apollo 18 mission. The new movie tells the true story as to “why we haven’t gone back” to the moon. Its marketing and viral techniques seem typical, yet intriguing.

On the Apollo 18 website, an “official document” is posted in efforts to stir up controversy. Something that we have seen done recently with Paranormal Activity and The Fourth Kind.

Check out the cool cosmonauts page here.


There is talk that the movie will use such conspiracy footage as the following ones that have been around on YouTube for a few years now. The following video is of the supposed “Mona Lisa” alien from the Apollo 20 mission:

Freaky? I think so. There’s also another video floating about of a supposed alien space craft that was filmed on the moon. In the next clip, pay close attention at around the 3:05 mark. This is where the supposed alien craft is said to be. That is to say, if the clip is real:

So expect to see more viral videos about aliens and moon conspiracies in the following weeks and months.